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Last update: 2015-06-30

Episode 2- Hot Girls Wanted

Length: 1s

For the second episode of the Whormones Podcast we (Alia and Jaqi) discuss the controversial documentary, Hot Girls Wanted, which was produced by actress Rashida Jones. Hot Girls Wanted is a documentary about Florida's "pro-am" (professional amateur) porn industry. We also read some articles that relate to the documentary, and the California and Florida adult film industry scenes. We did this to go further than what the documentary shows and actually means. We discuss what some people in the industry say about it, why the adult industry tends to be so defensive, and what the general public probably thinks about it.


Since Alia started out her porn career almost the exact same way as the girls in the documentary, she weighs in pretty heavily about the accuracy of the documentary. Alia drops a lot of information on Jaqi about a few harsh realities of being a new performer, agents, escorting, and even the "model houses." Jaqi gives her point of view of what she thought of the documentary, and asks questions that bring in a different perspective. Jaqi also explains what she knows from her personal experiences, and how it relates to Hot Girls Wanted.

We end the show with Jaqi telling us what she thought about Sex Criminals, and another page is down from, Just the Tips!


Articles used in show:

Hot Girls Wanted’ Is Pornsploitation: The Porn Industry Fights Back, Aurora Snow, The Daily Beast

Porn Stars: The Death of a Sex-Industry Profession, Richard Abowitz, The Daily Beast

Hot Girls Wanted Debated on AOL.com

Arguing Right(s), Eithnecrow


About the Whormones Podcast:

 The Whormones podcast is an anti-feminist, feminist podcast where two completely different points of view of sexuality, feminism, and life are discussed. The politically incorrect humor and witty banter featuring Alia Janine’s wilder and more sexually experienced interpretations, and Jaqi Furback’s biting and more conservative demeanor makes these two the modern day odd couple. 


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Episode 1- The Porn Effect

Length: 43s

Welcome to the first episode of the Whormones Podcast! Jaqi and I are really excited to show you how two people with two completely different opinions work things out, and share their sides of the story with all of you! In this first episode we introduce what the show will be about, as well as some fun games and challenges we’ll be giving each other. We were live on Periscope and you can find that broadcast on our account, @WhormonePodcast.

Jaqi and I dive right into our first topic, which was Bree Olson’s open letter to younger women telling them not to do porn. Jaqi and I discuss our views on society, work, how people treat and see others, and so much more. I also give Jaqi some homework for next week, which includes watching the documentary, “Hot Girls Wanted” and reading Sex Criminals volume 1, by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky. Hot Girls Wanted is a documentary about the porn scene in Florida and how girls get started in the business. Sex Criminals is amazing, and you’re going to need to find the comic and see for yourself! To close out the show, I have Jaqi read a page from, “Just the Tips” another (awesome) book by Matt and Chip!


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The Whormones Podcast's

Want two completely different opinions on sex and life that (somehow) work into one great show? Awesome! The Whormones Podcast is hosted by comedians Alia Janine and Jaqi Furback. This dynamic odd couple dives into all the topics that are associated with their lady parts, and why people care so much. From feminism to porn, there is no subject left behind (no matter how hard Jaqi tries). The ladies want to show and teach you that the wildest whores can be modest, and the quiet mouses can be closet freaks, and it is all wonderful!

The Whormones Podcast's

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