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Last update: 2015-09-09

Wazulons Kraptastik Radio Hour Episode 3

Length: 59s

Wanted for a murder he didn't commit, Dr Waz Ulon is on the run from the fuzz wearing the lamest fashion imaginable and walking with a pronounced limp.  In between episodes of turning green and trashing the place up a little bit, he puts together a podcast full of music, irrelevant details and a smorgasboard of craplitude.

If you see him. Report him to the Coppers!!! We can't have that kind of filth walking the streets drinking latte's and rumbling old folks for loose change. 


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Wazulons Kraptastik Radio Hour Episode 2

Length: 58s

When the shit hits the fan, the fan usually breaks cos some of the blades are slightly overbalanced with the weight of the shit and the fan spins itself to bits. And then it's an afternoon of cleaning shit off a fan. And no one's got time for that.


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Wazulons Kraptastik Radio Hour Episode 1

Length: 59s

In which Wazulon introduces himself, nicks your wallet and spends all your cash on women, booze and his Mum.....






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Wazulons Kraptastik Radio Hour

Wazulon keeps you company on those long winter nights when the wind is biting your nether regions and the Yeti's about to call. And if you live somewhere hot and the sun is beating down, it's time to grab a chilled alcoholic beverage and bathe in the sultry tones of the worlds most well endowed man. (Editors note: I don't think that's true but he paid me quite a bit to type it so fair dues)

Wazulons Kraptastik Radio Hour

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