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Last update: 2015-11-18

Crack Isn't Good

Length: 14s

Crack isn’t good.


In this podcast i talk with you about how crack isn’t good. You'll hear about my incident with a fish tank earlier today cracking, and how that directly relates to the fact that you don't want any cracks in the foundation of your brand. In addition, learn why I haven't been replying to several of your emails, and how we're going to get that fixed here in the near future. Also, let's talk a little bit about some of the guests that I have coming up, as I recap  The individuals who have already shared with you on the podcast. Remember, crack is not good!


Who do you use as a web host? Leave me a comment and let me know because I'm honestly interested in finding out what alternative providers are available. In addition, don't forget that you should probably get in the your own pay podcast club by clicking this link now, especially if you enjoy this content. iTunes only keeps the latest 100 episodes, and I'm going to hit that cut off point sooner than one might think. You also get access to exclusive content for club members only, and maybe I might be able to swing it audiobook with the interviews I conduct! No guarantees on the audiobook, need to speak with everyone I interviewed, however I do guarantee that you'll get access to content that no one else is going to have access to. In addition, you also have a one on one training videos where you can watch over my shoulder as I perform some of the steps we talk about. Migrate into a new host? Of course, I'm going to record what I do to make that be a seamless process.


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Interview With Blind Hip-Hop Artest Fluffy

Length: 25s

In this podcast I had the wonderful opportunity to interview blind hip-hop artist Jon Lyon, also known as fluffy. The ability to highlight other inspirational and motivational blind passionate professionals is a wonderful opportunity, and though we face some technological mishaps, we still got the podcast recorded and available for your review. 


Who fluffy is is a very interesting story, and especially the way that Jon got the name fluffy. As someone who always likes to save a little bit of money, I am also inspired by the fact that Jon is currently using free software to produces music and make it available in iTunes and google Play Music. If Jon can do this even though some parts of the submission process are not accessible, what's holding you back from turning your musical passions and or any other passions into fruition?


finally, listen to the end of this podcast because I asked Jon if he was to give any advice to a blind musician who is interested in playing music for a living what his response would be. There's a reason I marked this podcast as explicit, so I'll just warn you about that now, however I won hundred percent agree with what Jon’s response was. What about you, do you agree?


One final note, if you weren’t aware  of it yesterday I posted a second podcast titled “Glimpse into the your own pay podcast club automation workflow” and the your own pay podcast club is alive. Thursday at 10 AM Pacific time, I'll be closing the doors I'm taking the sign-up page off-line, however if you'd like to get involved with it now click here and you'll be taken straight to a order page. $4.95 is a steel, Save your spot before the price is increased.


Connect with Jon on Twitter or Facebook.


Also, don't forget to leave your thoughts about the interview for Jon in the comments.


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Glimpse into the your own pay podcast club automation workflow

Length: 3s

In this your own pay podcast, I give you a quick glimpse into what will happen on Tuesday at 10 AM Pacific time. There are a few procedures that will happen on the backend, and it's important to note that all of these procedures are automated. I could be conducting an interview, and not keep track of time, and these procedures would still be in place.

(NOTE you can subscribe to the your own pay podcast in iTunes HERE)


The tools i use in this podcast are AWeber, Paypal, and Leadpages.


Automating your business is one of the best reasons you should bring your business to the Internet. I can help you with automating the business, simply contact me and let me know what you're currently doing and I will advise you as to how I would automate them. All of the details of that I explain to you in this podcast are outlined in actionable bite-size weekly digital marketing videos from a blind guy, available in the your own pay podcast club. Get on the waiting list today, simply send a text message to:


that just contains:


And then confirm your email address when you receive the confirmation message.


Hey, if this sounds confusing and you rather just do what you do to make money,  , or maybe you just don't want to deal with the headache of learning all of these automation tricks, then once again contact me today and we can discuss what type of investment it would be for your business to have me implement automation for you.


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Technological mishaps - your own pay podcast

Length: 8s

Technological mishaps just cause people like myself to find alternative ways to complete tasks necessary for what I'm trying to do.

In this podcast I'm going to explain to you a little about some of the technological mishaps I had while trying to conduct a interview on blab. Does this mean that the interview isn't going to be shared with you? No, we're just going to conduct a different way. Thanks to technology if there are alternative ways to complete tasks and you have choices. Today on blab, take a listen to this podcast about what happened, and how this might be prevented in the future.

Make sure to always have a backup plan whenever you're working with technology, especially to get a mission-critical job completed!

If you'd like to connect with John on Twitter, do so here.

If you'd like to check out his music before were able to publish the interview, do so here.

Remember that you can subscribe to the your own pay podcast in iTunes.

Never stop being amazing, and don't give up on your dreams.

Have you ever had technological mishaps? Describe them in the comments and or share this with your following.


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phone calls can change lives - Your Own Pay podcast.mp3



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Future Interviews, the Club, and infographics

Length: 7s

In this podcast you're going to learn a little about the future interviews I'm working on, what's going on with the your own pay podcast club, and hear a quick rant of mind telling you why you shouldn't use infographics. Or, if you do use infographics, here's something you can do to implement a better experience for all users. Though the blind community isn't the largest, you're definitely missing out on ways  to connect with people whose lives you could change.


This Monday on blab I'll be interviewing Jon Lyon, you can watch from this page below or subscribe to the show on blab here. If you want to support  then click here to buy his album in iTunes. I’ll also be interviewing other passionate and professional blind or visually impaired individuals. If you are passionate about what you do and you want to share your story, definitely get in contact with me today. I would love to talk about what you're doing and see if you'd be a good fit for the show. The blab will also be sent to the podcast on Monday afternoon, subscribe in iTunes with this link. 


This morning I announced to the your own pay podcast club waiting list that I'm going to be opening the doors on Tuesday sometime. I also gave them a clue as to what time of day I'll be announcing it, however it wouldn't be fair for me to give you all of the information here. If you want to be the first to know when the you're own pay podcast club is open, subscribe to the waiting list by Click This Link (then move focus to bottom of the page if you use screen reader to subscribe). Or simply send a text to:


Only Containing the word:


And you'll be the first to hear when the doors are open for this brief 48 hour period. Oh yeah, did I mention that the first time I open the podcast club it's only going to be $4.95 a month? Will I open it after I close the doors? Yes, however the price will probably be doubled at least.


If you use infographics, something I came across today kind of frustrated me. I downloaded an  info graphic in hopes that I would be able to use the KNFB reader  to read it it. However, the info graphic wasn't clear enough for the application to use optical character recognition. Therefore, only parts of the image were readable. Here's a solution for those of you producing infographics so that you can include everyone who wants to see it. Consider extracting the text and making a plain text document and or a hidden page with the text that a blind user can click on the image to open. For best use, open this page in a new window, so that when he or she is done reading the text of the info graphic they can then close the page and return to your article. Listen to the podcast for some ideas.


I hope you've enjoyed hearing about the interviews I'll be conducting in the near future, the news related to the your own pay podcast club, and a tip for making your infographics more inclusive to everyone. If you did, feel free to subscribe to the podcast club waiting list, send a text message to the number44222

that only  contains the word:



Leave us your feedback in iTunes, don't forget.


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3 ways i screwed up over 2 years

Length: 6s

In order to align this podcast with the abilities of individuals like yourself to be able to brand yourself online, I need to make an important fact clear. Just because you have a company replicated site and your domain name forwarded to that company replicated site, doesn't mean you're doing everything that you can do in order to be successful online. Listen to today's your own pay podcast to hear a quick glimpse into a story of how I screwed everything up for over a year and a half, then take my mistakes and learn from them to better your business online. what are your struggles? What are you doing right now to increase your business? How are you building? Lets connect in the comments, and if you enjoy this content you can join the your own pay podcast club:


send the word payown to the above number as a text, and be the first to know when it opens.



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Vashawn of Fedora Outlier is changing lives

Length: 27s

Learn and hear about how feedback from others on a cruise ship helped create a company that is changing the world. In this interview I talk with Vashaun Jones of Fedora Outlier LLC, about who he is and why he does what he does. I myself am very encouraged and motivated to make things happen, especially after talking with this guy. As i said in the introduction of this podcast, i’m not the only cool blind guy!


You will here Jaws in the background of this audio, in my next interviews i’ll try to eliminate this sound. That’s ok though, a little background sound never should stand in the way of bringing these interviews to you. As you will hear this is the 20th or so time i recorded the intro, and though it’s not perfect you have the ability to have your life empowered by Vashawn.


I will also be interviewing other blind empowering individuals on blab, and then repurposing  them into podcasts. If you want to be one of the first people to learn about these empowering interviews, you need to be on the your own pay podcast club waiting list. Those members will be the first to hear any news about interviews that are upcoming, even before those who follow us on blab.


Text payown to the number  44222


Also it's time to welcome iTunes to the your own pay podcast community. Subscribe On iTunes Here. it took iTunes 26 hours to approve me, that is for sure a lot faster then what i expected. and you can leave positive feedback if you enjoy this podcast. iTunes has about a 24/48 hour delay it appears, so don’t worry if you don’t hear this in iTunes yet. Don't forget to review and subscribe so you get the new content as they're posted.


Listen to this podcast to hear thoughts about you point on the 70-75% unemployment rate in the blind community, and empower you  to do what you need to do to make a difference. you can connect with Fedora Outlier LLC on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and of course their website.


