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Last update: 2011-11-23

The Final XtremBitz….

2011-11-23 :: XtremeBitz

We say goodbye to everything that is XtremeBitz….enough said. New Links: www.EJCshow.com www.Twitter.com/EJCshow www.Facebook.com/EJCshow Share this podcast on social networks…


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153: XtremeBitz Podcast – Moving Mountains

2011-10-05 :: XtremeBitz

They just got off Warped Tour, and now they’re on a traditional club tour. We talk about the differences between Warped Tour and doing a club tour, their new projects, and more! Band Links http://www.facebook.com/MovingMountains http://twitter.com/movmou Upcoming Tour Dates Ft. Lauderdale, FL October 7 Orlando, FL October 8 Atlanta, GA October 9 Carrboro, NC October [...]…


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152: XtremeBitz Podcast – 10.03.11

2011-10-03 :: XtremeBitz
Length: 1s

Chris wants to have kids because of the “beautiful process” , and because he wants to look at his kids and think that they’re a “giant pile of my [Chris'] semen” / Needing a “fluffer” to have relations with an ugly chick / Chris can’t handle hot salsa / Our own Dateline NBC episode, Murder [...]…


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151: XtremeBitz Podcast – Interview with Victorian Halls

2011-09-21 :: XtremeBitz

Eddie and Chris talk Sean from the awesome Chicago band, Victorian Halls. They finished playing a show just minutes before the interview. We talk about their new record deal, touring, and more. More about Victorian Halls The Chicago four-piece have an uncanny knack for constructing gleaming, crystalline, compact pop gems … and then going after [...]…


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150: XtremeBitz Podcast – 09.19.11

2011-09-19 :: XtremeBitz

Being born is the leading cause of depression / Have you ever had to smuggle booze into a hospital? / A drunken crazy old lady calls the show / We open the phone lines and Chris gets upset and wants to stop taking calls / Nickleback sucks / Eddie tries to get a date for Chris [...]…


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149: XtremeBitz Podcast – 09.15.11

2011-09-15 :: XtremeBitz

We discuss the science behind the Dominos Pizza Tracker / Should 9-11 always be a negative? / Has Chris blown all of life’s chances? / We check in with Jason and see how Baby Watch 2011 is progressing / Jason fails at a prank call /We talk Adrian from the band Operator / and more! [...]…


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148: XtremeBitz Podcast – 09.07.11

2011-09-07 :: XtremeBitz

XtremeBitz—Underrated like Creed is on The Office Jason is out on Baby Watch 2011–we check in / Chris works his magic with a listener from across the country / Chris is a dead fish in bed / We can’t find our bald eagle / We talk to the Austin, TX band, Quiet Company (who doesn’t [...]…


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147: XtremeBitz Interview – Anti-Flag

2011-08-31 :: XtremeBitz

We catch up with the best punk band in the world, Justin from Anti-Flag. We find out what they’ve been up to, what goes into making great punk rock and roll,  their now legendary status, and more. More about Anti-Flag Anti-Flag is a punk rock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the United States, formed in [...]…


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146: XtremeBitz Podcast – 08.29.11

2011-08-29 :: XtremeBitz

The last show before Jason’s offspring is upon us…(maybe) / We talk to Scott, Justin, and David from a killer CA band, EdstanleY (links below). We ask them about their MTV The Hills connection, their tour, their bad-ass music, and more / Our friend Lindsay has a “voice twin” / Jason talks about the confusion involved with [...]…


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145: XtremeBitz Interview Special Part 2 – Katie on Kyle

2011-08-24 :: XtremeBitz

XtremeBitz Interview Special Week continues…for our interview podcast, we take a look back into the XtremeBitz Archives. This fantastic, never-before-heard,  interview has been collecting dust in our archives for about a year. We’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to share it with you…which has yet to present itself. Because we need to make room on the XtrmeBitz hard-drive, and dump [...]…


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144: XtremeBitz Podcast – 08.22.11 – Interview Special Part 1

2011-08-22 :: XtremeBitz
Length: 1s

In this very special episode of XtremeBitz, we take a listen to our favorite interviews of the recent past. If you’ve missed something, now’s your chance to catch up! Enjoy our world-class interview style, and hear how it annoys, angers, and disappoints bands like: Drive A, Evolove, Pentimento, and The Story So Far. We also play selected [...]…


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143: XtremeBitz Interview – Independent Filmmaker Toby Hamilton

2011-08-17 :: XtremeBitz

The guys stat the interview by giving shit to Hollywood Reporter, Krystal. Once we get our guest, Toby, on the line we talk about his career in film and video production and his 3D camera invention. He’s been a writer on the TV show Drama / Reality show series, COPS. Now, Toby is hard at work [...]…


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142: XtremeBitz Podcast – 08.15.11

