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Last update: 2011-03-20

Not Dead Just Lost

2011-03-20 :: The Brothers Winn

What are the Brothers Winn up to?…


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Bike Helmets

2010-12-10 :: The Brothers Winn

Your head is very valuable to you. But you're cheap by nature. Should you buy an expensive bike helmet?…


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Metric vs Imperial

2010-12-07 :: The Brothers Winn

Which measuring system is best? You should already know the answer.…


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Hugs and Kisses XOXOXO

2010-12-01 :: The Brothers Winn

Xs and Os; which ones are the hugs and which ones are the kisses?…


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Spelling Matters

2010-11-29 :: The Brothers Winn

Is spelling irrelevant? Is letter placement overrated? We got an email that says it is. …


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Death of the DVD

2010-11-26 :: The Brothers Winn

Lets face it, with streaming video moving in DVDs are on their way out the door.…


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TSA Travel Terror

2010-11-24 :: The Brothers Winn

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) are scanning, searching and patting you down... because you're a terrorist. Or the old lady sitting next to you is. One of you is definitely a terrorist.…


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Facebook Persona

2010-10-11 :: The Brothers Winn

Let's take an in depth look at the inner psyche of Facebook users. Well, some of them anyway. We can't do all 500 million.…


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Free Wifi Hotspots

2010-10-01 :: The Brothers Winn

Yes, you can get on the internet away from home and no you don't need a data plan to do it.…


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Don’t Text and Drive

2010-09-24 :: The Brothers Winn

Somewhere deep down we all know it's bad. The question is how bad? In this show we cover interesting statistics on texting and driving... and teens. …


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Dealnews.com, our cheaptopia

2010-09-17 :: The Brothers Winn

Find the happiest place online, where you can go broke saving money. If you're cheap like that, you should have this site bookmarked.…


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Cow Tipping

2010-05-19 :: The Brothers Winn

We've all heard stories about knocking over bovines. But are any of them true?…


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2010-04-02 :: The Brothers Winn

Yes we ignored Linux when we examined Macs and PCs but no longer. We have joined the mole people. (You'll have to watch the video to understand.)…


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Animal Groups

2010-02-24 :: The Brothers Winn

What do you call it when a bunch of Rhinos get together? There is a joke there somewhere. In this episode we list out the specific names for animal groups... as fast as we can.…


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Mending A Broken Heart

2010-02-12 :: The Brothers Winn

How do you get over that special girl that dumps you? But more important, how do you deal with your best friend when he tries to date her the next day? …


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Mag Card Troubles

2010-02-03 :: The Brothers Winn

You get to the checkout line and swip your card... Denied. But you know it's good. Is there a way to solve your purchasing predicament?…


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State Of The Union 2010

2010-01-27 :: The Brothers Winn

While President Obama was busy giving his state of the union speech, we were busy guessing what he was going to say. …


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Media Bias

2009-12-17 :: The Brothers Winn

There are claims that both the right and left wing control mainstream media. Is there a media bias? And if it so, which wing is clipped?…


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Separation of Church and State

2009-12-10 :: The Brothers Winn

What exactly is the separation of church and state? And what does it have to do with He-Man?…


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2009-10-07 :: The Brothers Winn

The DVD is finally here! …


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Still In the Game

2009-06-22 :: The Brothers Winn

A Brothers Winn Special Update…


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Forced Break

2009-03-25 :: The Brothers Winn

It's spring break! No we're not sunning in Cabo. …


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St Patrick’s Day

2009-03-17 :: The Brothers Winn

Today is a short show about short people. …


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2009-03-10 :: The Brothers Winn

Silly consumer, just because you bought a device that uses batteries doesn't mean you bought a device that will use ALL of your battery. …


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Time Traveling The Multiverse

2009-03-03 :: The Brothers Winn

Have you seen that video by Rob Bryanton called "Imagining the tenth dimension"? …


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Internet Piracy

2009-02-25 :: The Brothers Winn

Bgood writes, How about making a show regarding Internet-piracy? …


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2009-02-18 :: The Brothers Winn

Occasionally I go places and forget to bring the old ball and chain with me. I am sorry. I mean plug and adapter. …


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2012 – We’re all going to die

2009-02-10 :: The Brothers Winn

Don't be alarmed, but we're all going to die. …


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Bailout! Bailout!

2009-02-03 :: The Brothers Winn

Because there is no disaster which immediate, decisive, wrong action cannot make worse. …


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Soapy Food

2009-01-27 :: The Brothers Winn

The Chuck That is Norris asks: "How is it that when you put soap next to food, it permeates the plastic that the food is wrapped in and makes it taste like soap?"…


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UM Insurance

2009-01-13 :: The Brothers Winn

We have compared gambling and insurance before, but uninsured motorist coverage may cover more than you think. …


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Day 12 – Whiny Christmas Song

2008-12-24 :: The Brothers Winn

On the 12th day of Christmas... …


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Day 11 – Exotic Fruit

2008-12-23 :: The Brothers Winn

Christmas socks! I mean stockings... …


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Day 10 – Noodle Sword Ballerinas