Monday I'll be interviewing a blind hip-hop artist, so you'll definitely want to participate in that interview. Oh yeah, and those of you watching the video attached to this posting, next time you will be able to see more of my face and not just my nose and mouth. Don't know what I'm talking about? Ask questions!




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Wistia Or Youtube - Your Own Pay Podcast

Length: 6s

Wistia  or YouTube? 


In this podcast I explain to you why I personally preferred to use the Wistia service. With YouTube, if you host your videos that you have as trainings for sale, they can easily be stolen without your permission. Of course, content on the Internet can be stolen at any time using any service, however with Wistia  you have a better chance in my opinion of your content remaining yours. The beautiful thing about Wistia is that you can offer a download version of your videos if you choose to, as well is obviously you can in bed your videos into your own website like with YouTube, and it's also convenient to use keystrokes when sharing the Wistia  links with those who purchase your training. At the end of this podcast I also explained one additional feature of Wistia, that is your videos look a bit more professional then using youtube to host your for sale trainings.


Wistia also provides individuals the ability to automate their video marketing with their email marketing. I have not taking advantage of this as that is part of their paid upgrade plans, and for the time being I've only got a free account with Wistia. This being said however, the ability to automate your video and email marketing efforts do exist with the Wistia  platform. Also, remember you can try Wistia  out with no time limitation, however you will have limitations on the amount of content you can host on your free account.


Do you host training videos and sell them? If so, what video hosting service do you use to sell your content? Why? Leave me a comment and let me know.



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Guest Of The Month

Length: 7s

Today's podcast is my commentary on a guest blog post shared for your reference below. This is part of the Guest of the month group that I've become a part of. If you're interested in learnning more about becoming a guest poster on other people's blogs, definitely check out this page, and Emily who reads everything will provide you all of the information. The individual who is guest posting for me today is Jocelyn of “52 letters in the alphabet | for readers who write, and writers who read”




Beyond the thoughts I share on my blog are the more personal moments—the incredibly boring and incredibly meaningful parts of my life that do not translate themselves into witty blog posts or Tweets. A major portion of my life is dedicated to reading and writing, but not even all of that energy gets conveyed on my blog.

I’m an introvert at heart. Blogging—joining a social community outside of my “real life” friends—was a big step for me to take, and I constantly have to push myself to interact with other bloggers, rather than just hiding under my rock and occasionally posting book reviews. Because of this, the portion of my life that I share on my blog is a tiny window into the complexities of my day-to-day life.

Most of my time that does not go into writing blog posts—and admittedly, I only write posts on weekends—goes toward high school. Homework, studying, extracurriculars, laughing with friends and complaining with friends—this is my life ninety percent of the time. And about eighty percent of the time, I’m okay with that. (The other twenty percent usually gets turned into poems, which I sometimes share, but often decide not to.)

Here’s what I do when I’m not a book blogger: I’m a debater on my school’s Speech and Debate team. I fence outside of school for a workout, now that I’ve gotten the horrific PE requirement out of the way. I’m an editor for my school’s newspaper and a member of my city’s Youth Town Council. I’ve been writing a novel for the last year (or years, depends what draft we’re talking about), but in intermittent bursts with longer and longer periods of “radio silence” in between. All of these hobbies come together to ensure that I rarely have a “night off,” and that I always have something I should be doing (and that I’m probably procrastinating on).

Blogging gives me an escape from all of that by letting me distill my life down to the books I read, some of the less personal writing I do, and some random fangirlling when I’m in the mood for it.

Beyond 52 Letters in the Alphabet, I’m your average, slightly socially awkward teenager. I watch a lot of TV, and get overly emotionally invested in my favorite characters. (Don’t even get me started on The West Wing or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.) Netflix is my BFF, except for my real friends, who are some of my favorite things in the whole world. I study less than I should and more than I want to. I generally enjoy school, until anything goes wrong. Weirdly, I enjoy Calculus, though I have no intention of pursuing math as a career.

And if all of these facts seem disjointed and random, then you’re right. I’m a teenager who doesn’t know what her major is going to be in college—I don’t even know where I want to go for college. I know my favorite subjects, but they are rarely my favorite classes to take. I do a lot of different things outside of school, and depending on what kind of week it’s been, I like each of those activities a different amount. In a lot of ways, I am disjointed and random—just like this (slightly rambling, I know and I’m sorry) post. My blog is a place where I get to carefully organize my thoughts and make myself look a lot more put-together than I am in real life—than I am in my life beyond the blog.




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LeadPages or Click FUnnels? - your own pay podcast

Length: 9s

Click funnels or leadpages?


First of all I'd like to preface this podcast with the fact that there is nothing wrong with click funnels, however I'm going to explain to you my reasoning for why I enjoy lead pages over click funnels. I built my website in WordPress, and this is the most accessible content management system I've used as of now. This means i don’t need click funnels to build webpages. I then bring my capture pages into my WordPress system using the leadpages plug-in. There are alternative ways to accomplish what I'm doing, and probably more cost-effective ways as well. However in this Scope Cast I explain to you a bit more about why I enjoy lead pages over click funnels.


NOTE: This is a raw scope taken from Periscope and turned into a podcast. You will here me engaging with those who are live with me, and you can join live on future scope casts. Just follow @payown both on twitter and periscope.


Click funnels or lead pages?


In this quick scope cast I discussed the difference between click funnels and leadpages for me. In my personal opinion the education and abilities to capture leads and alternative methods definitely out way The financial investment for lead pages. Lead pages provide some amazing training content to individuals who aren't even their customers. In addition, you can capture leads via text message with lead pages and you don't have to use an additional service for text message opt-in.


Listen to this scope cast while i am talking with a follower of mine David, about why I prefer lead pages over click funnels. Which one do you prefer and why? Let me know in the comments and remember that if you would like to you can follow me on periscope to be able to engage with the scope cast I do live.



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membership parts for wordpress - your own pay podcast

Length: 6s

One of my  clients talked with me today about wanting to know how to set up a membership site using Word press. He knew that I had done just that when creating the empowering the blind beta training, click here to get access to it. So I decided to quickly walk them through the process over the phone, and as I was doing and I realized how easy this process is for me to explain. Therefore, that's the subject of today's podcast for the your own pay podcast.


As a preface before I continue with this blog post, I'd like to let people know that there are alternative ways to accomplish just about anything in WordPress. The procedure I walk you through in this podcast is quick into the point, however it's the procedure that I used in that I've personally done in the past. For a lessons site, in another words a website where you're going to present lessons to individuals, there are other plug-ins that can make this process substantially more easier for you. However, the way that I explain it you could get a membership site up for free right now.


You first need a WordPress site, the site must be self hosted you cannot host this on a WordPress.com site and use the following steps. Once you have a self hosted WordPress site, download the paid memberships Pro plug-in, yes it's available in the WordPress plug-in repository. Then, download the AWeber add-on for paid memberships Pro, again available in the WordPress plug-in repository. Finally, ensure that you have an AWeber account with a list set up in the AWeber account. If you don't have an AWeber account you can use alternative email marketing providers, however i’ve  got the most experience with AWeber. Click here to get a free 30 day trial.


So, now that you have the paid memberships Pro plug-in, and the AWeber add-on for paid memberships Pro, you need to authenticate the AWeber ad on with your AWeber account. Log into your WordPress dashboard admin  panel, and find paid memberships Pro AWeber add-on. Click the button to connect your account and copy the authentication code into the plug-in.


You'll then need to acquire your API access for your payment gateway, or give away free memberships if that's what you choose to do.


Now that you've got all of these tools in place, you just need to set up the membership levels and then if you want integrate your site with lead pages. There's also some automation rules you can set up in AWeber,  listen to the podcast for demonstration of this. Bit overwhelming? I'd be delighted to set up a membership site for you, simply contact me today.


This process of setting up a membership site is also one of the training videos I've got coming in the your own pay podcast club, so you definitely want to get on our waiting list now for when it launches, either click here to save your spot or send a quick text message containing just the word Payown to the number 44222


Did you get any value out of this particular podcast? If so, share with your social networks because someone else in your community might get value as well. Start your brain thinking and never stop being amazing.



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Five requirements for a successful podcast

Length: 7s

Five requirements for a successful podcast


In this episode of the your own pay podcast, I discuss with you the five requirements for a successful podcast. I will be the first to admit that my podcast isn't as successful as what it could be, however coming from someone who has done Podcast work in the past my Podcast at this point is more successful than it's ever been. And I haven't gotten the last required element of thesefive requirements for a successful podcast implemented as of yet, however that's being implemented in the near future. I will say that out of the 31 Podcast, this is the 32nd, since October 1 I'm averaging about six downloads per day. (9 per day if you count soundcloud)I’ve got a total of hundred and 89 downloads for all of my podcast episodes, so, I will say that it is important to consider these requirements for a successful podcast.


The first requirement for a successful podcast is that you use a content distribution service. People might think that using their word press site to host their audio files is just fine, which honestly I did for the longest time myself. However, if you think about the fact that your WordPress hosting account needs to present content from your blog to all of your viewers when they come to your website, and then if you ask your web host to present your podcast content this will be additional unnecessary strain for your web hosting company, maybe you will come to the same conclusion that I did. That is, having a content distribution service makes perfect sense. Oh yeah, did I mention that if your website is off-line, and your podcasts are hosted on your blog that iTunes will remove you from their podcast directory if they can't access your files whenever they decide to?


