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Last update: 2007-03-22

Episode 48 - The THE Episode

Length: 1h 9m 55s

Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff has an important message, news, and Travis has an interesting way of using the article "the." Music in this week's episode: UNCROWNED - "Lying in Wait" Insidious New World - "Distance We Lie" …


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Episode 47 - The More You Know

Length: 1h 55m 39s

Teri teaches us a lot of cool things... so many, in fact, that it's too much to put in the description tag. Music featured in this week's episode: The FuMP - Pac-Man Nice Peter - Tru Gangster Dempsie Doodle - I Need a Clean Break Insidious New World - So Long Hope …


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Episode 46 - Barry White

Length: 1h 54m 40s

A tribute to my cousin, Grant Berg (July 15, 1989 - January 20, 2007), starts the show, news (featuring musical condoms), a couple of Top Ten lists by Teri and Ronnoc, Travis makes a prediction about the Bears' game (only to later find out that they won), kissing Adam Curry?, and much more with Travis, Teri, Ronnoc, and Rogue. Songs featured in this week's episode: Colie Brice - "Heavenly Peace" Christopher Heidler - "Praise The Lord O My Soul" Lovespirals - "Our Nights" The Groove Mine - "The Blitz" Ethereal - "The Devil's Hand" Sinch - "Shapeshifter …


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Episode 45 - Who Wants To Live With Dracula?

Length: 1h 59m 27s

Wecome to volume two of URS. Go check out MSBPodcast.com... tell 'em The UnRadio Show sent you. We discuss the holidays, news, Travis FINALLY tells a funny joke, Teri's Top Ten, learning the guitar, making a call for other podcasters to appear on UnRadio (including Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff), and lots more with Travis Goss, Teri Strum, and Ronnoc. Music featured in this week's show: The Killer Kona Buds - "Behind Red Eyes" Matthew Ebel - "Single Man's Lament (Live)" All That Remains - "This Calling" Anita Wicker - "Do You Want Me" The Groove Mine - "The Blitz" …


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Episode 44 - Worst Misses Part 2

Length: 1h 9m 46s

After a long delay, here's part two of this episode. Enjoy walking down memory lane, UnListeners! …


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Episode 43 - Worst Misses Part 1

Length: 1h 26m 17s

This is our year-end roundup of funny things, events, and tunes that were played during our first year of The UnRadio Show. This is part one of a two-part episode. Part two comes out on New Year's Day. Have a Merry Christmas, and we'll see you January 2007 with all-new episodes. …


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Episode 42 - Merry Fucking Christmas!

Length: 1h 41m 0s

Our 2006 Christmas show! We have some rather interesting Christmas news stories (as well as dumb criminals), Teri explains about receiving a gift without really receiving a gift, Teri Strum's Top Ten, New Year's Resolutions, Travis gets a singing lesson from Teri, and much more with Travis Goss and Teri Strum. Everybody at UnRadio wishes you and your family and friends a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a Joyous Kwanzaa, as well as a Happy New Year. Songs featured in this week's show: Smart Bomb Radio - Cthulhu Claus is Coming to Town, plus Santa Versus the Scientologiests, The Spoofinator - Blair's Happy Xmas (War's Not Over), Twisted Sister - Oh, Come All Ye Faithful, and Podsafe For Peace - If Everyday Were Christmas. Check out the following website to see the video that was mentioned in the show: http://wfrv.com/video/?id=19979@wfrv.dayport.com …


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Episode 41 - With My Head Up My Ass

Length: 1h 52m 48s

This week's show features news, Travis really wants Kevin Rose, Alex Albrecht, and Martin Sargent to appear on UnRadio in the coming year, comments that were made towards Travis, Teri's really bizarre date, Travis is way too much into certain sounds, Teri's Top Ten (she does more than one list because, well... she loves it!), and much more with Travis Goss, Teri Strum, and Tim Connor. Songs featured in this week's show (which can be found at the Podsafe Music Network): Neal Fox - Today's Army, The Real Happy Hour - Beer Drinkers Are Dumb, WWIII - Emo Days, Rasa 9 - Another Way, and Glasshouse - Some Kind of Rescue (Travis screwed up and said "Reason" instead of "Rescue" on the show... he's being beaten as we speak). Links from this week's show: http://www.dumbcriminals.com http://news.yahoo.com http://www.wireduck.com (Neal Fox's website) http://www.therealhappyhour.com http://myspace.com/wattwhite (WWIII MySpace page) http://www.rasa9.com http://www.glasshouseband.com http://music.podshow.com …


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Episode 40 - When Travis Met Teri...

