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Last update: 2013-06-08

Episode X : Night Of The Living Suspects

2013-06-08 :: Unusual Suspects
Length: 1h 11m 37s

The boys fondly remember Doink, Morph and Wayne's World. Sean is shown up as ignorant by Marty and Bauldy shat on a beach. With outro track 'The Departed' by Lost Legions, from their new E.P. 'Pompeii'…


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Unusual Suspects : Bone-Us Episode

2013-05-26 :: Unusual Suspects
Length: 33m 5s

Sean hadn't slept for days, so two of the 'Suspects comrades were drafted in to attack the Emo-Hobbit at every occasion......…


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Episode IX : It's Dark, the Knight...

2013-05-09 :: Unusual Suspects
Length: 57m 21s

The lads discuss some classic video games and consoles, pirates and the return of the immense, 'Don't Quote Me'. and SeAn RUlz OK #FuckYouMrBitey…


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A Little Bit Suspect

2013-05-03 :: Unusual Suspects
Length: 1h 25m 24s

'A Little Bit Suspect' is the final of our one-off pods, this time discussing conspiracies and has our FIRST EVER special guest, the inimitable Prof. Sallywolalski and a war of words between Bauldy and Marty - Who will prove triumphant? There's only one way to find out.... FFIIIGGGHHHTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!…


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Episode VIII : Suspects Begins

2013-04-21 :: Unusual Suspects
Length: 1h 1m 21s

The boys talk the beginnings of the podcast. This show is sponsored by The Zachary Alexander Show. They remember The Waterboy fondly and discuss the Katie Gets Krabby podcast whilst trying their hand at accents.…


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Episode VII : Fuckall Recall

2013-04-13 :: Unusual Suspects
Length: 48m 47s

Props given to our honorary 'Suspects, Zach (@Z_A_Alexander) and @HacksawHank! We discuss @MassmoviecideUK's impressions of Ridley Scott and generally talk nonsense.…


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The Killing Jokes

2013-03-23 :: Unusual Suspects
Length: 1h 31m 8s

"It's eh..the thing is....erh..'cause what it is...is.....the thing about it though.... eh... aye, it's...the....erhhh... CHARLES MANSON'S BALD AS FUCK!" Featuring outro track 'Fight Night' by Minor Operations, from their EP 'Paddling Prevention…


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Episode III : Taking The Pith

2013-03-06 :: Unusual Suspects
Length: 27m 56s

Marty loves Facebook, Bauldy is Batman and Sean is the Supreme Being. *WARNING* Contains poor banter, explicit language and an angry Hobbit.…


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Episode I : The Phantom Handjob

2013-02-09 :: Unusual Suspects
Length: 45m 17s

Does anyone actually bother reading the f***ing descriptions?…


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Episode VI : Return of the Pinkeye

2013-02-04 :: Unusual Suspects
Length: 1h 13m 56s

The 3rd installment includes a riddled Sean, a pickled Bauldy and a gifted, handsome & cool Marty. (Guess who edited this episode? :D)…


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Episode V : The Suspects Strike Back

2013-01-25 :: Unusual Suspects
Length: 1h 8m 54s

Tempers fray as the 'Suspects lament both their lack of preparation and the abundance of Marty's Preparation H.…


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Episode IV : Pump Friction

2013-01-04 :: Unusual Suspects
Length: 39m 34s

The Unusual Suspects' pilot podcast. Three guys who know nothing about podding. What could possibly go wrong!??…


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