The content distribution service for podcast that I recommend is Libsyn, that is not an affiliate link. The reason I recommend Libsyn can be found on an earlier blog posting i did titled “3 reasons i use @libsyn to host my podcast”. Their plans are affordable for everyone! They start out at five dollars a month. If you subscribe to the your own pay podcast club however, by sending a text message that just contains the word


to the number 


I'll soon have a coupon code that will allow you to try Libsyn out for the remainder of the month that you signed up and the full month after that so if you signed up today, you would be able to try Libsyn out from 6 November through 30 November, and then from 1 December through 31 December. Your next bill date would be the beginning of January 2016. Libsyn also will make the third requirement of these 5 requirements for successful podcasts a lot easier.


Are you enjoying this? If so, take a moment and share with your friends.


The second requirement for a successful podcast is the ability to capture contact information from your listeners quickly. Above, you'll realize that I gave you a word to text to a number, and you can be subscribed to the your own pay podcast club waiting list. This ability is brought to you by Leadpages, which makes it very easy to generate ways for people to join your subscriber list. This could be via a capture page such as this one, or via a text message such as referenced above. I use Leadpages because of these reasons, check out this blog post. And if you would like to try the Leadpages platform out for your first 60 days for free, you should reference this blog post where I show you how you can do just that. Can you use an alternative lead page system? Of course, I'm just sharing with you the tools that I use.


The third requirement of these five requirements for a successful podcast is that you have a social presence on several different social media sites. Lipson easily simplifies this, as you can set these social networks up as destinations for your podcast, so that whenever you post a new episode to your Libsyn account, these destinations are notified and you're following on each of these networks are in turn notified as well. The five social media accounts that I recommend are tumbler, Blogger, LinkedIn, twitter, and Facebook. As I mentioned in the podcast, you also want to have a Soundcloud account, because I am averaging about three downloads per day just from the SoundCloud network. Oh yes, and did I mention that Lipson also will post to SoundCloud on your behalf? Those in the your own pay podcast club will also learn a secret I've got, to help you get your podcast published to the other popular audio social media platform, Audioboom.


Having the ability to host your podcast somewhere, not have your everyday web traffic hogging up all of your bandwidth from downloading the podcast, and being able to capture leads while sharing your podcast automatically with other social networks is just the first part. You need to have something that people actually want to hear about. If you have an existing audience, reach out to them and asked them what they would like to learn about. Then, create a content calendar for the content that people want to hear about. Implement into a podcast, and start distributing to your hearts content. Maybe you don't already have an existing audience, if this is the case then my honest truth to you is to figure out what you're passionate about, and then start producing content based around that passion. I am very fond of podcasting and video marketing, simply because those who you are targeting can easily hear and feel the emotion/honest feelings you have for your topic in your voice. Are you sharing emotion when it comes to sales?


The final but not least important requirement for these five requirements of an effective podcast is that your podcast is being distributed to the popular podcast directories. At the time of recording this podcast these are iTunes, number one, and stitcher, number two. Right now, the your own pay podcast is only available in stitcher, however iTunes is coming fairly shortly. As a warning, Apple the company who owns iTunes, has some strict requirements when it comes to submitting your podcast. I'm using a site called Fiverr, click here to get a free gig, so that I can pay someone five dollars to create me Podcast cover art that is in line with the requirements that Apple has four podcasts in iTunes. Once you have your cover art, yet again, Lipson will automatically distribute your podcast to iTunes after it's approved.


You obviously need a microphone that sounds fairly decent when you capture your voice and produce it with intro and Altro files that introduce and leave the listener with an amazing experience. However, these five requirements for a successful podcast, are things that I wish I would have known the first time I took a stroll down the podcasting lane. Did you get any value out of this? If so, leave me a comment or get in contact with me and I'd be delighted to share your thoughts with our readers and listeners. Do you have a podcast? Again, get in contact with me because I really want to share your message with those who it might resonate with. Definitely subscribe to us wherever you're seeing this, and share with your social media connections; someone else might find some tips with this as well.


Never stop being amazing.



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What Made You Want?

Length: 6s

Sometimes you've just got to go back to what used to make you happy, what motivates you to get up and do what you like to do. Go back to that thing that inspired you to be you!

In the recording for November 6, 2015 for the your own pay podcast I'm preparing my nightly dose of apple cider vinegar with warm water. While I was preparing this relatively nasty concoction I thought why not record today's podcast while I drink this. This episode was inspired by some thoughts I had running through my head, one of those thoughts was "what is it that made me happy when I was younger?"

 When I was younger, what did I like to do?

The relatively easy answer to this question is that I was an avid fan of reading. Unfortunately, I never really was into the whole nonfiction scene of books and tell later on in life, however when I was younger I did always read fiction books. As a matter of fact, growing up through middle school and high school, my favorite author was Stuart Woods. He still is my favorite author, check out his website here. The series he wrote about Stone Barrington that is always evolving is still one of my favorite book series.

I decided last night that I should jump on the Library of Congress application and download a book. Of course, like whenever I get on a book site, the first thing I did was a search for Mr. Stewart Woods. I discovered a book of his Stone Barrington series that was released in April of this year that I haven't read yet, so I downloaded it and started to read it. When I started to listen to the new Stone Barrington book, my mindset shifted back to where it was when I was younger. I started to resonate and connect both emotionally and mentally with the main character, Stone Barrington. Stone is the character I resonated with when I first got started online, back when I had no direction or no clue on how to turn my knowledge into an income though that's what I desired.

As I was reading this book, and my mindset started to evolve back to what it was I remembered what attracted me to the personality type of Mr. Barrington. Stone is a go getter, don't let any shit get you down type of guy, and that's the type of personality I've always sought for myself. Unfortunately however, i found  myself more in the "hustle"frame of mind lately, and not the make things happen and get things done mindset. This being said however, the other day I heard a podcast with Zach from heart soul hustle take a listen to the podcast here, that explained some of the struggles he's overcome and some of the troubles he's had when it comes to finding passion and what he does. This podcast really hit home, and then reading my favorite author again also helped hammer the nail home.


Zack talks about how helping other businesses be able to increase their digital presence is what brings the passion out in his business. And then as I started reading the Stone Barrington books again, I realize that Stone was the type of person who got off on helping other people get done what needs to get done. Then I figured out that, it's not that I'm doing anything wrong, I just need to help more people build their digital presence online in order for me to feel happy about what I'm doing. Of course, making some sort of financial compensation out of this effort, is definitely an added benefit!


Take a listen to this brief six minute your own pay podcast episode for November 6, and leave us your thoughts. Who do you resonate with, what type of books do you like to read, and why do you do what you want to do? What makes you want?


If your getting any value out of my podcasts, and your hearing this on Stitcher, then tap the thumbs up button to show me some love. You can additionally join the waiting list for the your own pay podcast club for when I open the doors later this month. Shoot a quick text to:


that just contains the word:





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Welcome Stitcher, I want to be know

Length: 6s

Welcome to the your own pay podcast listeners on stitcher. Remember that if you get any value or inspiration out of this particular episode, you can give us a thumbs up on that platform to show your appreciation. The more people that are positively impacted by the content that I have to produce, the more people that the content can be heard by. So take a quick moment and tap the thumbs-up button on the stitcher site, so my knowledge can empower the most amount of individuals possible.  this podcast I share with you a couple of tips for getting known.


A prospect of mine contacted me yesterday and told me that he wanted to be more well known in his community. I asked him a few questions that I share with you in the podcast episode, simply to better clarify who he wants to be known by. I also provided a few tips to this individual on how he can get his name out there, as soon as he knows who needs to know about him. What do you want to be known for?? What do you want to be referred to as? Leave me a comment and let me know.


If you didn't figure it out from the introduction paragraph as well as listening to the episode itself, the Your Own Pay podcast is now readily available on the stitcher network. Click here to subscribe to us on stitcher, and definitely leave positive feedback if you received any benefit from any of our episodes. For anyone's reference who needs it, I submitted the request to be in the stitcher network Sunday evening Pacific time, and today at 4:30 PM Pacific time, I received notification that I was excepted. Therefore, expect anywhere between four days and a week for approval in the stitcher network.


We will have Podcast art in the near future so that we can submit the your own pay podcast to iTunes. Those of you on iOS devices, we will be coming to your phone fairly shortly. In addition, we will also be posting our podcast to the Google play podcast network, and I don't have much details on how that's going to work however I'll definitely keep everyone informed both via the blog and podcast. Never stop being amazing, and remember to make today the best day of your life. Then, do it again tomorrow, why not?



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Saving Time and Internet Automation - Your Own Pay Podcast

Length: 5s

In this your own pay podcast, I discuss with you a service that I use that is free for saving time and automating your Internet tasks. I also explained to you that yes there are alternative services to accomplish the tasks that this service can accomplish, however I've found this particular service to be the most accessible for a screen reader user. I am open to feedback if anyone else using screen readers have tried alternative services, and what your findings are with those services. In addition, though I've only been using the service for I don't know, two years or so, I've just learned about a new aspect of the service that I've never considered using before. My man Rick had introduced me to this, check out his website here.


