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Last update: 2005-11-11

the Crankycast Episode 7

Length: 39m 35s

Don't let this be the first episode you listen to!!! If you're new, go listen to episode 6 instead!! Side effects of quitting smoking include crankiness, lack of concentration, mild irritation to outside stimuli and trouble formulating logical thoughts. We offer this podcast as empirical evidence to the support these facts. Plus, tension is hot. Aside from general crankyness, we discuss the new Razr iTunes phone, maybe this one wont suck. Sidekick chat. teacup orchestra. I offer my ideas about quitting asmoking nd get eaten ALIVE. L word comes back a little early. Huff and 4400 are never coming back not literally. Providence buses get a makeover. Upside down Christmas tree's, the new trend. Get one at christmastreeforme.com. White trash Xmas. Black Friday Toy Jobs. Our goodbye Psychout! It's all downhill from there. Jem is Excitement! 80's Toys. Pound purries are for homo's. Raaanccchh. Contact Us Please: 1-206-339-Twon Twoncast@gmail.com www.Twoncast.net …


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Twoncast Episode 6

Length: 31m 58s

Lesbians with beer: what it means to be from Maine. Energy drinks, Lysol is not meant for skin, "I shouldn't be alive", Pizza!, secrets I have yet to be clued in to, Walmarts $398 black friday laptop, AOL w/ DSl for Dialup prices, Claire Danes still a hottie? A bit of domestic violence between us, its all good. Our intoxication is a little obvious. Email us with your comment and address for: $1, a Gmail account, and a shiny beercap. Contact: 1-206-339-Twon Twoncast@gmail.com www.Twoncast.net (NOT @.net) …


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Twoncast Episode 5

Length: 41m 54s

Eppy Cinco! Halloween!!! Twon - his usual gallon cup of coffee = *yawn* Whole lots of candy talk going on. 28? i'm a year older than you shannon, not 3! You Gen Y'ers can't add. Sprint has an over the air itunes-esque service coming. Saw 2 and some New Kids chat. Pizzeria Uno is the suck? Cold Stone is not. Kirk Cameron... appearing at your local walmart to save your soul. Church Talk. Trick or treater interruptions. Does your bank Keep the Change? Smashmyipod, Kill the illiterates! Ovarian flu creeps closer, and some Prison Break drama. And everything I missed skipping through the file. Post about us in your blogs! Please? Validate us! Email us! Call us! Visit us! Comment to us! Do it for my mom. Contact: 1-206-339-Twon Twoncast@gmail.com www.Twoncast.net …


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Twoncast Episode 4

Length: 39m 8s

Cold cold podcast. all your Google base belong to us, Public pubic hair, weatherbug software... developed by satan? The most I can talk about "Lost" without revealing *anything*! Pop sensation Prussian Blue. AKA Olsen twins go neo-nazi. Eminem and beanie. "Bareback Mountain" vs. "Jughead". I …


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Twoncast Episode 3

Length: 41m 44s

First take? curse reversed! Bottled fetus w/ cheese, Yippies, GP2x gaming, 2lb cheese, boy cheerleaders, wienies. dad debts, nano itrip, comp screen marketing, we're consumer sheep, Melissa Ferrick fan cruise, weddingcast And a free dollar for you at the end of this podcast. Yes, we give away money! Contact: 1-206-339-Twon Twoncast@gmail.com www.Twoncast.net (not taped in front of a live studio audience) …


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Twoncast Episode Number 2

Length: 32m 37s

ass coffee, video game politics, UPS dirt, itunes hates me, rebel flags and I'm a mormon. What is there to say about episode Number 2? 2.5.1 to be specific. Sorry? Yep, sorry! This is the podcast that didn't want to be made. We shouldn't have fought fate. New episode tonight though!!! but... but... listen and email us and get a dollar! (details inside...). Post about us in your blogs! Tell a friend! Its all we ask. We love you! Contact: 1-206-339-Twon Twoncast@gmail.com www.Twoncast.net …


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JRock ON!

Length: 21s

Providing you with JRock music, news, sillyness, and randomness... and the occasional fangirlisms. Brace yourself for usual commentaries about Miyavi. …


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The Twoncast

Twoncast is a variety podcast where pop culture meets sub culture. Ranging from tech news, books, tv, music, and the latest pop culture gossip. Slightly gay.

The Twoncast

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