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Last update: 2006-03-01

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2006-03-01 :: Marc Balgavy
Length: 11s

at cringe i read a letter never sent about my first kiss. and i try to con listeners into calling the audio comment line. (Running Time 11:20)…


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2006-02-19 :: Marc Balgavy
Length: 14s

Listen for more than just the audio comments. I find myself on a strange tangent talking about a personal health issue. And it is not what you think. (Running Time 14:53)…


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2006-02-10 :: Marc Balgavy
Length: 24s

A report from day 2 of the 2005 Fall Bocce Tournament at Floyd. Chock full of interviews! (Running Time 24:06)…


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2006-01-17 :: Marc Balgavy
Length: 15s

a report from day one of the fall 2005 bocce tournament. (Running Time 15:09)…


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balgavy.com podcast 15

2005-12-13 :: Marc Balgavy
Length: 7s

Your Razor or Mine? a documentary treatment i wrote in the fall of 1994. any producers interested in buying the idea from me? i'll sell it cheap! (Running Time 07:50)…


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Balgavy.com Podcast 14

2005-12-07 :: Marc Balgavy
Length: 11s

Letters galore from the early 90s. Bob Iger, were you listening? Cringe night plus BONUS material. (Running Time 11:40)…


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2005-11-22 :: Marc Balgavy
Length: 21s

The conclusion of the 2005 West Coast baseball trip is full boar craziness. An interview with Dancin Alex, in bar reports with Marc doing voices and a cacophony of sound in Long Beach. (Running Time 21:39)…


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balgavy.com podcast 12

2005-11-12 :: Marc Balgavy
Length: 4s

will someone go see BEE SEASON and talk about it with me? (Running Time 04:34)…


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2005-11-08 :: Marc Balgavy
Length: 11s

baseball trip 2005 part one - dippin dots, pork chop sandwiches and a morning rumination in barstow, california (Running Time 11:06)…


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balgavy.com podcast 10

2005-11-03 :: Marc Balgavy
Length: 6s

CRINGEing at how serious I was about Beverly Hills 90210 (Running Time 06:20)…


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Watching Expired Appliances Align - The Balgavy.com Podcast

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Watching Expired Appliances Align - The Balgavy.com Podcast

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