Take a listen to this your own pay podcast to learn more about why I enjoy using this service. In addition, you can also reference the video above to actually hear the service in action. Note, that video is just about two years old, so that platform might look a bit different than what it does then now. That's okay, if you want one-on-one assistance with the service, then you need to be on the your own pay podcast club waiting list. One of the featured episodes I've got coming to club members is an actual demonstration of how you can use this service to increase your Twitter following automatically. Sound interesting? Click here and get on the waiting list or simply send a text message to:


Just containing the word  Payown


Some of the tasks I perform now are automated with additional services, however I still use this service to help me with automation of my additional everyday necessary tasks. I'm also using this service to document my time, it's an efficient way to quickly be able to document time and review that time to see where you're spending the most of it at. What are some of your daily Internet tasks that you would like to automate? Leave me a comment and I'll let you know if I know of any ways to automate those either with this service, or alternative services that might be user-friendly.


Like always, if you get any value or inspiration out of this podcast or any other podcast I posted, then definitely subscribe to the your own pay podcast club. However, I'd also like to invite you to share this podcast with your following if you think that they might find some value in it as well. Remember, if you're reading this or hearing  this on iTunes, stitcher, or any other podcast directory, please leave me positive feedback and reviews about content you like me to cover in the future. Never stop being amazing, and be sure to make today the best day of your life then, do it again tomorrow.



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2 Youtube Alternatives - your own pay podcast

Length: 6s

In today's Your Own Pay podcast, I discussed with you to alternatives to the YouTube network. I assume that most of my readers and listeners have heard of the YouTube platform, even if they don't have accounts on YouTube themselves. if you've been living under a rock and have absolutely no clue what YouTube is, it allows users like yourself and I to upload videos and allow those videos to be viewed by the world. You can engage with the YouTube platform from a computer, a desktop video streaming box, your phone, or of course a tablet. And from my observations, the reason the YouTube platform is so popular because its own by the major search engine company formerly known as "Google", now known as "alphabet".


The Google search engine does index videos fairly quickly that are uploaded to YouTube, since they're both owned by the same company. However, just because you upload a video to YouTube, doesn't necessarily mean you should be done with that video. There are two alternative video sources that you should be uploading your videos to as well, simply because you can build an audience on those platforms to engage with your potential prospects.


If you're recording a video, whether that be directly on your phone or maybe in some fancy video editing software on your computer. You should be using that video to its fullest potential. You could even be doing something like I've been known to do, that is repurpose content that you're distributing to your social networks into video. Then, distribute that video to these two alternative video social networks.


The two alternative social networks for video sharing to YouTube are Dailymotion, and Vimeo. Each has their own benefits, and the beautiful thing about it is you can upload to all three, YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo, directly from your phone. Note, I upload to these services from my iPhone, I've not done this from an android phone. 


Each of these video social networks are indexed by Google, maybe not as quickly as YouTube however if you're attempting to rank for a specific keyword you could potentially show up on three or four different sites if you're utilizing all of the video social networks and your blog at the same time. Repurposing content is something that I go into in the your own pay Podcast club, not sure what that is? That's okay, take action now and get on our waiting list because the doors will be open for a brief period of time, eat. Gee. 48 hours! And, those who have access to the waiting list will be the first to learn when I open the doors to the your own pay Podcast club.


Ready to join? Click above, or send a text to:


that just contains the word:



Are you on an alternative video social network excluding the three mentioned above? If so, what networks and how can i find your content? Leave a comment and let me know.



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3 reasons i use @libsyn for my podcast

Length: 10s

In this podcast I discuss with you the three reasons that I enjoy using the Libsyn service for podcast hosting. There are alternative services, and I also explained to you at the end of this podcast why I have elected not to use those alternative services personally. Do you use Libsyn? Do you not have a podcast? Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are about the Libsyn service and or if you're using a alternative podcast host. If you are using an alternative podcast host, why?


Like with all of my podcasts that I've released thus far, I recommend you take a listen to the podcast simply to hear my insight and emotion on the topic. However, for those of you who don't have the time or the patience to listen to this brief 10 minute long cast, I'll give you a quick rundown of the three reasons that I have elected to use Libsyn. For your reference, I do include a bonus tip that will not be included in the show notes, at the end of the podcast. Remember, if you do get any value out of the free podcast that I'm releasing, then you're going to absolutely love what I've got in store for those of you who get in on the your own pay podcast club. Either click here to save your spot, or send a quick text message to:


With just the word


And follow the directions sent to you.



One of the reasons that I enjoy using the Libsyn service is that you can submit your files via FTP. I do a lot of my podcast recording while I'm working on something else, which means I typically use the Bossjock Studio App to record my podcasts. Then, I can quickly upload my podcast to the drop box folder on my Libsyn and account, and it will be ready for me to add to the show notes whenever I get to that point.

Another reason that I use the Libsyn service is I can publish my content to one location and that content is syndicated to several different destinations on my behalf. I will have my podcast in the near future syndicated through the stitcher network, and I'll also be in iTunes. My podcast is syndicated already to sound cloud, and this posting that you're reading right now originated on my podcast and Libsyn. If you're reading this on the your own pay blog, then you're reading this posting because it was published to my blog. I go into more detail about additional steps I take after I publish my podcast, in the your own pay podcast club. Text “payown” to:


The final reason for these show notes that I like using the lips and service is that they are affordable. They have monthly plans that start out at five dollars a month, and this plan should be sufficient for someone who podcasts maybe once a week. Listen to the podcast to learn how someone might be misconstrued or confused by the prices that Libsyn as, there's an important thing that occurs on the first of every month, that could help you with distributing your content using the lips and services, and not going over the disk quota limit that they quote you on their pricing page.

So those are the three reasons I enjoy using the lips and service. If you listen to the original podcast, you'll also get a bonus reason as well. In addition, in the podcast I explained to you a little bit about why I choose not to use alternative services! Who do you use for a podcast host? How can I listen to your podcast and what do you podcast about? Leave me a comment and let me know. In addition, don't forget that these your own pay podcast club will be open for a brief window this month, so save your spot on the waiting list and be one of the first to hear when I open it up.




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Twitter Analytics with Voiceover

Length: 10s

How are your tweets doing on Twitter? Do your followers engage with your tweets? Are you aware of what tweet resonate the most with your followers? Well, if your answer to those questions above was ‘I don't know,’ then I completely understand! However, I'd like to show you how you can learn the answer to the above questions, so that your Twitter marketing can be better coordinated.


In this Your Own Pay podcast, I let you take a listen to my Twitter analytics and you're able to hear and observe the impressions and engagement rate that I'm currently getting on my Twitter account, follow me here. You can then follow along using your own Twitter account, and find out the answer to the above questions. So, if you would, leave me a comment and let me know what your current Twitter engagement rate is. How many impressions have you acquired over the past 28 days? What is your most popular tweet?


I'm going to go more in-depth with some of the other tools on the Twitter Ads Site in the Your Own Pay podcast club. If you like this content, you'll love what I've got in store for people who join. Remember the doors will only be open for 48 hours, and those on the waiting list will get first knowledge of when those doors open. Actionable bite-size marketing tips from a blind guy on a weekly basis. Join today by sending a text message to 


That just says:


Only. Or simply click this link to join without texting.


Are you enjoying the videos that I've been sharing in the morning?

Haven't seen them? Check them out here.


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November news and three embarrassing stories - your own pay podcast

Length: 8s

In this podcast i take a few moments to give you a brief review of what's going to happen next month with the your own pay podcast. I also share three embarrassing stories that occurred to me when I was younger. Don't let embarrassment hold you back, but allow it to be a motivator for getting better things accomplished and demolishing all of your excuses. Do you have any embarrassing stories you would like to share with us? How has embarrassment affected your life? Leave a comment and let us know. If you have to to feel better about the situation, feel free to change any names necessary!


In this episode from the your own pay podcast, I mentioned the motivation for why I decided to talk a little about embarrassing stories from my past. The image I discuss in this podcast can be found below, and if you're not seeing the image on this posting then click through to the your own pay blog and podcast, and check out the show notes for this episode. I thought it was a very fitting thing for the individual who is featured in the image to have said when talking about it being embarrassing sitting in occupied chairs. 



Amanda Keleher of Tucson, Arizona, was at The Seeing Eye in August to be matched with her second Seeing Eye dog, a black...

Posted by The Seeing Eye, Inc. on Saturday, October 31, 2015


Not only do I talk about embarrassing situations in this podcast, but I mention that I'm going to be interviewing people on the blab network this month. If you're not part of the Blab, but you have a Twitter account, I recommend you at least sign up today. You don't have to engage with us live, however having an account will allow you the opportunity to. If you are a visually impaired individual using the blab service, note that it does need to be used from chrome so Chromevox may be necessary for you to interact with it. They do also have an iOS application that is fairly accessible, it could be improved and I've provided some feedback to their support team. More people providing feedback though definitely couldn't hurt. Download blab in the APP Store Here.


Are you blind or visually impaired and passionate about what you do? If so, then contact me today so we can schedule an interview so you can share your message with the world. Empowering the world to demolish all excuses from stories of the blind. 


Don't forget I am starting to do videos for AWeber training, check it out here.


Did you get any entertainment or value out of this episode? If so, remember you can join the waiting list for the your own pay podcast club two different ways. The first way and probably the easiest is for you to Whip out your phone right now, and send a text message to


with the word:


in it.

Or the alternative way is to click here and join the waiting list.


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Reflections on Leadpages - a Your Own Pay Podcast

Length: 6s

Make coffee with me in this your own pay podcast where I discuss with you my reflections on the staff at leadpages. In my earlier podcast I recorded titled three tools a blind business owner should be using, I explained that there are a few excess ability hurdles with the leadpage software. However, these hurdles are easily able to be worked around especially when you have a willing staff at the company you're trying to work with who are supportive of the feedback you provided. In addition, when you express your gratitude for a company on Twitter and they engage with you because you're expressing that gratitude, that says a lot about the company and those who work for it.