2008-12-22 :: The Brothers Winn

When we were young our mom gave us dolls... …


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Day 9 – Etched Glass

2008-12-19 :: The Brothers Winn

Today's show is really short, and really girly. …


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Day 8 – Propeller Whirlies

2008-12-18 :: The Brothers Winn

First you buy them those annoying electronic noise-making toys when they're a baby. …


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Day 7 – Wreaths And Fake Mistletoe

2008-12-17 :: The Brothers Winn

So you have some scraps or branches from your needle boiling the other day. …


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Day 6 – Mini Rolling Motors

2008-12-16 :: The Brothers Winn

Nothing could be cooler than magnets. …


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Day 4 – Original Ornaments

2008-12-12 :: The Brothers Winn

No, your Christmas tree is not supposed to look perfect. …


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Day 3 – Guns And Ninja Stars

2008-12-11 :: The Brothers Winn

Time to get dangerous. …


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Day 2 – Lumpy Fudge

2008-12-10 :: The Brothers Winn

Ah the lip smacking goodness of Christmas. …


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Day 1 – Almost a Christmas Tree

2008-12-09 :: The Brothers Winn

So I'm having a little trouble getting into the holiday spirit... …


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Come fly with me

2008-12-02 :: The Brothers Winn

If this holiday season you're feeling the need to rub elbows with strangers and fly the friendly skies, you are likely to have three major issues - time, money and baggage. …


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2008-11-25 :: The Brothers Winn

Today we're going to talk about your didgeridoo... and your didgeridont. …


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Humanitarian Aid

2008-11-18 :: The Brothers Winn

For those of you who don't know her, Kelsey is the What You Ought To Know humanitarian aid correspondent. …


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Veggy People

2008-11-11 :: The Brothers Winn

Justin writes: "You should do a show about vegetarians, because my girlfriend is one, and I just don't get it." …


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Cell Phone Cancer

2008-11-04 :: The Brothers Winn

I've got this weird growth on the side of my head. …


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Language Guide

2008-10-28 :: The Brothers Winn

When you travel abroad it's best to know the language. …


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Gay Marriage

2008-10-21 :: The Brothers Winn

I don't know why I am attracted to the hot bed issues. I just am! But remember, please Flame Responsibly!…


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The Gravy Train

2008-10-15 :: The Brothers Winn

So you've got all your money tied up in real estate. Or was it stocks. …


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2008-10-07 :: The Brothers Winn

Pretty much everybody has a cellphone. …


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Viewer Insurrection

2008-10-07 :: The Brothers Winn

You may have noticed our shows have started sucking. …


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Suggestion Box: Pain

2008-10-01 :: The Brothers Winn

It's suggestion box clean out day. …


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2008-09-23 :: The Brothers Winn

Irritable male syndrome or man ms-ing. …


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2008-09-16 :: The Brothers Winn

Today's show is going to be awesome, cause it's for a three year old. …


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Happy WYOTK Day

2008-09-12 :: The Brothers Winn

Have you ever worked a lemonade stand? I mean really worked it? …


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Atom Smasher

2008-09-10 :: The Brothers Winn

A while back Nospinplease wrote: "You should do a video on the new atom-smasher." …


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The War In Iraq

2008-09-09 :: The Brothers Winn

Unless you've been living in a cave you've probably heard the United States is at war. …


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2008-09-08 :: The Brothers Winn

Mrs. Camera Guy wrote, "So ... where's my chocolate?" …


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2008-09-05 :: The Brothers Winn

David writes, "What do women want? Pretty much explain women...good luck! Lol" …


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Demanding Shirts

2008-09-04 :: The Brothers Winn

A long time ago we promised more t-shirt options. …


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Ps and VPs

2008-09-02 :: The Brothers Winn

Andylicious2006 writes, "Who should I vote For?..." …


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Little Piggies

2008-08-26 :: The Brothers Winn

This episode is your fault. …


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The Camera Guy

2008-08-22 :: The Brothers Winn

You'll never see him. …


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Recession Depression

2008-08-20 :: The Brothers Winn

jayman90 wrote in, So how is the US Economy really doing? …


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Digital Printing

2008-08-19 :: The Brothers Winn

The digital revolution has arrived. …


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Duct Tape

2008-08-18 :: The Brothers Winn

Heidi writes, Why not do a show about duct tape?…


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UG – Fashionably Hairless

2008-08-13 :: The Brothers Winn

I just hate my itchy Abe Lincoln neck beard!…


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UG – Target isn’t French

2008-08-07 :: The Brothers Winn

But I like to pretend that I am whenever I go there.


