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Last update: 2009-06-08

Want a Fight ?

2009-06-08 :: witchndigger@yahoo.com



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2008-09-28 :: witchndigger@yahoo.com



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Pol Kids

2008-09-17 :: witchndigger@yahoo.com

Soap opera.Bible of each kid/teacher.6th Graders.Libtards/Repubthugs.Two teachers, black woman, white man.Each kids is an issue, some are two in one.Both classes have just one side.24min each day, three 8 min parts.Morning before class, after lunch reccess, and end of the day.Friday's are spent with a bigger story, part of the over all arc.HBO and SHO.2mins with two kids, 2 mins with two kids, and three mins with 2 kids. for each of the three parts.…


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Reaching back into the archives.

2007-06-03 :: witchndigger@yahoo.com

This is show 5. I have uploaded on to libsyn.

Witchndigger Show5

Here are some other old old ones.
Witchndigger Show2
Witchndigger Show1
Witchndigger Show0

We are working on the wedding so it will still be a while before a new one will be up.

This summer Big Brother, which is about the only new show we are planning to watch.…


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RockFest Pic's

2006-06-11 :: witchndigger@yahoo.com

Click above for the Pic's the Witch took at RockFest 2006.…


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Witchndigger Show 21

2006-06-07 :: witchndigger@yahoo.com

06-06-06 Witchndigger Show number 21.
Rockfest line up. Hinder!!!
Put some Vagina in it.
Big Brother all stars.
Hells Kitchen.
E-mails too much spam.



Myspace hinder_junkie

Witchndigger Show 21

Don't forget to email us.…


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Witchndigger Show 20

2006-03-13 :: witchndigger@yahoo.com

American idol, 24, Beauty and the Geek, Survivor.

Witchndigger Show 20

Don't forget to email us.…


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Witchndigger Show 19

2006-01-28 :: witchndigger@yahoo.com

Witchndigger Show 19:
24 - FOX, The Bachelor - ABC, American Idol - FOX, Lost - ABC, CSI - CBS, Beauty and the Geek - WB.


Witchndigger Show 19

E-mails Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail.…


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Witchndigger Show 18

2006-01-19 :: witchndigger@yahoo.com

Witchndigger Show 18
What's on tonight and what you missed Sunday Monday and Tuesday nights.


Witchndigger Show 18


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Witchndigger Show 17

2006-01-17 :: witchndigger@yahoo.com

Witchndigger Show 17

We are back......hehehe.
Why we were missing for a while. Be back soon.
Send your emails mp3 pics anything.


Witchndigger Show 17


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Witchndigger Show 16

2005-10-22 :: witchndigger@yahoo.com

Nice little short show. Digger here alone, while the Witch has a petacure(sp). The Kansas City Chiefs won last night 4-2. Someone got kick off of americas next top model blah blah. And two from Survivor are sent home. Will next week bring the merger?

p.s. love to have some feedback comments or e-mails.

Witchndigger Show 16…


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Promo Show revisited.

2005-10-19 :: witchndigger@yahoo.com



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Witchndigger Show 15.

2005-10-16 :: witchndigger@yahoo.com

Witchndigger Show 15. Really bad Food Service at Fridays on Friday. Guest Odd Boobs. Blah Blah.

Have a day,

Don't eat the yellow snow.

Witchndigger Show 15…


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Why we were dis-connected the other day.

2005-10-12 :: witchndigger@yahoo.com

This is the story the explaines why we lost connections the other day.

Big Back Bone's not talking!
hope to have a new cast up and out tonight,


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Ok so we'er back for now.

2005-10-06 :: witchndigger@yahoo.com

Welcome back, I hope this stays this way.

Thanks again,


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Trouble with Libsyn.com

2005-10-06 :: witchndigger@yahoo.com

Please bear with us as we too use Raodrunner and can't get into Libsyn.com.
I have sent an e-mail off to there support and hope to hear something back soon.
In the mean time Thanks for comming and post a comment.

Trying to bring you the best of the worst,


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Please Vote in our online poll. (You can chose only one.)

2005-10-05 :: witchndigger@yahoo.com

How many shows of ours have you listen to?
All I love your show.
None I just like comming to your blog.
Shows? What shows?
Please wipe the drool from my mouth.


Free polls from Pollhost.com


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Were we are working this season

2005-10-03 :: witchndigger@yahoo.com

Yes go there and check out were we are working this season.

Were we are working this season…


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Witchndigger Show 14

2005-09-28 :: witchndigger@yahoo.com

Show 14. We've got Mail. Wrap up BB6 and Rock Star INXS. Survivor two week recap. Haunted House Started Last Friday. Diggers Leg Issues. So you think you can dance recap down to final 6. Chiefs 2-1 good start to long season. America's next top model starts. Vote for us some where. Leave a comment. And send in your emails Witchndigger at hotmail and yahoo. James you rock and thanks.

Thanks for keeping the kids out of here,

Witchndigger Show 14…


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Witchndigger Show 13

2005-09-13 :: witchndigger@yahoo.com

We talk about stuff. Night Night. Email Us at yahoo and /or hotmail.

Witchndigger Show 13…


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Witchndigger Show 12

2005-09-01 :: witchndigger@yahoo.com

Hotmail us. Vote for us. Yahoo us. Over one hundred downloads. Rock Star INXS. So you think can dance. Rock School. Big Brother. McDonalds Pinky ad. Sorry about our last show I lost it. Lost and the end of Hooking up. I got new sound toys to play with. Why TY?

Thanks for keeping the kids out of here,

Witchndigger Show 12

WitchnDigger's Basement Project…


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Witchndigger Show 11

2005-08-25 :: witchndigger@yahoo.com

Promo Cast:
So you think you can dance
Rock Star INXS
Big Brother
Chiefs Game 3
Hooking up
Pictures of our ceiling
Witchndigger Show 11…


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Added Photos

2005-08-24 :: witchndigger@yahoo.com

I have added Photos our the WitchnDigger Basement project. Head on over to Yahoo and check them out. WitchnDigger's Basement Project…


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Witchndigger Show 10

2005-08-23 :: witchndigger@yahoo.com

Quick Show 10.
Rock Star INXS
Big Brother.
Emails Send in your Emails.
Comments give us some comments.
Taco Bell.

Witchndigger Show 10…


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Witchndigger Show 9

2005-08-17 :: witchndigger@yahoo.com

I Know Stuff.

Rockstar Inxs

Big Brother.

Hooking Up.

Politics Texas and Getting the job done then comming home.

Chiefs, FFootball, Haunted House.

Vote for US--------->

Email us hotmail.com and yahoo.com withcndigger.

Witchndigger Show 9…


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Witchndigger Show

We talk about TV reality shows and about ourselves. Please kids this is not the show for you. Thanks, Witchndigger!

Witchndigger Show

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