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Last update: 2012-11-13

Digi Traffic Generator

2012-11-13 :: Sean Kaye
Length: 1s

You don't sell over a million dollars per year of low priced information products and software by not having a laser like focus on customer service and quality and that's what Andy Fletcher talks about in this episode of WSO Backstage. Andy's company is one of the most successful in the "WSO space" and while many people throw out plugins or software that barely works, Andy and his team are committed to a higher level of quality and making their customers raving fans. In this interview Andy discusses his feelings about the marketplace, the need for more innovation and he tells us why Digi Traffic Generator, his latest product, is going to continue to deliver the good for his customer.

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New Economy Franchising

2012-10-24 :: Sean Kaye
Length: 1s

Building your business from the ground up is hard and many entrepreneurs turn to franchising to get around some of the problems that most new businesses have. Franchises are built on great procedures and systems that just about anyone can follow and have success with. Chad Hamzeh and Mark Mottershead realized the value that a good franchise system delivers an owner, so they set out to create a program that can deliver many of the benefits of a franchise system to any online business owner. New Economy Franchising is what they came up with and in this interview with WSO Backstage, Hamzeh tells us about how he went from business analyst, to mixed martial arts fighter and finally to internet marketer before getting into his new product and why he thinks this is a ticket to success for those who can follow a program.

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Offline Overnight Authority

2012-10-11 :: Sean Kaye
Length: 1s

Building authority in a market and becoming a trusted source of information is one of the best ways available to build a business. Adam Dukes has taken the idea of authority building to the next level and had a book published on his area of expertise. Now in Offline Overnight Authority, Adam is showing people how he's established credibility in a lucrative market by becoming a published author and the steps you need to take to do the same.

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FB Cash Spy

2012-10-10 :: Sean Kaye
Length: 1s

There is so much information available through Facebook for marketers that it has become a veritable honeypot. The problem is that getting people to take the action that you want them to take while they're on Facebook can be quite challenging. With FB Cash Spy, Jean Paul has made it extremely easy for website owners to access the amazing information available on Facebook, without having to interrupt people while they're communicating with their friends.

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WSO Sales Letter Generator

2012-10-01 :: Sean Kaye
Length: 29s

Graphical sales pages are getting more advanced by the day and Des Lau is one of the guys driving that advancement. Not everyone can afford to get Des to do their sales page graphics for them, but with WSO Sales Letter Generator he's delivering the next best thing - a tool that helps you build "fill in the blank" graphical sales pages that look great, are fast and easy to create without photoshop and can be used in Warrior Forum, Forum Special Offers, OptimizePress or your own webpages.

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Timeline Income Machines

2012-08-28 :: Sean Kaye
Length: 33s

With the rise of Facebook's Timeline system, it was only a matter of time before someone figured out how to deliver a solution for marketers to take it to the offline masses! That's what William Murray and his partners have done in Timeline Income Machines.

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Adsense Dragon

2012-08-27 :: Sean Kaye
Length: 35s

In this latest WSO Backstage podcast we talk to Abhi Dwivedi about his latest product, Adsense Dragon.

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