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Last update: 2006-12-16

Jason’s Crew

2006-12-16 :: wired@kevincudby.com (Kevin Cudby)

Jason Peabody's farm machinery develops a mind of its own, leaving Jason feeling a little prickly.…


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Queerjo’s Favourite Pub

2006-11-04 :: wired@kevincudby.com (Kevin Cudby)

Zaxocon and Drivel drop in to Lower Hutt for a beer. The bartender needed months of intensive counselling, and the Pub was never the same again.…


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The Truth about the Shiners-a novel. Chapter 3

2006-10-13 :: wired@kevincudby.com (Kevin Cudby)

The grand opening of Reconquista School. Letitia and Catalina sneak out and beat the pants off the boys. Read by Diana Cudby.…


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Wild, weird, and wired

Audio shows featuring the short stories and novels of Kevin Cudby.

Wild, weird, and wired

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