If you weren't aware I teach other blind individuals how to build the foundation of their brand for their business online, and then expand that brand to live streaming. Being completely blind myself and working with other blind individuals, excess ability of a platform is obviously a concern. However, one of my other concerns that i have is that my pages look decently to a cited user, and since I have no vision often this can be A challenging feet to make my pages look sleek and sexy too a sighted  user! However, leadpages provides templates that are highly converting, and instructions as to what size images or videos need to be to fit within the constraints of the template itself. This is  very useful, as I can send images to a virtual assistant, and ask him or her to resize the image to the specified dimensions and then easily implement it into a website without having to worry about if it's covering up the text.


As soon as I become more familiar with the leaguepage platform and am able to explain what I'm doing to make it work I'll be recording some videos to help you get through the challenges that might be encountered for a blind user using leadpages. I have created several different capture pages and sales pages for myself and clients of mine, and it's not as difficult as I make it sound at times however it's not as easy as it may be,  editing a page in WordPress for example. Lead pages support though is always willing to help you, and if it's necessary they can access your account to help make modifications on the page and or on a Page you're working on. In some cases, this isn't the type of support you'll see from a company, so I'm glad to say that they are willing to work with us. Reflecting on this fact, it makes me want to refer you also to my three reasons a blind person shouldn't hesitate to ask questions posting I did yesterday, because one instance of that is I would have just assumed that leadpages would be unwilling to help me with my pages but I actually asked for help, and they helped me finish what I was trying to do.


So this is just a quick reflection on my feelings towards the leaguepage staff, and how willing they are to help when challenges arise so that people like you and I can get back to what we enjoy doing. Have you ever had a positive experience when it comes to a mainstream product or service being inaccessible , and you express your desire to use that product or service however you can't because of excess ability challenges? What were your experiences? I'd like to hear both positive and negative, because we all can change The world together but it starts with small steps! Lets discuss it in the comments.


Did you find this blog post or podcast useful? If so, you're going to love what I've got available in the your own pay podcast club. Here's what you need to do:


Send a text to:


that says:


and we will get you on the your own pay podcast club waiting list for when i open the doors!



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3 reasons the blind should ask for help

Length: 8s


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3 tools blind business owners should have

Length: 8s

Yesterday I dropped a podcast titled the three platforms a blind business owner should focus on. You can listen to that podcast here, however today I wanted to release to you the three tools a blind business owner should be using. Because the third tool isn't the most accessible on all platforms, though I do have high hopes that excess ability will be implemented in future releases of this tool, I also gave you a fourth bonus tool. For your reference I will list the tools below, excluding the fourth bonus tool which I discussed towards the end of this brief scope cast. Want to know what it is? Definitely give this scope cast a listen, and share it with those who might also find it to be useful. Also remember, you can send a text with the word "payown" (without the quote  signs) to be added to our Your Own Pay podcast waiting list, if you love the content time producing for free, you're going to absolutely be salivating over the information given to those in the podcast club. Will there be an investment? Not for being on the waiting list but when I do open the doors to the your own pay podcast club the investment will be less than seven dollars a month.


The first tool I shared in the scope cast is AWeber, individuals running a business need a way to be able to stay in contact with their prospects and customers.  AWeber has come leaps and bounds when it comes to excess ability, and I foresee that excess ability will be implemented in future releases of their software platform as well.  AWeber also takes feedback from their users, and implements it into future releases of their platform. There was a brief period where I was unable to access the visual message editor, however now have no difficulties with accessing thanks to feedback from myself and other blind users. Are there alternatives to  AWeber? Of course there are, however this is the platform that I personally recommend for email auto responding, and if you need help with it I recommend you getting into that your own pay podcast club, I'm going to be doing some amazing trainings that will only be available to club members and coaching clients.


The second tool I recommended in the scope cast is Wistia. If you're serious about your business, and you want to automate parts of your business, then you definitely need to be using video. Does Wistia offer a 100% accessible video playback platform, not quite but it can be used by individuals using screen readers both on windows and OS X. The reason I like using Wistia though, is simply because they have a very clean interface for uploading videos and a blind user doesn't have to fight with the platform to be able to figure out what he's uploading and where he's uploading it. In addition, you also don't have to worry about advertisements jumping up and biting you when you're trying to get tasks accomplished. I'll be in contact with Wistia  support in the near future to provide feedback related to the limited accessibility issues I have with their video embed code, want to see an example of this? Check out the video that's on the homepage of the your own pay blog and podcast, and definitely provide your feedback on the video as well. Click here to return to the homepage.


The third tool, and in my opinion the best tool, is Leadpages. Yes, I'll be 100% transparent, there are some excess ability hurdles to jump through when using this platform. For some, this might be a dealbreaker, however the support that I received from The Leadpages team and the training that they provide two people on their blog who don't even own the product is outstanding! In addition, as a completely blind digital marketer, I really like the fact that specifications for image sizes and video sizes are provided to the user while building pages. This helps you stay within the constraints of the template for what you're trying to accomplish, and for the most part using windows and freedomscientific jaws, users can get everything accomplished! I used Leadpages to create the welcome page for first-time visitors to the Your Own Pay blog and podcast, Missed it?. Take a look at that welcome page here. I also use Leadpages  to handle my text message Upton process, not sure what I'm talking about? Send a text to the number 44222 with the word “payown ” (without the quote signs) and you'll be sent further instructions and added to the your own pay podcast waiting list.


There is a fourth tool I discuss in the scope cast, simply because Leadpages isn't the most accessible I wanted to give people three actionable tools they can use today to better their business. If you check out this podcast, you can actually try all of these tools without paying more than a dollar today, to help build your presents on the Internet. Do you find these tips and tricks useful? If so, then shoot a quick text message over to 44222 that includes the word payown, and get on our Your Own Pay podcast club waiting list! You're going to absolutely love what we've got in store for our club members.


Are you a digital marketer? If so, what are your favorite tools?


Do you have a visual impairment and use assistive technology to interact with your tools? If so what tools do you use and more importantly why?


Never stop being amazing, and remember you can engage with us live on periscope follow @payown



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3 platforms blind business owners should focus on

Length: 9s

This is a Your Own Pay scope cast, audio converted from a periscope broadcast I did earlier in the day. The original purpose of this was to share with you the Lissner what the top three platforms I feel a blind person should focus on are. Throughout this broadcast we had some live engagement, so you hear me talk to the people who decided to join me live on this show. If you're not following me on Twitter or Periscope, go ahead and do so here. 



The primary reason you should follow me on Periscope, even though I most of the time have been repurposing my Periscopes  into podcasts, is because you'll have an opportunity to engage with me live while I'm discussing the topics I discuss. In addition, often periscope or Twitter know about the topics that I'll be doing on future podcast sometimes even before I know what I'm doing.


The primary focus of this scope was to inform people of the top three platforms a blind individual marketing his business online should focus on. I ended up talking with my mentor, the charge more money guy, and a friend Cynthia Merryman. They also were discussing their opinions of me, so if you're seeing this posting within 24 hours of me recording the scope, you can follow me on Periscope and observe what they think of me. Remember, if you stumbled upon this cast and you're not sure what to think of me, there's always the what others say Page for you to Peru's at your leisure.


Do you agree with these three platforms? If you're not blind, are you actively using these three platforms in the best means possible? Don't know what I'm talking about? Listen to this Your Own Pay podcast, or scope cast, or whatever you want to call it.


Enjoy this? Well then, you're going to love the content I'm going to be providing two people in the Your Own Pay podcast club. Why don't you go ahead and get on the waiting list now, so that way you get informed of when ever this program opens up before anyone, even periscope and Twitter.


Leave me a comment if you're actively using any other social network aside from Facebook, and I'd be glad to connect with you.


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your own pay podcast - a discrimination follow-up

Length: 6s

This is a podcast for the your own pay podcast as a discrimination follow up. I recorded this scope while live at Starbucks today, and decided to multipurpose it into a podcast as a follow-up to the podcast I did the other day titled “Discrimination in the workplace, are you kidding?” It pretty much is a repeat of the information that I already covered, however is an opportunity for me to share my message with more individuals about why I do what I do, and what motivated me to help other blind individuals build their own businesses on the Internet. Unfortunately, according to the national Federation of the blind, there is roughly a 70% unemployment rate in the visually impaired community, and this is completely unnecessary. I think one factor that plays into this is something that I experienced and that is people who are blind but qualified for the positions they can do become discriminated against and unemployment opportunity simply because they lack vision. This then plays havoc on the persons mind, and he or she might not want to seek out future opportunities simply so they don't have to deal with discrimination again.


Have you ever been discriminated against in the workplace? If you have, tell us a story about what happened to you in the comments, because the more our stories are told the more people will connect with us. Are you blind and tired of having to deal with all of the bull in the World today? If you're interested and how it's possible to take your business to the next level, or even start a business online, then we need to connect with each other.


Yesterday I released a podcast explaining more about the empowering the blind wordpress beta training I've created, check it out here so you can hear what's included in the current trainings I have available, and get started with the beta program before someone else takes your spot. However, I understand that living on fixed income and not being able to just invest the type of money that I asked for in the beta program might not be an option for everyone, therefore I'm in the process of releasing what will be a weekly exclusive podcast listener club, to give bite size chunk actionable tips via email. You can get on the waiting list for this club at this link.



