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Last update: 2015-05-25

Episode 2, Time Travel

Length: 45s

The Weirdologists discuss Time Travel, from its origins in fiction to modern myths of real time travellers. Tha various types of time travel are discussed as well as the repercussions of time travel. The weirdologists also take a spin on the Wheel of Weird and briefly discuss Champ and Peruvian Giants. Finally, each weirdologist offers up their pick for Fringe Fiction of the week, and explain why they chose it. 


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Weirdology Episode 1, Paranormal vs. Supernatural

Length: 51s

The first episode of Weirdology 101, a family-friendly podcast about the paranormal, the supernatural, and all things in-between. In this episode: discussing the terms Paranormal and Supernatural and what they mean. 


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A multi-generational discussion of the Supernatural, Paranormal, and all things in-between.


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