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Last update: 2015-04-08

Ep23: Unchained Malady

2015-04-08 :: noreply@blogger.com (Sky)

This week we go from the song "Copacabana" to the disease "tuberculosis" and it all goes wrong. Tim starts a morning show, Sky sings Phillip Phillips, and Kyle describes every type of bar imaginable.

Photos we talk about:
14:55 -A bartender pouring some vodka in to the metal cup of a cocktail shaker1:00:30 - A 1920s public health poster


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Ep22: Creepin' Greeks

2015-04-01 :: noreply@blogger.com (Sky)

We take the winding road from camphor to metaphor, learning about types of fireworks and the history of the smiley face. We also check out some crazy Greek paintings of nude peeps.

Photos we talk about:
33:15 - Paris surveying Aphrodite naked
35:15 - Venus and Adonis by Titian, circa 155438:00 - The WMCA 1962 sweatshirt
1:06:15 - A metaphorical visualization of the word anger


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Ep21: Nutella Sandwich

2015-03-25 :: noreply@blogger.com (Sky)

Sky is finally allowed to host and it is a train wreck. We go from Fordlandia to Portlandia, learning about bad SNL movies, Desi Arnaz, and the origin of Oregon along the way.

Photos we talk about:
34:50 - Publicity photo of Desi Arnaz


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Ep20: Puppy Storm

2015-03-17 :: noreply@blogger.com (Sky)

This week, Sky and Kyle compete to get from puzzle to graffiti. Give it a listen! We're not a cult, honest. We're just trying to spread the truth. If you read this free literature and came to a gathering you'd understand.

Photos we talk about:
13:32 - Will Shortz after the Pleasantville Crossword Tournament benefit event 10-27-06
16:35 - A puzzle without a picture
33:50 - A mural by Haring in Barcelona


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Ep19: A Haircut Renaissance

2015-03-11 :: noreply@blogger.com (Sky)

We're back! This episode was recorded on International Women's Day, so Kyle has us go from strongwoman Katie Sandwina to Amelia Earhart. Along the way we end up talking about Jumbo the elephant, circus fires, and a graphic novel about jujitsu-wielding suffragettes.

Photos we talk about:
47:15- Jumbo trade card signed by Alice, Jumbo's "wife" in the London Zoo
56:05 - Anna Eleanor Roosevelt


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Ep18: Supercut #1

2015-02-24 :: noreply@blogger.com (Sky)

With Kyle out this week and Sky out the next, we're doing some supercuts of our favorite moments from the first ten episodes! Whee!

We are also posting these segments as Youtube videos, so you can easily share them with friends. Look for a new Youtube video each day this week!


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Ep17: A Horse Named Sting

2015-02-19 :: noreply@blogger.com (Sky)

Tim makes us go from the Wikipedia page for the Old Mill ride to Icelandic songwriter and swan-wearer Bjork, so it goes without saying that this is a weird one. Kyle disses Radiohead and Sky pulls a Stingception along the way.

Photos we talk about:
17:50- Promotional photo of Kenny Loggins
51:15 - Sting with his 2014 Kennedy Center Honoree Medallion, December 2014
1:05:30 - Björk at the 2001 Academy Awards, wearing her swan dress


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Ep16: Some of My Best Friends Are Golf Courses

2015-02-11 :: noreply@blogger.com (Sky)

This week Sky takes us from false hero to golf club. Lots of talk about Robbie Burns, dumb fairy tales, and how terrible geese are. This one is a bit long, so you're getting more for your money!

Photos we talk about:
27:45 - Crazy crowd lighter
1:20:15 - Canada goose in Edmonton, Alberta in 2013


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Ep15: Forever Atone

2015-02-02 :: noreply@blogger.com (Sky)

This episode Kyle takes us from number sign to pocket knife. We learn about toys and listen to Gregorian chant rap in between! It's good times y'all. Enjoy!

Also we recorded this during the Super Bowl so the quality's not great because everyone was interneting so hard that night.


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Ep14: Ishaneko vs. Atuu-Ath'ree

2015-01-28 :: noreply@blogger.com (Sky)

This week we go from Mothra to Pythagoras, a challenge sent in by listener Tony (thegiganticproject.com). One of us sets the Wiki land speed record by completing the challenge in only two clicks! You'll never guess who it is or what happens next. Wikipedia editors hate him.

Photos we talk about:
34:50 - "Pythagoreans celebrate sunrise" by Fyodor Bronnikov


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Ep13: A Dad Joke of the Stars

2015-01-21 :: noreply@blogger.com (Sky)

Are you ready for NERD THINGS? Well, more NERD THINGS than usual? We go from shipping (as in relationship shipping) to Hayao Miazaki.

Do you think Kyle sounds like Prince Hans? Which of us three would you ship and why? No seriously why are you thinking about this.