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Empowering The Blind Beta - a Your Own Pay Podcast

Length: 6s

In this Your Own Pay podcast, you learn a little bit about why and how I got  started with WordPress. The ability to easily create content in a web accessible format has always been an intriguing experience for me. Back in the "day", I used to manually code my HTML pages for web rendering. Having the knowledge to be able to code HTML pages was an impressive feat, however could be stressful at times especially if you forget one little character as explained in this your own pay Podcast. Have you ever experienced the frustrations that come with forgetting a greater than sign or a slash? If you have, go ahead and leave us a comment to tell us your story about mishaps with HTML.


Before one click installations were available for WordPress, a user had to upload files to a web directory, configure a database for use with the WordPress system, and tie the WordPress system to the database. This process honestly sounds more complicated than what it is, especially if you have plenty of experience with installation of web applications. And back in the "day", it was a lot easier then manually coding page after page in HTML. Don't give me wrong, I do find myself using HTML even today, because some things are just a little bit easier using it however WordPress has made most of my tasks a walk in the park.


One thing however that I have learned over the past couple of months, is that even though WordPress installation configuration and set up is a walk in the park for me others don't quite understand the process. There's nothing wrong with this, as there's a lot of things I don't quite understand but others do. An example of this is maybe you can code iPhone applications, that's not one of my Forte’s.  However, the fact that I do understand The process of installing and configuring WordPress  puts me at an advantage, and allows me the opportunity to share my knowledge with those who don't understand how to install WordPress and help them figure out the process.


I created a training program teaching other blind individuals who use the voice over software on OS X how to install and configure WordPress. Want to know some of the things in the training? Listen to this podcast or click here, to be able to access the training immediately. It's open right now for beta testers, people like yourself to provide me feedback so I can make this the best WordPress training platform available for any blind individual who wants to create her or his own site. Don't have the time to go through what is   at this time 15 part training series ? That's OK, contact me today for a custom quote on me designing you a site within the next 24 hours.


Remember, we've also got the your own pay podcast club that's going to be available in the near future! Get bite-size actionable steps you can take when it comes to marketing yourself on the Internet, provided to you from a blind guy's point of view! Click here to save your spot on our waiting list.



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Your Own Pay - On Black Belt Selling Show

Length: 33s

This is probably the longest Your Own Pay podcast that I've released thus far. In this Your Own Pay podcast, I share with you the interview that was completed yesterday on the black belt selling blog talk radio show. Anna was an amazing host, and allowed me an opportunity to share my story and passions as to why I do what I do. Also you are able to get some insight as to what type of services I'm able to provide for people like you.


There are a couple of people I want to thank  for making this interview possible, of course firstly I want to thank the host who interviewed me Anna, this type of exposure would have never been possible without connecting with Anna. She also help with promoting the show, and I think was one of the best interviewers I've worked with, though this is my first actual live show where I've been interviewed. You can connect with Anna on the Black Belt Selling show, and also on Twitter, Blab, Periscope, and of course Facebook.


The second person I'd like to thank is Rick with social media outcomes, it was actually through Rick on a blab that Anna and I connected! If you ever have an opportunity to connect with Rick, whether that be on Twitter, Periscope, blab, LinkedIn, Facebook, or any other social network, take him up on that offer and learn what you can from an amazing gentleman. Rick Is also hosting once a day Scopes on Periscope at 12:00 PM PST, 3PM Eastern, and has different topics every day. Rick  will be Anna’s guest this coming Friday on the black belt radio show, and they are going to talk about Lead Generation with Opt-In pages. Check it out Friday at 10:30, PST, That's 1:30 PM Eastern!


The third person I want to thank for making this interview possible, though not the least is Maxwell! Maxwell created a radio interview course, get your copy here, to help motivate inspire and more importantly instruct individuals like yourself  on how to get your story told to the world! If you have exposure on radio shows, whether that be traditional radio  or Internet-based radio shows, you will have a chance to have your message  be heard by people who might otherwise have never heard it. So get your copy of Maxwells course today, and download the podcast so you can listen to the results of what an interview can do for you.


Have you been on a radio show? If so, leave me a comment where I can hear about that show and possibly listen to the recording. Want to know where else I've been on the Internet? Well, click this link to check out my as seen online page, yet again thanks to Maxwell for that idea.

Finally, don’t forget that , you can join the waiting list for our podcast club, where you'll get exclusive content for your ears only once a week when it opens. however in my opinion the more important feature of being part of the podcast club is you will have my direct support one on one via email! Sound interesting? Take action today and get on the waiting list.


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Your Own Pay Podcast - 3 actionable steps #yopcast

Length: 4s

Three actionable steps to revolutionize your business 


in this Scopecast I share with you three actionable steps you can take today to start revolutionizing your business. Sometimes we just need to go back to the basics in order to realize that what we're doing might be spinning our own wheels. These three actionable steps to revolutionize your business are something I think everyone needs to hear. If you would like to hire me to help with action step number one, feel free to contact me today. Remember, I don't work with everyone, and if we are not a good fit I might know someone who can help you.


You can watch the scope cast by clicking on the video above and playing. Or if you would like feel free to just download the podcast as an audio file. The second actionable step I think it's something we all definitely struggle with, and if you struggle with it please leave me a comment wherever  you're seeing this posting. The interesting thing about it though is out of the three actionable steps you can take right now to revolutionize your business, the second one is the easiest to implement. Do you agree?


The third actionable step to revolutionize your business is probably the hardest one. However, if you're following these  three actionable steps and you elect to follow the first one especially, the third step will make it substantially easier for you to stay on top of it. So remember these three actionable steps that you can take next time you're wondering what the next thing you should be doing in businesses, and if you're not performing these three steps, then go back to them and change the way you're doing things.


I appreciate you checking out this scope cast, and listening to my message. If you would like to join me on the Your Own Pay podcast club, click this link and save your spot now. The digital marketing tips I provide you will help destroy any excuse you've got, and explode what you're doing in business.


Have you implemented any of the three actionable steps to revolutionize your business? If so, let us know how it went in the comments.


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Your Own Pay Podcast - What Happens When You Get your Leadpage Trial? #yopcast

Length: 4s

hey and welcome to the your own pay podcast. In this podcast i’m going to let you here what it sounds like when you get your leadpage trial, like i showed you yesterday. Listen to this message and feel free to share your feedback. Do you use Leadpages? If not why not? If you do, what’s your most favorite feature of Leadpages?


My favorite feature of the Leadpage trial so far is the fact that I'm able to quickly create lead boxes so people who are interested in learning more about an opportunity or business that I have don't half to leave my blog. In addition, it makes it really nice to be able to not have to worry about the formatting of my lead pages, as the templates that are available have already been tested for conversions. As a completely blind individual helping other blind individuals be successful on mine, I really like the fact that I can simply ask people for the content they want on their lead pages and then create the pages. There are a few excess ability challenges with leave pages, however, I'm in communication with their support team to help resolve these issues.


If you're not creating lead pages for your business, definitely follow the directions that I presented to you over the past couple of days related to acquiring you're a Weber account for the first 30 days for free, and then your lead page account for the first 60 days with only a one dollar investment. There really isn't any excuse for you to not be successful, if I can do it, why aren't you? If you're struggling with an aspect of your business, leave me a comment and let's talk.


Empowering the blind worldwide to bring their off-line business online.


Advising and consulting I'm turning passions into a lifetime income. What do you do?

Get on our cast club waiting list.



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Your Own Pay Podcast - Try LeadPage out for $1 #yopcast

Length: 5s

Try The Leadpages software out for $1?


Would you like to try the lead pages software for a dollar? The other day I released a podcast talking about the three tools anyone in the leadpages industry needs to be using, in combination with lead pages.

It then was brought to my attention that some individuals might not be able to see the value leadpages provides for the investment. There are lower-cost options for designing your own capture pages and sales pages, however the ease of use of lead pages is something people need to experience to understand. It literally takes a moment to create a leaguepage and then split test that leadpage so that you can determine which page provides a higher result whether that be obtaining a lead or making a sale.


In this podcast I discuss with you a way that you can try leadpages out for a dollar for your first 60 days. Normally the software which is the pro addition cost $67 a month, or $480 a year. However, if you follow the directions in this podcast, or view the podcast page on my blog, you can listen to the directions on what you need to do in order to try leadpages out for the first 60 days for only a dollar. Viewing the original podcast page on the Your Own Pay blog, also will give you an opportunity to actually watch me in a video go through the process of signing up for my own league page account and only paying one dollar.


Aweber is an email auto responder that has partnered with lead pages to allow you the ability to try leadpages out for a dollar but only if you're an Aweber customer. Don't have Aweber? Click this link (my affiliate link) in order to get a 30 day trial of AWeber, then follow the directions in the video on this page, or the audio directions provided in this podcast in order to try leadpages today for a dollar and not commit to the investment until you've seen the value you get over the next 60 days.


One final note, when you try leadpages for one dollar, and you decide that you want to upgrade go ahead and purchase an annual plan. This will provide you with a 40% discount you can save money while increasing your abilities.


Do you use leadpages? If so leave us a comment to let us know your favorite features.


Also, remember that you can join the waiting list for the podcast club by clicking this link, did I mention that that Leebox and capture page were created with lead pages?