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UG – wait two weeks

2008-08-05 :: The Brothers Winn

If you don't like it, wait two weeks.…


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22 Envy

2008-08-01 :: The Brothers Winn

We're no strangers to secret societies.…


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Orange Juice Issues

2008-07-31 :: The Brothers Winn

Eric writes: "Why does Orange Juice taste SOOOOOooooo badly right after you brush your teeth?"…


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Body For Life

2008-07-30 :: The Brothers Winn

Ali-Gator asks what "The guy in front of the camera" does to stay in shape.…


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2008-07-29 :: The Brothers Winn

Everybody is your cousin.…


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Me, Myself and I

2008-07-28 :: The Brothers Winn

We don't want you to speak good.…


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Sugar Loving Teeth

2008-07-25 :: The Brothers Winn

I asked a dentist once why some people could brush, floss, gargle, and spit all day and still get cavities.…


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How To Stalk WYOTK

2008-07-24 :: The Brothers Winn

Stalking is such a negative word these days.…


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Bicentary Stalker Challenge

2008-07-23 :: The Brothers Winn

It's our 200th Show! Hurry before our answering machine fills up.…


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2008-07-22 :: The Brothers Winn

It's like rain on you wedding day. Except it isn't.…


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2008-07-21 :: The Brothers Winn

brifrye writes: "Organic! Who's to say what is organic and what is not?"…


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2008-07-18 :: The Brothers Winn

Today's show is going to be a little different.…


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Garfield Minus Garfield

2008-07-17 :: The Brothers Winn

They say that there are dog people and there are cat people.…


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2008-07-16 :: The Brothers Winn

Roaches, we hate everything about them.…


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Secret 800 Numbers

2008-07-15 :: The Brothers Winn

I am a man on a mission. A mission to be cheap.…


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Primary Denary

2008-07-11 :: The Brothers Winn

The primary reason for the show is to educate. The secondary reason is to entertain.…


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The Power Of The Editor

2008-07-10 :: The Brothers Winn

There is an old saying, never argue with someone who buys ink by the barrel.…


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2008-07-09 :: The Brothers Winn

But it's not the email kind. Not today.…


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2008-07-08 :: The Brothers Winn

No it has nothing to do with retarded cattle or stupid mistakes with household cleaners.…


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2008-07-07 :: The Brothers Winn

We could blame it on mans primal need to play with fire...…


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Career Choices

2008-07-03 :: The Brothers Winn

Matthew Graff wrote us a deep question. …


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Credit Cards Vs Evil

2008-07-02 :: The Brothers Winn

Nick writes, …


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2008-07-01 :: The Brothers Winn

Everybody knows that bees make honey. But how do the bee keepers get the honey without dying?... or being stung?…


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A History of Fashion

2008-06-30 :: The Brothers Winn

The styles you are making fun of today ... you'll be wearing it in a decade or so.…


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2008-06-27 :: The Brothers Winn

It's the longest word in the English language.…


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Why I Hate Pay Pal

2008-06-26 :: The Brothers Winn

So I bought something on ebay and it looked like it might be too good to be true. Yeah, it was.…


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The Herd Mentality

2008-06-24 :: The Brothers Winn

We all want to belong to a group. But why?…


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Secret Summer T-Shirts

2008-06-20 :: The Brothers Winn

Lots of big changes around here today.…


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Hot Gas

2008-06-19 :: The Brothers Winn

Is it a serious concern for motorists?…


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Playing Doctor

2008-06-18 :: The Brothers Winn

Maybe you have insurance. Maybe you don't. Either way we have something pretty important for you.…


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Stimulus Economus

2008-06-17 :: The Brothers Winn

Kbombbilly writes "Are those economic stimulus checks any good to stimulate the economy?"…


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Sticky Locks

2008-06-16 :: The Brothers Winn

Have you ever stuck your key in a lock and noticed that it gets tougher and tougher to push in and pull out?…


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2008-06-13 :: The Brothers Winn

This is a SteriPEN. It's like a little magic wand.…


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Water Is Not An Energy Source

2008-06-12 :: The Brothers Winn

There is a whole lot of buzz going around about Hydrogen cells for cars.…


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Swimming Babies

2008-06-11 :: The Brothers Winn

So I got an email a while ago with a very interesting video attached. Swimming babies!…


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Trash Island

2008-06-10 :: The Brothers Winn

There be a mystical isle in middle of the sea made of the refuse of men. 50 fathoms deep it be. Trash island they calls it.…


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Drinking Problem

2008-06-09 :: The Brothers Winn

There is only one cure. You have to drink more... a lot more.…


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Disappearing Technology

2008-06-06 :: The Brothers Winn

We think of ourselves as the most technologically advanced people that have ever been on planet Earth.…


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5 Second Rule

2008-06-05 :: The Brothers Winn

Some Kid In Texas wrote in asked, "Ever think about doing a bit on the infamous 5 Second Rule?"…


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2008 Summer Movie Guide

2008-06-04 :: The Brothers Winn

Summer is here and I can't help but think I've seen this movie before.…


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Not Funny Bone

2008-06-03 :: The Brothers Winn

Why do we call it the funny bone?…


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Quicksand Lies

2008-06-02 :: The Brothers Winn

... And we're back!…


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2008-05-16 :: The Brothers Winn

So how do those ice skaters spin around and around and around and not throw up all over the ice.…


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Bike To Work Day

2008-05-15 :: The Brothers Winn

It's not today it's tomorrow. But if we told you then it would be too late. So everybody suit up! …


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Catching It

2008-05-14 :: The Brothers Winn

The guy behind the camera caught strep throat. And he didn't tell me about it so I didn't know when I came in. And you can catch it from breathing.…