Photos we talk about:
45:10 - Cover art of the first Doraemon manga volume


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Ep12: Eighteen Pounds of Opossum

2015-01-14 :: noreply@blogger.com (Sky)

We start on teddy bear and finish on snow. Lots of bear talk this week. Bears and possums and racing cheetahs.

Photos we talk about:
29:00 - Characteristic postures of polar bears
40:05 - Men in white paijama with hunting cheetahs, India 1844


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Ep11: Violent Jostling

2015-01-09 :: noreply@blogger.com (Sky)

This week we go from roller derby to Rudy Giuliani, spending way too much time on derby names and Damon Runyon.

Photos we talk about:
27:55 - Daymon Runyon
40:00 - President Bush with Russian president Vladimir Putin in Shanghai, October 21, 2001
47:25 - Blowing a raspberry


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Ep10: Snooty People in Fluffy Pants

2015-01-02 :: noreply@blogger.com (Sky)

Happy New Year! We're going from Kix cereal to the fur trade, crossing paths with feral camels and macaroni controversies along the way.

Photos we talk about:
26:00 - Jefferson's pasta machine
53:26 - An Unfortunate Bear Hunt by Theodor Kittelsen
57:00 - Dromedary camel in outback Australia


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Holiday Special: We Should Ho Better

2014-12-23 :: noreply@blogger.com (Sky)

Tis the season! In this special holiday episode of We Should Know Better, we each pick a holiday-themed page and try to thread the needle between them all while Tim blesses us, Kyle gets angry at A Christmas Story, and Sky drinks too much eggnog,

Photos we talk about:
24:50 - A 13th-century depiction of St. Nicholas from Saint Catherine's Monastery, Sinai
27:10 - Excerpt from Josiah King's The Examination and Tryal of Father Christmas
38:10 - A 1900s greeting card reading 'Greetings from the Krampus!'43:45 - Clifton Mill in Clifton, Ohio47:25 - Charles Dickens in 1842


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Ep8: Pennsylvania, First in Ketchup

2014-12-17 :: noreply@blogger.com (Sky)

This week we start in seasoned salt and finish on James Buchanan. Who will get to the worst president of the United States first?

Photos we talk about:
22:30 - Peppercorn close-up
55:35 - The Heinz Monument


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Ep7: I'm Not Saying It Was Robosaurus, but It Was Robosaurus

2014-12-10 :: noreply@blogger.com (Sky)

We go from Robosaurus the car-eating dinorobot to beloved Pope John Paul II, stopping at a couple television shows along the way (one iconic, one terrible).


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Ep6: BYOHOH (Bring Your Own Hooker of Hollandaise)

2014-12-04 :: noreply@blogger.com (Sky)

This one is a weird one; make sure you've eaten before listening. We go from Mad Libs to the Trojan War.

>Photos we talk about:
44:25 - Baron Pierre de Coubertin55:55 - Hercules and the Mares of Diomedes56:35 - "Hercules and the Hydra" by Antonio Pollaiuolo58:45 - An engraving of the death of Astyanax (The Trojan Women)


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Ep5: Electric Trains, Faulty Planes & Long Automobiles

2014-11-26 :: noreply@blogger.com (Sky)

From limousines to the golden spike that marked the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad, we're all about transportation this week.


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Ep4: Snow White and the Seven Old Ones

2014-11-21 :: noreply@blogger.com (Sky)

This week we travel through the unfathomable rifts in space and time to face unspeakable horrors and some good animation. We go from H.P Lovecraft to Walt Disney.

Photos we talk about:
20:36 - Einstein readying for battle
28:45 - The Astrologer Who Fell into a Well


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Ep 3: Two Rabbis Walk into a Bra

2014-11-12 :: noreply@blogger.com (Sky)

Scandalous!This week we're going from Tupperware to birthmark. Everything will make sense once you listen.

Photos we talk about:
8:20 - Sky's birthmark
17:30 - Alim Khan looking boss
25:40 - Don't Be Afraid
37:45 - Toe Cleavage


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Ep 2: It's About Classy Pigeons in Games Journalism

2014-11-06 :: noreply@blogger.com (Sky)

We go from Cher Ami (the pigeon that saved over one hundred soldiers in WWI) to...the GamerGate controversy. God help us.


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Ep1: Bioavailable Sexist Burgers

2014-10-29 :: noreply@blogger.com (Sky)

UC Irvine Anteaters to vinegar, and the running of the bulls to dietary fiber.

Audio quality's shaky on this one, thanks for bearing with us.

Photos we talk about:
21:46 - Tornado Fries
40:12 - Bob Hope's Volcano House


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Every episode Tim, Kyle and Sky play the Wiki game and attempt to get from one specific Wikipedia article to another only through the links within the articles.

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