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3 Tools anyone in the #leadpages industry should be using - your own pay podcast #yopcast

Length: 5s

3 Tools anyone in the #leadpages industry should be using - your own pay podcast #yopcast



These are the three tools anyone in the lead pages industry needs to be using. If you're not familiar with what lead pages is, or what AWeber is, then you really need to check out the program I've got coming out. Click here to get on the waiting list for this program, and the knowledge i’ll provide you with will definitely allow you an opportunity to transform your business! When I open the door for this, you'll have access to an opportunity to acquire a lot of the knowledge I have obtained over the past few years. So, don't forget to click here and get on the waiting list but only if you get any value out of this audio cast or blog post.


If you're in the leadpages industry, either creating lead pages for local clients, your nationwide client, or even just yourself then you definitely need to use these tools.




Aweber, I absolutely love their platform! What service they provide is the ability to automatically follow up with your prospects via email, and to be honest with you when I first started using them they weren't the most accessible platform available. However, with feedback from myself and others, they've come leaps and bounds with accessibility implementations. They also just announced today, a new platform to allow even better email automation, and I'll definitely be experimenting with this new platform providing feedback when it comes to accessibility.




Wistia is a secure video hosting service that will allow you to embed your videos in sites that you elect them to be embedded in. I use the free account with Wistia at this time, and the limitation to this is the amount of videos you have hosted with them, and the fact that videos you have hosted with them have a wistia brand to them so people can see who i use to host my videos. The reason  I am using Wistia to host my videos over youtube is you can’t guarantee who's accessing you YouTube videos and downloading them to the computer. The other feature about Wistia is that you can get statistics on your videos and with a pro account, you can get a lot more engaging with your viewers.




You need your own site, and this can be accomplished with the Wordpress platform. I’m learning about building courses on Wordpress, and i’ve built some memberships on Wordpress. You don’t relish until you use it, how the sky is the limit with Wordpress and anything can be accomplished using this platform. I’ve even been a part of someone building his own membership social network just using select plugins in Wordpress.


The 3 tools you need to be using if your in the #Leadpages Industry are AWeber, for your email autoresponder. Wistia for your video hosting and distribution. The final tool, Wordpress because you can do everything else with it. If you listen to the podcast, i also throw a bonus tip for a plugin you can check out to take your Wordpress site to an entire new level.


If you get excited about learning this knowledge, then you should  get on our waiting list for this delightful program that the doors will only be open for a short time.


What is your favorite tool to accomplish the above tasks Aweber, Wistia, and Wordpress do? Leave me a comment and let me know.



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Discrimination in the workplace, are you kidding? Your Own Pay Podcast #yopcast

Length: 5s

Discrimination in the workplace, are you kidding does that really still happen?


Hey, Michael Babcock and i’m your blind digital marketing partner here. I help other blind business owners bring their business on line, and I also inspire and motivate people like yourself to get off your ass and do something. Today, I want to talk to you a little bit about my history, where I came from, and how it directly relates to discrimination in the workplace.


Some of you might know that I used to be an assistive technology instructor in Alaska, however prior to me excepting the position I had applied at a company taking inbound calls for a well-known wireless provider.  I had worked for this call center company about two years prior to me reapplying with them. They were taking calls for the same client both when I worked there the first time and when I applied the second time. I had gone through all of the pre hire paperwork, and was advised that as long as my drug test came back positive then I would be offered a position. They gave me a initial start date, based on positive results of a drug test. However, my future with this company was altered the night prior to me starting.


Around 8 PM the night before I was supposed to start my job with this company, I received a phone call from the site manager advising me that unfortunately due to recent changes in the software  the client they took calls for used to manage their customer accounts, there was no longer accessibility support for screenreader users. I understand this, changes happen and unfortunately in the real estate world we live in today, those changes can result in an excess ability being lost. However, the way the situation was handled didn't make sense to me, why wasn't I allowed to work in a different position within the company that didn't require me to interact with the software. The answer to this was that they weren't hiring for someone else within the company, but just hiring for customer service representatives. 


So, as I asked in the beginning of this podcast and blog, let me ask again! Discrimination in the workplace, does that happen? My answer to this is yes, it does, and that is one of the reasons why I've taught myself everything I know when it comes to marketing on the Internet. I'll be the first to admit that I don't know everything, however the knowledge I have  acquired  could help someone like yourself do some powerful things when it comes to marketing your business online. In my opinion the best thing about this though is that I don't want to keep all of this knowledge to myself, not sharing it with others doesn't do anyone any good! Therefore, I'd like to invite you to an exclusive club for podcast listeners and blog readers. This club hasn't launched yet, but you can get on a waiting list today for when it does launch! Click Here to Save Your Spotfor that waiting list, no obligation to join when we do launch the club, and just for being on the waiting list I'll be sharing with you exclusive waiting list member content that no one else will have access to. Content that's just for your ears only.


You'll receive first listener access to some of the trainings I am doing with my clients, and that I'll be posting on the blog your own pay.  If you're tired of being discriminated against when it comes to getting a job, or you just don't want to deal with being a slave to someone else then we need to connect today! Get on the waiting list for the exclusive your own pay podcast club, and let's make some powerful things happen together.

Click Here to Save Your Spot


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your own pay podcast - domains-hosting-and-Wordpress .mp3



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Your Own Pay Podcast - The Plug-in I forgot Yesterday

Length: 9s

In this Your Own Pay scope cast i talk live on Periscope about the plug and I forgot when I was running through my list of five plug-ins on yesterday's cast. Click here to view and listen to that post. I am not perfect, neither are you! However, if I can do this then what excuse do you have for not building your own website on the Internet and taking things to the next level? Remember that though we all make mistakes, we can recover from those mistakes simply by acknowledging  in them and bringing attention to the correct information or resolution of the mistake.


The plug-in I neglected to remember yesterday was the all in one SEO pack, which allows the user of this plug in several abilities. Some of which discussed in this scope cast are that you can register your site with the three major search engines, Google, Bing, and Pinterest. Another functionality of this plug-in is that you can provide custom titles to your pages and posts, include a description for your pages and post, and specific keywords to each page and post related to what that particular page or post is about. The social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn that obtain information about the link you share do so via the meta-data in that particular page or post, E.G.  they import descriptions of your posting, get this information from the meta-tags all in one SEO pack modifies on your behalf. If you are interested at all in the search engine optimization, you definitely need to take a look at this plug-in especially since it's free.


I can't prove it, however I feel that this particular plug-in has helped me get to the first page of Google for several different terms for this particular site. Have I made millions just for being on the first page of Google? No, but it does give me a little bit of credibility when talking to potential clients and customers. I have also found that it provides some authority to my blog, because Google feels like I'm providing relevant content for the terms that I write for, that people get valuable information from.


What are your favorite WordPress plug-ins? Leave me a comment and let myself and all of the readers know.


Do you need help with word press at all? If so, contact me today.


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Your Own Pay Podcast - Five plug-ins for WordPress I always use #tagtribes

Length: 10s

Five plug-ins for WordPress I always use #tagtribes


In this podcast I explain five plug-ins for WordPress that I always use. One of the plug-ins that I was going to explain in this podcast I neglected to recall, while I was live. That’s ok, just one of the occurrences that happens when working with live streaming. so definitely stay tuned to both the podcast and my periscope channel to learn about this a sensual  search engine optimization plug-in that was not included in this list. As a more positive podcast compared to my previous Cast, I want to provide you the knowledge that I've got and allow you an opportunity to interact with me in order to have more personalized assistants and my knowledge in an on-demand platform.


Inspiring and motivating you to get things done helps by providing the education necessary in order for you to not make any excuses when it comes to not knowing how to do something. The plug-ins that I referenced in this scope cast, are the following. The 4th one was shown to me from the Brand With Authority training, and the third one was shared with me by Marc Guberti . If you get any value out of these scope casts, be sure to follow me on whatever network your connecting with me and share in the comments any struggles you may be having when it comes to overcoming barriers in life, business, or even with Wordpress specifically.



-~This is the spam protection plugin.


—~To give you different features you may not get by default without having to install several different plugins


—~ To provide a custom welcome message on your blog


—~To provide a popup for you to subscribe to a mailing list, or even maybe give a warning  to people about the nature of your site

Optin Forms

—~To allow people to subscribe to a list, so you can follow up with them, maybe for a free training… (#HINT HINT)


If you don't know how to use WordPress, and are curious about what you can do with the WordPress platform, then you should contact me today.


I don't know everything about word press, however I've been using it long enough that the knowledge I've acquired throughout the years from observing and working with other individuals should be knowledge you can take and build whatever you would like. Keep watching the podcast this week, so that you can overcome any barriers you face when it comes to building your present on the Internet.


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If I can then Why Can't You? - Your Own Pay Podcast

Length: 5s

If I can, then why can't you?-Your Own Pay podcast


In this audio cast I ask you if I can create a beta program with only a portion of the content in place, and offer this program to individuals like yourself who are interested in learning how a blind guy builds his brand on the Internet then why can't you? We often hold ourselves back because we don't believe in ourselves, which to be honest with you I'm guilty of quite a bit. However, take a listen to this audio cast, and answer the question of if I can, then why can't you? There's no excuse for you to not be able to create whatever you wanted to create, and at least offer it to individuals to test out. A lesson I have learned is that if people are unaware of the knowledge you have, then they are unable to compensate  you for that knowledge! It's difficult  to pay someone for knowledge, if you don't know that that someone has the knowledge that you need.