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Everything Is Blue

2008-05-13 :: The Brothers Winn

I went diving with a friend recently who was a little disappointed that the underwater world didn't look as bright and colorful as finding Nemo.…


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The Sounds Of Space

2008-05-12 :: The Brothers Winn

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it does it really make a sound?…


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2008-05-09 :: The Brothers Winn

Who cares?…


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Off The Radar

2008-05-08 :: The Brothers Winn

Yesterday I wasn't a technophobe or a conspiracy theorist or paranoid. But today... just maybe.…


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Cram It

2008-05-07 :: The Brothers Winn

Armed with an array of snack and stimulants you are gonna spend the next 21 hours trying to ramrod some education into that cranium of yours.…


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Just Grow It Back

2008-05-06 :: The Brothers Winn

Real world science has a funny way of parroting science fiction, like when cell phones came out. What do they remind you of?…


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Invest In Food

2008-05-05 :: The Brothers Winn

Stockpiling food. It's not just for religions, survivalists and cults. Not anymore. It's for investors.…


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Open Mind Closed

2008-05-02 :: The Brothers Winn

This whole week was about having an open mind.…


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2008-05-02 :: The Brothers Winn

Being a white guy I don't think I can really do a show on racism... cause... you know... I'm white.…


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Darwin’s Intelligent Design

2008-05-01 :: The Brothers Winn

"Open your mind" week continues, and today's topic - Darwin vs God. But we're gonna call it Intelligent Design cause we want to get this video into classrooms.…


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Liberals vs Conservatives

2008-04-30 :: The Brothers Winn

If you want to keep your friends you are never supposed to talk about religion or politics. Today we are going to talk about both!…


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Global Warming

2008-04-29 :: The Brothers Winn

In junior high my science teacher said that the world would be out of fossil fuels by the year 2000.…


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An Open Mind

2008-04-28 :: The Brothers Winn

Fred Nietzsche writes "We criticize a thinker more sharply when he presents us with a displeasing proposition; and yet it would be more reasonable to do this when his proposition pleases us."…


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Nukes, They’re The Bomb

2008-04-25 :: The Brothers Winn

Have you ever wondered how the world would end? Well it wasn't that long ago we knew. Nukes.…


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Cheating Death

2008-04-24 :: The Brothers Winn

Years ago I came into this world screaming, bald, and toothless. It's probably the way I'll head out of it too.…


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Gutenberg Book Club

2008-04-23 :: The Brothers Winn

You coasted through lit class and you found that the best place to make up for lost sleep was history.…


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Bike Pain

2008-04-22 :: The Brothers Winn

The first truly modern bicycle was invented by a Scotsman.…


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2008-04-21 :: The Brothers Winn

Nothing could be more important to learn than the secret knowledge and wisdom required to unlock the mysteries of the man's arch enemy the hiccup.…


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Mad Genius

2008-04-18 :: The Brothers Winn

Have you ever heard of a schizotype?…


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2008-04-17 :: The Brothers Winn

There are two different kinds of special codes you can use on your phone. Star and pound codes (also called vertical service codes) and N11 codes.…


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Hail To The Chief

2008-04-16 :: The Brothers Winn

Hail to the chief. That's the happy song they play for the president.…


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How Gross Is Your Salary

2008-04-15 :: The Brothers Winn

It's tax day. So I thought it might be good to talk about how much you really make.…


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So Sue Me

2008-04-14 :: The Brothers Winn

A few weeks ago I got an invitation in the mail to a class action lawsuit.…


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Happiness, What A Bummer

2008-04-11 :: The Brothers Winn

Roll out your yoga mats and light up the incense. It's time to get our Zen on.…


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Bigger, Better or Both

2008-04-10 :: The Brothers Winn

Computers used to be the size of a house, why shouldn't your TV?…


Share: Bigger, Better or Both

The Big 100

2008-04-09 :: The Brothers Winn

Every New Years, or when the odometer rolls over you've got to throw a party.…


Share: The Big 100


2008-04-08 :: The Brothers Winn

It's the first six keys in the top left corner of your keyboard.…



Human Family Reunion

2008-04-07 :: The Brothers Winn

There's one thing we all agree on. We're all related.…


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2008-04-04 :: The Brothers Winn

Believe it or not we've actually had people write in to the suggestion box and ask us if they could give us money.…


Share: Doughnations

MP3 Players

2008-04-03 :: The Brothers Winn

Christian writes: "It would be cool to see some thing done on MP3 players."…


Share: MP3 Players

Easter DVD

2008-04-02 :: The Brothers Winn

Easter has come and gone, but you can still find hidden eggs.…


Share: Easter DVD

April Liar

2008-04-01 :: The Brothers Winn

Now Everybody knows it's April Fools. We wanted to play a prank on you but that's just not going to happen.…


Share: April Liar

Capitalized Medicine

2008-03-31 :: The Brothers Winn

So I went to the pharmacy the other day and as I was was checking out, I got this excruciating pain.…


Share: Capitalized Medicine

Cruisin’ California

2008-03-28 :: The Brothers Winn

Believe it or not we actually have an international audience.…


Share: Cruisin’ California

Portfolio Ninjas

2008-03-27 :: The Brothers Winn

Growing up my brother and I used to climb trees - practicing to be ninjas or something.…


