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Last update: 2015-09-13

Prophetic Word for 5776 (Hebrew Calendar)

2015-09-13 :: Voice of the Harvest

This year Rosh Hashana falls on September 13-14, 2015.  Another name for this Jewish holiday is The Feast of Trumpets.  God spoke to me 10 years ago to recognize the 7 feasts and seek Him for fresh revelation during each of them.  On the Hebrew calendar, the new year begins with Rosh Hashana, which is today.  During my personal time of worship and prayer, the Holy Spirit revealed to me many awesome things he is going to do this year (5776) beginning today on Rosh Hashana.  Jesus was Jewish and much of the Bible is written in Jewish vernacular.  This is going to be a difficult year for those who aren't walking close with Jesus, but it's going to be a very prosperous year for those who are walking with God and following His voice.  Just like Joseph, those who follow the prophetic voice and words of God will prosper in the time of financial adversity.  God is ready to release an endtime outpouring of finances for the purpose of drawing multitudes into the Kingdom of God.  A large amount of Jews will realize Jesus is the messiah and surrender their lives to Him (Romans 11:11).  The Father is pouring out His amazing love in a greater measure with healings, miracles, restorations, encounters, and much more!  Tune into this broadcast to hear a specific prophetic word of what the Lord is going to do this year!  After you listen, please feel free to email me with any prayer requests as God is healing people, setting the captives free, releasing giftings and callings, and pouring out a fresh anointing for blessing and miracles..  Email me at voiceoftheharvest@gmail.com.   …


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Voice of the Harvest

God is pouring out his Spirit upon all people (Joel 2:28). The Father is revealing His love though His Word with healing, freedom, and great blessings!

Voice of the Harvest

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