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Last update: 2011-06-25

Brace for Impact

2011-06-25 :: John Baptist - Tribulation-Now

It’s All of the Above “Prepare for a Catastrophic Event” Glory to Jesus!  Ever since I wrote the article “Black Sun Moon Impact July“, I have been uneasy in a weird way.  Somehow all “the dots” weren’t completely connecting. 1 … Continue reading


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American Pie Prophecy

2011-05-12 :: John Baptist - Tribulation-Now

A Vinyl Mystery from 1971 Was American Pie a Prophecy? Levees breaking and people dying.  When you look at all the things going on today with the Mississippi flooding and the blowing up of levees it might make you look … Continue reading


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Aden Star Gate Warning

2011-05-11 :: John Baptist - Tribulation-Now

Who’s Messaging Us? The Wilton Windmill Crop Circle Crop circles have been a fascination of those who study the UFO phenomenon for a long time.  And oddly there’s been a bunch of disinformation dollars spent in an attempt to persuade … Continue reading


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May 21st Ballistic Missile Attack

2011-05-09 :: John Baptist - Tribulation-Now

Visions of a Horrific Event Could May 21st Mark the Start of WWIII? On November 8th of 2010, reportedly a Chinese nuclear submarine launched a ballistic missile into the air off the coast of California.  At that time, Obama was placating … Continue reading


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The Disclosure Crescendo

2011-05-07 :: John Baptist - Tribulation-Now

The Falling Away Begins A Troubling Report from the Federation of Light A new article has been published on Divine Cosmos.  Quite frankly I must admit the work is rather … well done.  I would expect nothing less from the … Continue reading


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Hard Times on the Horizon

2011-05-07 :: John Baptist - Tribulation-Now

Prophetic Revelation – 3 Trumpets and Out? Stand Fast.  The Day Approaches. Three Trumpets and Out?  Is it possible the Bride of Christ will have to endure the first three Trumpets?  If you would have asked me that question 2 … Continue reading


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The Mabus Warning

2011-05-05 :: John Baptist - Tribulation-Now

Oracles and Dreams Catastrophic Events following an Unfortunate Loss? Could Ray Mabus have been predicted by Nostradamus as a marker of forthcoming calamities?  Hard to be certain.  However one of Tribulation-Now’s key contributors, Gary, has not only had a very … Continue reading


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Aggregated May Threat Analysis

2011-05-04 :: John Baptist - Tribulation-Now

May Warnings and Reminders Here it Comes … Brace Yourselves A faked Bin Laden death, and Planet X forgotten.  These are the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Lucifer (or Zion?).   I’ve noticed we have all been diverted to the … Continue reading


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Birth Certificate Lie

2011-05-02 :: John Baptist - Tribulation-Now

Origin Deception An Expanded Explanation of Deceit The Birth Certificate is a deception.  Many of “us” that are watching such things already realize this.  However many folks out there do not realize this.  Many folks do not regularly watch You Tube … Continue reading


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Unbelievable Lies

2011-05-01 :: John Baptist - Tribulation-Now

Wag the Dog! Was it Last Week or Today? By now most everyone knows that a major global “Wag the Dog” event occurred tonight.  An unbelievable lie was told to the entire world claiming that Osama Bin Laden was killed in a … Continue reading


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Multi-Phased Rescue Mission

2011-04-15 :: John Baptist - Tribulation-Now

First the Wedding, Then the Supper More Possibilities Examined Praise God.  Glory Glory Glory!! There sure are a lot of mysteries hidden in the scripture.  Isn’t it cool?  Everyone seems to think they have the secret formula for Coca-Cola tucked away … Continue reading


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Impact in The Matrix

2011-04-13 :: John Baptist - Tribulation-Now

It’s Never to Late Small Influence, Big Change Jesus wants ALL His sheep to come home. Someone had reminded me more than once, that God often has us right where he wants us to be.  I always pray that Gods … Continue reading


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That Which Restrains

2011-04-12 :: John Baptist - Tribulation-Now

A Controversial Understanding Making Sense of “Holy Watchers” Greetings in the Name of Yahushua Jesus Christ, our King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and God of “gods”.  Amen. It is most important that I start this article with arguably the … Continue reading


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Cosmic Discipleship

2011-04-09 :: John Baptist - Tribulation-Now

Educate People on the Threat Save them from Falling Away Greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ! Wow what a huge undertaking this “new job” has been for me.  Hallelujah!  Last week I was challenged to acclaimate to the airport … Continue reading


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2011-04-03 :: John Baptist - Tribulation-Now

Cosmic Spheres and Blue Light Streaks, Stars, and the Number 21 It seems like every day, new visions of the “rapture” of the “Church of Philadelphia” surface.  This matches up quite nicely with the prophecy of Joel in Acts 2. … Continue reading


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An Alarming Christian Abduction

2011-04-02 :: John Baptist - Tribulation-Now

A Warning of What Happened A Warning of What’s to Come About a month or so ago, a fellow by the name of Gary reached out to Tribulation-Now with a pretty alarming testimony.  What made this testimony so unusual, what … Continue reading


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Nuclear Bomb Threats

2011-03-30 :: John Baptist - Tribulation-Now

Alarming Mainstream Report Multiple Nuclear Bomb Threats Well glory be to Jesus Hallelujah! For the last couple days things have been … well … relatively stable.  That is if you can get past all the Middle East turmoil and radiological … Continue reading


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Planet X Bible Study

2011-03-26 :: John Baptist - Tribulation-Now
Length: 1s

The History and The Word An Outstanding Expose by Pastor Francis M. Riley As many of you know, I have made a significant investment over the last 6 or more years in books, lectures, teaching sets, DVDs, documentaries, and Bible Study … Continue reading


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Which Came First, Persia or Persia

2011-03-25 :: John Baptist - Tribulation-Now

Cosmic Civilizations The Key to Deeper Understanding For hundreds of years, arguably much longer, those who have studied the words of the major and minor prophets have often struggled with the meaning.  Even today there is much speculation as to … Continue reading


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