Share: Portfolio Ninjas

Ten Pound Voice

2008-03-27 :: The Brothers Winn

The guy behind the camera asks, "Why does the camera make me look 10 pounds heavier and why does my voice sound funny when it's recorded?"…


Share: Ten Pound Voice

The Admit Stamp

2008-03-25 :: The Brothers Winn

My friend Laura is really into stamping - you know, letters, papers, legal documents. Apparently the government likes stamping, too.…


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2008-03-24 :: The Brothers Winn

It's popular, it's fizzy and it claims to ward off sickness better than you average homeopathologist or witch doctor.…


Share: Airborne

Copyright Infinity

2008-03-21 :: The Brothers Winn

So you made an embarrassing video of yourself, dancing in a grass skirt with a viking helmet on. And your brother put it up on MySpace. Now you're an Internet celebrity ...…


Share: Copyright Infinity


2008-03-20 :: The Brothers Winn

Spring is here! And that means summer is coming. And that means you are probably already working on working on your tan.…


Share: Funburns

Mac vs PC

2008-03-19 :: The Brothers Winn

SincerelyJackie asked us: "I know the basic differences between Microsoft Windows and Macs. But I was wondering if you could do a show on which differences actually matter when figuring out which one to get."…


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Birthday Kaka

2008-03-18 :: The Brothers Winn

Soul Sister a member of the secretive 22 had a birthday a while back.…


Share: Birthday Kaka

My Hawaiian Vacation

2008-03-17 :: The Brothers Winn

Aloha! So I was in Hawaii for over a week, not just this weekend.…


Share: My Hawaiian Vacation


2008-03-14 :: The Brothers Winn

Spontaneity is a funny thing.…


Share: Spontaneity

The Way I Do Math

2008-03-13 :: The Brothers Winn

There is a reason my teacher gave up on me.…


Share: The Way I Do Math

Dangerous Boys

2008-03-12 :: The Brothers Winn

Boys are dangerous. They just are. I've got 5 brothers and growing up with them was... well... I'm kind of amazed no one died.…


Share: Dangerous Boys

The Truth Behind The Eyes

2008-03-11 :: The Brothers Winn

Direct eye contact is really important in the subtle nuances of human communication.…


Share: The Truth Behind The Eyes


2008-03-10 :: The Brothers Winn

Demoiselle, a member of our secret society (that you can't join) sent us a video asking what probiotics are.…


Share: Probiotics

Grading Food

2008-03-07 :: The Brothers Winn

This burrito comes from one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. And I've never checked the restaurants rating.…


Share: Grading Food


2008-03-06 :: The Brothers Winn

Cryptic messages, carrier pigeons, secret codes words. Cryptography used to be cool.…


Share: Cryptography

Blood Suckers

2008-03-05 :: The Brothers Winn

Some people attract attention, some attract criticism, and others just attract bugs.…


Share: Blood Suckers


2008-03-04 :: The Brothers Winn

It's your lucky day guys. You know how everyone tells you that video games are a waste of time. Well now you can play all the games you want, doctors orders.…


Share: Wiihabilitation

Ticket Trouble

2008-03-03 :: The Brothers Winn

I love it when people tell me they've never had a speeding ticket.…


Share: Ticket Trouble

Port-A-Cheap Phone

2008-02-29 :: The Brothers Winn

So the other day, my brother gave his old cell phone to his two year old and an interesting message came up.…


Share: Port-A-Cheap Phone

Duck And Cover

2008-02-28 :: The Brothers Winn

Ah, the good old days of fighting over what to do in an earthquake.…


Share: Duck And Cover

Things We Say Wrong

2008-02-27 :: The Brothers Winn

You know the grammar in this country has really gone down hill.…


Share: Things We Say Wrong

News, Media And Truth

2008-02-26 :: The Brothers Winn

Can I tell you a little bed time story. Once upon a time, there were two journalists...…


Share: News, Media And Truth

Enjoying Our Waste

2008-02-25 :: The Brothers Winn

I was walking down the road the other day and saw a sign, Littering: fine $1000 dollars.…


Share: Enjoying Our Waste

Ultimate Power

2008-02-22 :: The Brothers Winn

So I had a free afternoon the other day and I thought maybe I'll sit down and try and figure out how to get ultimate power.…


Share: Ultimate Power

Mexican Standoff

2008-02-21 :: The Brothers Winn

Who negotiates for a $10 pair of Mexican sunglass? I do.…


Share: Mexican Standoff

Foil Hats

2008-02-20 :: The Brothers Winn

If the aliens are here, oh and they're here, you have two choices. You can let them probe you mind or you can put on one of these.…


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You Make Me Cry

2008-02-19 :: The Brothers Winn

Boys don't cry. Big girls don't cry. Argentineans don't cry. So what are you crying about?…


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Flashlights Shaken Not Stirred

2008-02-18 :: The Brothers Winn

First of all, I am not scared of the dark. Much. Anymore.…


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Valentine Brains

2008-02-15 :: The Brothers Winn

No, we didn't forget it. We just thought it would be better to talk about it after you came to your senses.…


