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Last update: 2014-09-19

Episode #004 JJAAXXNN

2014-09-19 :: WMTA? Podcast
Length: 1s

Episode #004 is guaranteed not to bore! This jam packed show is version 2.0! The newest evolution of WMTA? is now closer to a 'variety show', featuring new characters, #NSFW commercials and a very special guest, Josh Bruner of JJAAXXNN. Josh and Andrew talk about their time in Texas, Josh's new digs in the Marin Headlands outside of San Francisco, and what it's like to bomb in front of a live audience. Josh tells twisted tales from his nomadic songwriting quest; from country, to psych rock, to hip hop, to Berlin, and Andrew lends one of his ever-so-insightful esoteric rants about life. Unicorn babies are born, pedestrian lives are saved, and eminent sun flares are heroically avoided. Won't you take a listen, friend?…


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Gary's Guns Commercial

2014-09-13 :: WMTA? Podcast

Proud to announce our first corporate sponsor for WMTA?, Gary's Guns!…


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Episode #003 Jeffrey 'Houseman' Clemens

2014-09-05 :: WMTA? Podcast
Length: 1s

In this magickal episode of WMTA? Andrew sits down in a chair that's in a studio that's in his basement and then plugs a phone into his recording interface and has a conversation with the one and only Jeff Clemens of G.L.A.S.S. Clemens spills the beans on his birth city, meeting Garrett in Boston, gets interrupted by his band mates and even has an epiphany over the phone. Andrew writes a theme song to introduce the show and there's even a special appearance by Italian Satan.…


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Episode #002 My Mother

2014-09-02 :: WMTA? Podcast
Length: 1s

Episode #002 features my mother, a nurse of forty-one years that grew up in Wichita, KS and was a huge part in allowing me to (d)evolve into the person I am today. We talk about what it was like for her to raise a spoiled little melodramatic music bitch like myself, and unfortunately I seem to talk over some pretty awesome stories about her humbling career and various missionary visits to Nicaragua. She is a compassionate soul and after listening to this interview I decided to completely changed the direction of WMTA? moving forward. There is also a very special guest that makes an unusual cameo, and I attempt several times to explain what I've learned reading Daniel Kahneman's book 'Thinking, Fast and Slow'. There might also be a Bob Dylan vs Alan Watts comparison in store.…


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Opening Monologue

2014-08-28 :: WMTA? Podcast

The opening monologue to a new series of podcasts, What's More Than Appropriate?…


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WMTA? Podcast

WMTA? is an experimental podcast hosted by Kansas City producer/songwriter/idealist Andrew Foshee that covers a broad range of topics, though mostly features him interviewing old friends and sounding stoned, even though he's not. The super cool theme song is used courtesy of the kick-ass, Portland rock band, Minden. Please support them at mindenband.com and stick with me as I eventually figure out how to entertain you...

WMTA? Podcast

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