2011-08-15 :: XtremeBitz

Eddie can’t remember the number to call into the show / A new iPhone app let’s you see the twin towers in the New York City skyline / Chris talks about his band / An airline passenger pees on an 11-year-old girl /We sing the theme song for Krystal – The Hollywood Reporter / Jason [...]…


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141: XtremeBitz Interview – Culprit

2011-08-10 :: XtremeBitz

We talk to Zach from the LA area band, Culprit, before they get ready to play a show at a small venue. They really need a new van, so make sure you check out their KickStarter project and help them get a new van!  We talk to Zach about how the band enjoys the sweet [...]…


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140: XtremeBitz Podcast – 08.08.11

2011-08-08 :: XtremeBitz
Length: 1s

We kick it off with a Hollywood Report with our Hollywood Celebrity Sight Seer, Krystal / 3D side-boob / Want a job at Pixar? Try starting with CGI penises /Some life advice for Chris from Jason / Chris hoards each hair of his mustache…he tells us why he’ll never shave it / Eddie tries a horrible prank [...]…


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139: XtremeBitz Podcast – 08.01.11

2011-08-01 :: XtremeBitz

Eddie and Chris talk about the worst thing happening in Chris’ life:  being allergic to his sister’s guinea pig / A discussion about the current state of medical marijuana and the DEA / Whole Foods workers quit across the country, we discuss / Internet browsers are related to your IQ…which do you use? / Jason talks about a weird [...]…


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138: XtremeBitz Interview – Evolove [EXCLUSIVE]

2011-07-27 :: XtremeBitz

An XtremeBitz EXCLUSIVE Interview with the lovely Lucy from the band, Evolove! Eddie and Chris talk about eating and drinking during interviews, Lucy’s loud ego, what it’s like for her to be the only chick in the band, and more! Plus, we debut EXCLUSIVE NEW MUSIC. More about Evolove: Last summer, Evolove was thrust in [...]…


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137: XtremeBitz Podcast – 07.25.11

2011-07-25 :: XtremeBitz
Length: 1s

Chris is back! / We kick off the show with A Night in Hollywood, their producer has worked with such bands as: Escape the Fate, Incubus, and more. We talk about their music, spin a track, and talk about groupies! / The XtremeBitz Lawyer, Sam E. Goldberg, tells us about a fascinating legal case involving a cross dresser being [...]…


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136: XtremeBitz Podcast – 07.21.11

2011-07-21 :: XtremeBitz

Unemployed people go on more vacations that employed people / Mat Haris on assignment in Vegas / Comedian Kyle Novak pitches his new energy drink / Comedian Kyle Novak pitches his latest Pyramid Scheme / Eddie is getting scammed by Physical Therapy / and more! Mentioned on the Episode Energy drink and booze recipes The new Blink182 song The Physical [...]…


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135: XtremeBitz Interview – Kills and Thrills [EXCLUSIVE]

2011-07-13 :: XtremeBitz

An XtremeBitz interview with a World Premiere new song by Kills and Thrills! Eddie and Jason talk with Chris from the band, who works at a deli during the day, and delivers pizza during the night. He dreams of delivering a pizza to a fan someday…so he knows it’s time to stop delivering pizzas. Also, [...]…


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134: XtremeBitz Podcast – 07.11.11

2011-07-11 :: XtremeBitz

It’s a smoky start to XtremeBitz with Newswoman Megan trying to cook / Chris is out / Children were severed alcohol at a restaurant, so we investigate and bring you the whole story/ Our thoughts on the Casey Anthony Trial / We call Casey Anthony’s lawyer / We call our lawyer, Sam E. Goldberg / Dan, from Australia and more! Mentioned on [...]…


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133: XtremeBitz Interview – The Story So Far

2011-07-06 :: XtremeBitz

Kelen from the band (bassist), The Story So Far, checks in to talk about their US tour. Kelen has an out of control ego and tells us how the other band mates deal with it, and more. The Story So Far are on the verge of making a major dent into the pop-punk scene this [...]…


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132: XtremeBitz Podcast – 07.04.11

2011-07-04 :: XtremeBitz

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY FROM YOUR FRIENDS @ XTRMEBITZ!! Licking a Dog’s A-Hole (stay classy, San Diego!) / We find a guy on Craig’s List trying to sell his liver / The co-host on the North West Coast, Matt Harris, checks in / Eddie looks like Shia Labeouf / Megan Fox has “toe-thumbs” / A porn [...]…


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131: XtremeBitz xtraCast Interview – Shut Up and Deal

2011-06-29 :: XtremeBitz

Eddie and Jason talk with Joe the vocalist from Shut up and Deal, currently on The Warped Tour. However, Eddie and Jason have been a little bit…”intimidated” by Patrick from Rock the Walls. His interviewing techniques are so above par, we almost forgot his show is a joke. I mean…really good. Listen to Eddie and [...]…