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Death To Taxes

2008-02-14 :: The Brothers Winn

Taxes, they are complicated. Unless, of course, you like giving money to the Government, in which case, they are easy.…


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Gravity, You Failed Us

2008-02-13 :: The Brothers Winn

Sure, it might be holding you down on the surface of the planet, but it might not be holding the universe together.…


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Smoking… Again

2008-02-12 :: The Brothers Winn

Grant wrote in a while back and asked us to do a show on smoking.…


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Our Secret Society

2008-02-11 :: The Brothers Winn

Friday I was talking smack about YouTube. What I should have said was...…


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What I Want To Know

2008-02-08 :: The Brothers Winn

Hey, um I need to vent. Can I vent? Is that okay?…


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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

2008-02-07 :: The Brothers Winn

It's a time for celebration, parades, fireworks, two guys running around in a dragon costume and eating out at your favorite Chinese restaurant. That's right, today is Chinese new year.…


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2008-02-06 :: The Brothers Winn

Every now and then a politician or special interest group gets an idea and has no real reasonable or rational way to pay for it - enter the bond measure.…


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You’ve Been Googled

2008-02-05 :: The Brothers Winn

I love Google. I hate Google. I am unequivocally ambivalent about Google.…


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Speaking To Death

2008-02-04 :: The Brothers Winn

People are afraid of dying. People are afraid of sharks. But surprisingly enough, people are even more afraid of public speaking.…


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Groundhog Day

2008-02-01 :: The Brothers Winn

Tomorrow is Groundhog day.…


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The Towel Master

2008-01-31 :: The Brothers Winn

Yeah yeah yeah. I've heard it all before. You're gonna put somebody's eye out with that thing.…


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I Ate What?

2008-01-30 :: The Brothers Winn

So I heard a great joke the other day. What is the difference between you and that sausage?…


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21st Century Toilet

2008-01-29 :: The Brothers Winn

If youve watched this show for long enough you must know how I feel about germs.…


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Ye Olde Drugs

2008-01-28 :: The Brothers Winn

Okay kids, let's talk about the drugs.…


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The 2008 Voters Guide

2008-01-25 :: The Brothers Winn

What You Ought To Know Special Edition! It's the 2008 voters guide.…


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Bottled Water

2008-01-24 :: The Brothers Winn

Ah, bottled water. It's clean, it's pure, it's fresh from the mountain springs of Ontario CA?!…


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Vitamin C Me

2008-01-23 :: The Brothers Winn

I'm sick. But the task master back there said I had to come into work and spread my germs around.…


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Mid Aisle Crisis

2008-01-22 :: The Brothers Winn

Yes picking fruit at the supermarket is almost as hard as filing taxes.…


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Your New Digital Camera

2008-01-21 :: The Brothers Winn

Andrea writes: I want to know about digital cameras.…


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A New Kind Of Rebel

2008-01-18 :: The Brothers Winn

You really are a rebel. Just a new kind of rebel.…


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Vote With Your Feet

2008-01-17 :: The Brothers Winn

You live in a democracy. Actually you live in a democratic republic, but if you tell people that they'll just disagree with you.…


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Just Say No

2008-01-16 :: The Brothers Winn

What do asking the neighbors to keep quiet so we can film and the last girl I asked out have in common?…


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Credit Cards – Payback

2008-01-15 :: The Brothers Winn

Today I'm gonna tell you how to get free money!…


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Pregnant Guys

2008-01-14 :: The Brothers Winn

First off, don't ever say we're pregnant cause you're not.…


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2008-01-11 :: The Brothers Winn

Summer is officially over. No really. Even in San Diego.…


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2008-01-10 :: The Brothers Winn

I know I'll never be able to keep you from spamming me.…


Share: BCC Me

Generation Deaf

2008-01-09 :: The Brothers Winn

We like our music and we like it so loud that everyone else gets to like it with us.…


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2008-01-08 :: The Brothers Winn

Christmas is over and you had Santa working overtime.…


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New Years Disillusions

2008-01-07 :: The Brothers Winn

For years I've been making New Years' resolutions and forgetting them.…


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Grinchmas Scrooge

2007-12-21 :: The Brothers Winn

Its that time of year again. People seem more pleasant than usual.…


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Auld Lang Syne

2007-12-20 :: The Brothers Winn

You know the song, well the tune anyway. People always sing it right around new years.…


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Winter Getaways

2007-12-19 :: The Brothers Winn

If you're like me you've been really busy. Doing stuff. Holiday Stuff. Time critical secret holiday stuff.…


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Oyster Chocolate Pie

2007-12-18 :: The Brothers Winn

This show isn't really what you ought to know, I mean its fun to know, but more like trivia.…


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Inventive Gifts

2007-12-17 :: The Brothers Winn

One of the best Christmases I can remember was back in the day when Star Wars was really popular Wait, it still is.…


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Take It Back

2007-12-14 :: The Brothers Winn

It just slipped out of your mouth. You dont know how it happened. She asked how the jeans made her look and you were honest. Its over. You cant take it back.…


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Dino Scanner

2007-12-13 :: The Brothers Winn

Some documents go straight to recycling, some get shredded because they full of dangerous offers and credit card checks, but a rare few rise above the rest and cry out for immortality.…


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2007-12-12 :: The Brothers Winn

Loyal fan Steven writes: How about a show explaining why you seem to cough more at night then during the day when you are sick.…


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The Perfect Gift For Him/Her

2007-12-11 :: The Brothers Winn

So youre shopping for that special someone and you want to know what to get them.…


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Why eBay?