Length: 1h 54m 22s

Since I hate doing shownotes, here's a small fraction of what to expect in this week's show: Funny bits featuring WWIII, Smart Bomb Radio, and Boris Khaykin. News, the story of Travis and Teri's first meeting, Fantabolous Five (well, Ten... with two lists, presented by Teri), other random funny things, and much more. With your hosts Travis, Teri, and Travis's friend, Tim. Songs featured in this week's show: Stereomovers - "Love Is," and Brother Love - "Push." …


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Episode 39 - PETA Equals Retarded Dumbasses

Length: 1h 51m 10s

Fred Durst has a very important announcement to make, a brand new breakfast item (courtesy of The Awful Show [awfulshow.podshow.com]), news, Raven's really a man, Fantabolous Five, and much more with Travis, Bryon, Teri, and Martin. Songs featured in this week's show: Alice Cooper - "Woman of Mass Destruction," and Jen Scatturo (www.iamjen.com) - "Broken In All The Right Places." …


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Episode 38 - Crashin' In The Bathtub

Length: 1h 33m 27s

We revisit some classics at the top with of the show with Sally's House of Love, problems with a bowel movement, James Brown talking (and grunting) about the Podsafe Music Network (http://music.podshow.com). We have some special guests this week! First of, Bryon and Andrea (Let's Get Naughty @ http://www.letsgetnaughtypodcast.com) from the Out of Order Show (http://www.oooshow.com), and Ed Roberts from the Kansas City Weather podcast (http://kcweather.org) and Looking Out The Window (http://lookingoutthewindow.com), Jack Jamie from Let's Get Jacked (http://getjacked.hanamas.com) are the guests. Ken Wells has left The UnRadio Show, we have news (Happy Penis, anybody?), scruncher or folder, Travis once again expressing his love of Karen from Rumor Girls (http://www.rumorgirls.com), not to mention where he might sleep if he chooses to go to Portland, Maine, goddammit... PODSHOW is exclusively where Travis wants to be! A special Thanksgiving edition of Fantabolous Five, Travis doesn't think that the Chicago Bears are gonna go all... the... WAY!! Plus, lots more! Music featured in this week's episode: My Chemical Romance - "Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough," and Lacuna Coil - "Closer (radio edit)." …


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Episode 37 - Canadian High (Part 2)

Length: 1h 12m 19s

Picking up where we left off, we have a new rendition of "Let's All Go To the Lobby," we get into Fantabolous Five, Teri joins us halfway through the list, more talk about SpongeBob, and much more... can't give everything away. Songs featured in both parts of this week's show: Stereomovers - "Waiting," and Joe Sibol - "Your Rock and Roll." …


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Episode 37 - Canadian High (Part 1)

Length: 1h 9m 46s

Travis is STILL under the weather, this time his left ear is giving him trouble, and his voice isn't doing very well. Bryon, from the Out of Order Show (http://www.oooshow.com), and DJ G and Carman from The G Spod (http://www.thegspod.com) are this week's guest hosts. We have some pretty cool news, including toking it up in the Great White North, and some unique urinals. Travis doesn't like Chuck Norris, but thinks David Carradine is cool. So much info that you just have to listen. Not to mention that the show is so big that it's in two parts. Part two coming soon! …


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The UnRadio Show: UnLive

Length: 1h 19m 33s

Here's our first attempt at a "call-in" episode... only NOBODY CALLED IN! Thankfully, Teri's friend, Martin, jumped onboard, and we had a nice little threesome (head's out of the gutter, ya pervs!). We have news, and Teri shares some pretty cool Top Ten lists. We are planning on doing more of these kinds of shows in the future. So, if you're intersted, e-mail us at: theunradioshow@gmail.com. Upon doing so, give us your Skype usernames. Enjoy! …


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