Throughout my adventures on line over the past couple of years, I've learned something that I know I knew in the past, however I have neglected to use to my advantage. that was that  I can teach other people differently than anyone else in the world, because I have my own ways  of of teaching and sharing. My stories are mine, my personality is mine. That means, your stories are yours, and your personality is yours. Why not use these amazing qualities we all possess to better the lives of others! An  example of of this is that you might be able to teach someone how to keep his books, better than I could. However, I might be able to teach you how to build the website to collect those leads in a  way no one else has ever taught you. I can show other blind individuals how to do the tasks i know how to do and connect other visually impaired in a way most other marketers can.

So, ask yourself if I can then why can't you? What part of being able to build your own product or service are you struggling with? And what type of fears do you have? Listen to the other podcasts I've recorded over the past week, and get to know more about some of the challenges and struggles i’ve overcome. With any luck, I hope to have  hopefully inspire and motivate you to get off your ass and make things happen.

Would you like to be one of the eight people available in this audio cast that I discussed? If so, click this link and contact me today. You can also use the above link to contact me and answer the questions presented to you both in this article and in this audio cast. Finally, be sure to share this with your friends, connections, and followers, as if you and I can, then why can't they as well?


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Fear of Hiring a Mentor or Coach - Your Own Pay Podcast

Length: 18s

This is a periscope that i recorded today titled 'Fear of Hiring a Mentor or Coach - Your Own Pay Podcast'. If you have ever had a fear of connecting with a mentor or coach, your not the only one. I suggest you listen to this audio cast, and leave me a comment letting me know some of your fears. What type of struggles are you looking to overcome?




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People Can Change - Your Own Pay Podcast

Length: 7s

People can change, and this includes you or those from your past.


In this audio cast i talk with you a bit about a phone call i got that showed me that people can change.


Do you know anything about changes?


Listen and comment.



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Hesitation gets you know where - Your Own Pay Podcast

Length: 5s

Hesitation gets you know where


In this audio cast I discuss with you a couple of stories related to making phone calls and jumping off of train bridges and hurting myself. The point of this audio cash though is to show you that hesitation get you nowhere. If you hesitate doing something that you know you should do, then nothing will come of it. However, if you take action, and get started with whatever you're hesitating about, then things will be different.


I've hesitated with entirely way too many things in life, and if I would have simply taking action on all of the things I've hesitated on my life would be totally different. What about you? Is there anything that you're hesitating about doing now? Or maybe something you hesitated doing in the past, that if you wouldn't have hesitated your life would be different? I'm sure there is, as we all hesitate with something. The point that I wanted to make with this audio cast though is that if you hesitate then things won’t  be different. If you do something however and you fail at it, then you'll know what not to do the next time you do it because you won't hesitate as much.


Take a listen to this audio cast and learn to stories of things I've hesitated doing, and why I've decided to just take action in order to make what I want happen. My mentor says the following:

"We are not guaranteed tomorrow"

So consider that next time you hesitate doing something. Another thing that I hesitated doing not described in this audio cast is actually releasing a version of my training platform at empowering the blind where people can actually provide me some feedback on what I've recorded. That's changed, I send out an email today to several individuals who are interested, and one person actually already replied.


What are you hesitating about?



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3 Things to think about before quitting your job - a Your Own Pay Podcast

Length: 4s

3 Things to think about before quitting your job



In this audio cast I talk with you a little bit about the three things you should consider prior to quitting your job. Unfortunately, I myself included, people in the Internet marketing industry encourage people to quit their job and "make it happen"! It's not that easy in most cases though, as there are some important factors to consider prior to quitting your job. Is quitting your job even the right thing to do?


3 Things to think about before quitting your job


These three things to consider prior to quitting your job are 3 things I didn't really have an opportunity to consider as I took action in order to be closer to my family when my mother passed. However, these are three things that I recommend my wife think about before she quit her job if that something she chooses to do in the future. One of my dreams is to be making enough money on my own so that my wife doesn't "have" to work if she doesn't want to. I've struggled with some of my fears, such as the fear of being successful, and this has prevented me from accomplishing this goal. However, by the end of 2015 my goal is not only to help 200 people increase their income by 100%, but, allow my wife the opportunity to "quit” her job if she desires to. We will definitely be discussing the three things I bring up on this audio cast prior to the end of this year, because they are important for anyone interested in quitting his or her job to consider prior to taking the leap.


Quitting a person's job isn't necessarily the best situation, sometimes you have to do what you have to do in order to make things happen for your personal, family, and business lives. Have you quit your job yet? What things did you consider prior to quitting your job? Did you have an opportunity to consider the ramifications of quitting your job before you quit or did nature just help you with making that decision? Leave a comment and, let's start discussions!


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What are you afraid of? - Your Own Pay podcast

Length: 5s

What are you afraid of? 


Take a listen to this audio to learn a little bit more about what I'm afraid of, and how I'm overcoming those fears. Then, consider what you're afraid of and how you can overcome whatever fears you're facing. Being able to successfully overcome whatever fears we are facing starts with knowing what the fuse are themselves. Just pushing those fears to the back of the mind doesn't do anyone any good.


What are your fears?


For years I've been afraid of success, mainly for the reason of not knowing what success would do to my life. I know all of the positive benefits, however what are the negative benefits of being successful? People don't think of that, and when they do it might hold them back like it's held me back. No more will my fears hold me back from achieving what I desire. But again, in order for me to find a success, I needed to identify what I was afraid of which is "success", then take one simple action in order to start to find success and overcome that fear.


Fear of success


Am I still afraid of success? Yes, simply by taking action and getting started facing my fears doesn't eliminate that fear itself. Actually going through what one is afraid of is what's going to be required in order to help him or her overcome their fears. So, am I still afraid of success? Yes, because I haven't actually been "successful" with what I've put my mind to. How am I going to overcome this? Do everything in my power to reach my goals. I'll need to record another podcast on the goals in the near future! It's important to know what you want in order to reach those desires. And if fear of success is holding you back, take a listen to this podcast you're not alone.


Leave me a comment and let me know some of your fears.




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massive content-things to do in testing-Your Own Pay podcast.mp3



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fears of death - A Your Own Pay Podcast

Length: 8s

We all have fears of death 


in this podcast I talk to you a little bit about my fears of death, and ways i’ve found to overcome those fears. I've encountered a lot of death in my life, maybe not as much as some of you, but for me it's been detrimental to business and personal life. In this audio cast I go deep into my feelings behind why some of us myself included are afraid of death, and ways you can overcome that fear. Have you lost someone that negatively impacted your way of life? If you have, how have you overcome the difficulties associated with this loss? If you have not, do you have plans to overcome the difficulties associated with your future loss? Knowing that you will lose someone at some point may help you be able to overcome the challenges that come with loss.


Unfortunately, death is a "taboo" topic in western cultures, and I think the primary reason why people are afraid to discuss it is they are afraid that if they discuss it it will happen to them. The honest truth is yes it will happen to you. Everyone will die, there's not any way around it at this time, so coming to this realization will help a lot of people who have lost someone move on. Being able to take care of yourself and actually make an impact on others lives will help you stop seeking out ways to avoid death, because you'll have enough energy being poured into your objectives of trying to help others be successful but you won't have time to worry about death. In this audio cast I talk to you a little bit about losing my mother, my younger brother, my grandmother, and a friend of mine. I discuss some of the ways I've been impacted both positive and negative with these losses, and I also talk to you about ways you can take the losses in your family and turn them into a positive means of inspiration and energy to get things done. When you're gone, what are people going to remember you bye? Are they going to remember all of the positive things you did? Or, are they just going to remember you moping around depressed and sad? What people remember you for is in your control.


I have allowed the fear of death to hold me back from opportunities that potentially could have changed my life and the lives of those around me. Allowing the fear of death to control the way you live will never result in anything positive. You need to conquer that fear, and breakthrough the restraints that are placed on a person who suffers from fear. These restraints are holding you back from being your greatest you, we all have greatness in us.


Leave me a comment and tell myself and the readers briefly how death has impacted your personal and business life. 


After you left a comment, hit the share button and share this podcast with your friends and following on all of the available social networks. It's time for not only you to  break through your restraints holding you back, but help others do the same as well.


Want to connect personally with me? CLICK HERE to get on the waiting list for our exclusive podcast club.


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creepy Blind People, Episode 1 Of the Your Own Pay Podcast

Length: 6s

creepy Blind People, Episode 1 Of the Your Own Pay Podcast


this is the first episode of the your own pay podcast by Michael Babcock. In this episode we discuss how I met my wife, and how that story should motivate you to get up and make things happen. I will be Podcasting twice a week, Sundays and Thursdays with motivational and inspirational stories to help get you off your ass and make things happen in business and life. This introduction episode is the first episode in a life-changing series to come.


creepy Blind People, Episode 1 Of the Your Own Pay Podcast


Throughout this episode of the your own pay podcast, I discussed with you offhandedly information about a exclusive club for our listeners. If you would like, you can click this linkto get access to the club before we start charging. Depending on when you’re reading this message or listen to this audio cast, there might be a monthly charge associated with the listener club , so get in today before there is a price and the price is increased.


creepy Blind People, Episode 1 Of the Your Own Pay Podcast


How did you meet your significant other? Leave me a comment and let me know. And, if you don’t have a significant other or even if you do, leave a comment and let us know something you have done that reflects your personality that ended up changing your life.



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