2007-12-10 :: The Brothers Winn

How do you know you got a good deal on the last whatever you bought?…


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What’s So Great About AI?

2007-12-07 :: The Brothers Winn

In the movies, you know the ones where the machines go bad and take over the whole world, it usually starts with an AI.…


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Gambling. No, Sorry. Gaming.

2007-12-06 :: The Brothers Winn

I think they call it gaming to try and make losing your hard earned money sound more fun.…


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Rental Car Rally

2007-12-05 :: The Brothers Winn

People rent cars for all sorts of reasons, like going to business conventions, or going on a really long road trip or going to the Monster Jam 4x4 Rally when they really dont have a 4x4.…


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Your Burglar and You

2007-12-04 :: The Brothers Winn

Now I like having company come over. But when they come over unannounced it can be a little stressful.…


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Warm Hats and Cold Toes

2007-12-03 :: The Brothers Winn

Mom used to tell me to put a hat on if my feet got cold. She still does.…


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2007-11-30 :: The Brothers Winn

In our "Stains" show I was wearing a very specific shirt.…


Share: Antiestablishment

Mail My FedEx via UPS

2007-11-29 :: The Brothers Winn

Tis the season to be shipping. Who doesn't love to get a big brown box of something in the mail?…


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Raising Your MPG

2007-11-28 :: The Brothers Winn

Sure you can buy a new hybrid and pay thirty thousand dollars to save money on gas. Or, you know, you could just save money on gas.…


Share: Raising Your MPG

Trailer Tires

2007-11-27 :: The Brothers Winn

So you got that big old truck, cause youre a man.…


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Going Crazy on Phone Systems

2007-11-26 :: The Brothers Winn

They say that doing the same thing over and over again expecting something new to happen is a sign of insanity.…


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Turkey Day

2007-11-21 :: The Brothers Winn

Most everyone knows the origins of Thanksgiving. Pilgrims, Native Americans and really severe winter. But did you know that turkey contains Tryptophan?…


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Black Friday

2007-11-20 :: The Brothers Winn

Black Friday. It sounds like a pro-wrestling event and in some ways it is.…


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Comet Kaboom

2007-11-19 :: The Brothers Winn

Astronomy is pretty nerdy Nerdy until something blows up!…


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The Kid Who Does The Videos

2007-11-16 :: The Brothers Winn

Making a show about ourselves may seem narcissistic but every once in a while we get a comment or question thats so important we just have to answer it.…


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2007-11-15 :: The Brothers Winn

There you are at the restaurant dressed to impress, but when the bill comes back you have to figure out the tip.…


Share: Tipping

Open Up A Can Of…

2007-11-14 :: The Brothers Winn

If youre like most people you have one of these at home. And it makes opening cans really easy.…


Share: Open Up A Can Of…


2007-11-13 :: The Brothers Winn

What do blood, grease, fruit, and chocolate all have in common? They love to ruin your new shirt thats what.…


Share: Stains

Veterans Day

2007-11-12 :: The Brothers Winn

It used to be called Armistice Day, and in some places it still is.…


Share: Veterans Day

Free Stuff

2007-11-09 :: The Brothers Winn

I have something to say to the world and its like a rallying cry. Free stuff!…


Share: Free Stuff


2007-11-08 :: The Brothers Winn

So I was digging around in the dumpster the other day...…


Share: Recycling

A Better Education

2007-11-07 :: The Brothers Winn

You're finding Calculus is really tough this year.…


Share: A Better Education

Peppers and Pain

2007-11-06 :: The Brothers Winn

Do you remember that map of the tongue? How it explains where different places on your tongue taste different things?…


Share: Peppers and Pain

Diamonds, a Monopolist’s Best Friend

2007-11-05 :: The Brothers Winn

They're beautiful, they're sparkly and oh so rare. Actually they're not.…


Share: Diamonds, a Monopolist’s Best Friend

Blu-ray vs Betamax

2007-11-02 :: The Brothers Winn

When video tape recorders showed up there was a format war between VHS and Betamax.…


Share: Blu-ray vs Betamax

Flu Shots

2007-11-01 :: The Brothers Winn

Gather around everyone. Its that special time of year again Yup, Its flu season.…


Share: Flu Shots


2007-10-31 :: The Brothers Winn

Amazon.com lists the ten worst Halloween treats as follows.…


Share: Candy


2007-10-30 :: The Brothers Winn

What makes Halloween so great? Pumpkins? Candy? Kids hyped up on sugar?…


Share: Halloween

What You Don’t Otta Know

2007-10-29 :: The Brothers Winn

You got that email didnt you? The one that talks about how...…


Share: What You Don’t Otta Know


2007-10-23 :: The Brothers Winn

Its amazing to watch how things change when a disaster hits.…


Share: Tragedy

Getting off the List

2007-10-22 :: The Brothers Winn

Unsolicited telemarketing can be a real pain. Seriously, who solicits telemarketing?…


Share: Getting off the List

Doggy Treats

2007-10-19 :: The Brothers Winn

Today were going to talk about doggy treats. And not the kind you give Fido for rolling over.…


Share: Doggy Treats

The Scientific Method

2007-10-18 :: The Brothers Winn

Science as we know it today began with scholars like Rene Descartes and Kevin Bacon. No Francis Bacon... sorry.…


Share: The Scientific Method

Untying the Knot

2007-10-17 :: The Brothers Winn

So I went to New York to buy some apples. Yeah I know its a long way, but these are really good apples.…


Share: Untying the Knot

Free Information

2007-10-16 :: The Brothers Winn

We know information is addictive. And sometimes you feel like you have to know.…


Share: Free Information


2007-10-15 :: The Brothers Winn

Fanboys, vampires, stalkers, they all love their shades. But there are a few important things to know about them.…


Share: Sunglasses


2007-10-12 :: The Brothers Winn

A quick Google search will reveal that NAFTA stands for the North American Free Trade Agreement. But that just goes to show you Google doesnt know everything.…


Share: NAFTA

Computers – Bits that Byte

2007-10-11 :: The Brothers Winn

If I say bus speed and you think 55 miles per hour, youre in the right place.…


Share: Computers – Bits that Byte

Translating Advertising

2007-10-10 :: The Brothers Winn

Advertising is all about almost lying.…


Share: Translating Advertising

The War on Everything

2007-10-09 :: The Brothers Winn

Right now there is a war on terror, drugs, poverty, crime and climate change. Theres pretty much a war on everything.…


Share: The War on Everything


2007-10-08 :: The Brothers Winn

You might have noticed something new about the website. Its kind of subtle.…


Share: Netflix


2007-10-05 :: The Brothers Winn

From the little fees at coin machines to the big ones charged by banks, generally speaking, if you are being charge a fee youre being ripped off. Feels good, doesnt it?…


Share: Fees

Automotive Repair

2007-10-04 :: The Brothers Winn

So you pull up to the Skippy Lube. The service men are leering at you, sizing up your wallet. And you cant help but think, If I pay these thugs, are they really going to fix anything?…


Share: Automotive Repair


2007-10-03 :: The Brothers Winn

One word Opera! From phantoms to fat ladies, it pretty much has it all!…


Share: Opera

All the @&%#$! on TV

2007-10-02 :: The Brothers Winn

I dont know if youve noticed, but theres a whole lot of @&%#$! on TV.…


Share: All the @&%#$! on TV


2007-10-01 :: The Brothers Winn

Today's show is what you ought to know about procrastination.…


Share: Procrastination

The Peril of Being #1

2007-09-28 :: The Brothers Winn

We live in a time when being #1 is so important to people that they'll do almost anything to get there.…


Share: The Peril of Being #1

Gone Phishing

2007-09-27 :: The Brothers Winn

People have been fishing for centuries, mainly because they're stupid.…


Share: Gone Phishing

Homemade DVDs

2007-09-26 :: The Brothers Winn

You've buttered the popcorn. You've burned your latest home movie to DVD and you've chained your friends and family to the couch.…


Share: Homemade DVDs

Not That

2007-09-25 :: The Brothers Winn

Some words are dangerous. Words like dynamite and Nazi. Other words are safe like bunny and fluffy. Today we're gonna talk about a pair of the dangerous ones.…


Share: Not That


2007-09-24 :: The Brothers Winn

Big business conspiracy or smarter safer driving. Somebody's watching, and they're watching you drive.…


Share: EDRs

7 Deadly Habits of Highly Infectious People

2007-09-21 :: The Brothers Winn

Some people are born to greatness, but most of us just spread disgusting disease. Here's how.…


Share: 7 Deadly Habits of Highly Infectious People

Playing in Water

2007-09-20 :: The Brothers Winn

Why is it you get really hungry and tired after a day at the pool?…


Share: Playing in Water

It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day!

2007-09-19 :: The Brothers Winn

It's September 19th and as many of you ought to know, It's talk like a pirate day.…


Share: It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Brushing and Flossing

2007-09-18 :: The Brothers Winn

Okay, how many of you brush and floss your teeth three times a day? No you don't. Nobody flosses three times a day.…


Share: Brushing and Flossing

Fruit and Allergies

2007-09-17 :: The Brothers Winn

Summertime is on the way and you can't wait to bite into that delicious peach.…


Share: Fruit and Allergies


2007-09-14 :: The Brothers Winn

Alright all you hip people out there, who are actually nerds in disguise, but still think you're hip. If you enjoy txting we have a message for you.…


Share: TXT-ing

Romantic Comedies

2007-09-13 :: The Brothers Winn

Did you see that romantic comedy? If you've seen one you can already answer yes.…


Share: Romantic Comedies


2007-09-12 :: The Brothers Winn

Its the little shot that takes the wrinkles out. But did you know its poison?…


Share: Botox

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