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130: XtremeBitz Podcast – 06.27.11

2011-06-27 :: XtremeBitz

The Worst Of XtremeBitz! Yeah, we’ve taken a couple of weeks off…we were too embarrassed to go on the air after this stuff happened…in this worst of… We recruit old folks for new music videos / We try to find out our shoe size via telephone / An interview with a kick-ass Japanese band called, Yonrinsha /  In XtremeBitz [...]…


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129: XtremeBitz xtraCast Interview – Pentimento

2011-06-15 :: XtremeBitz

Eddie, Jason, and Chris talk to Mike from the Buffalo, NY band, Pentimento. They tell the guys why they decided to break-up with their girlfriends and quit their jobs to pursue their passion, killer punk rock and playing live.  The band answers live calls, talks to a horny woman that’s obsessed with the band, and more! More [...]…


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127: XtremeBitz Podcast – 06.12.11

2011-06-13 :: XtremeBitz

Jason wants to take over NBC Nightly News / Would you rather bang in a women’s restroom or a men’s restroom? / Is Chris a douche bag? We find out…. / We talk about or old friend, Jerry Garcia / What’s the biggest age gap between you and someone you’ve made out with? / Should [...]…


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127: XtremeBitz xtraCast Interview – Elway

2011-06-08 :: XtremeBitz

They were “sued” by Denver Broncos hall of fame quarterback, John Elway. Hear their side of the story. Broncos legendary quarterback and current Vice President, John Elway, has asked an obscure Colorado punk rock band named ‘Elway’ to stop using his surname in a letter from his attorney before the Memorial Day Weekend. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/06/01/john-elway-asks-fort-coll_n_869913.html ​John Elway’s [...]…


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126: XtremeBitz Podcast – 06.06.11

2011-06-06 :: XtremeBitz
Length: 1s

The downsides of cell phone usage…Angry Birds while driving??? / Do you, “Tweak The Nut”? / The Chris Craig’s List Ad / Blood donors VS sperm donors — how much is your sperm worth? Really? / We talk to our Segment Producer Patrick about his shitty performance (this week) / And more! Mentioned on this Episode Craig’s List Chris’ Craig’s List [...]…


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125: XtremeBitz xtraCast Interview – The Darlings

2011-06-01 :: XtremeBitz

Eddie and Krystal ask Buddy and CK of The Darlings what it’s like to be on tour with punk legends, Face to Face and Strung Out. About The Darlings: LA rockers The Darlings have come a long way since their inception in 2005. After beating out hundreds of bands to win this year’s Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands, the Darlings had [...]…


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124: XtremeBitz Podcast – 05.30.11

Length: 1h 3m 38s

Jason and Chris are out, so Eddie and The Hollywood Reporter, Krystal are at the helm / We have some bad callers, some good callers / The dirtiest Oprah moments / Botox, teeth whitening, and medical marijuana in the same stop? Thank you Venice Beac[...]…


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123: XtremeBitz xtraCast Interview – Drive A

2011-05-25 :: XtremeBitz

Jason (guitarist) calls in from the band, Drive A– currently on tour with Hollywood Undead! Jason likes to get into fights, he likes naked girls, and he loves to write great music. What more do you need? Listen as a big fan calls in and surprises Jason with some great super-fan questions, and more! More band info Sometimes [...]…


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122: XtremeBitz Podcast – 05.23.11

Length: 1h 8m 37s

Chris calls in sick / End of the world talk, including a live end of the world prank call / We catch up with Russ, the founder of Music Saves Lives / We prank call a listener who calls our hotline and hangs up / Megan has too many Tylenol PM / Face[...]…


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121: XtremeBitz xtraCast Interview – Permanent Ability

Length: 21m 22s

They’re The Red Hot Chili Peppers on speed. The guys from Permanent Ability won their opportunity to be interviewed by XtremeBitz after wining a game of Words with Friends against Tom (the owner of idobi Radio). We talk about how persistant th[...]…


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120: XtremeBitz Podcast – 05.16.11

Length: 1h 17m 36s

We start things off with a little too much bodily fluid talk / I Make My Own Lemonade and Wanna Win  the BIG CASH / A listener calls in via Skype and plays some acoustic Plain White Ts / We discuss new press photo ideas / A live prank call / The Hol[...]…


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119: XtremeBitz xtraCast Interview Series – NIAYH

Length: 18m 32s

An interview with Portland band, NIAYH. When Eddie, Jason, and Chris call, the band is in the process of dealing with a broken down tour bus. No bus means no way to get to the next gig on time.  So…Eddie, Jason and Chris make the band call the[...]…


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118: XtremeBitz Podcast – 05.09.11

Length: 1h 12m 2s

Jason doesn’t like fish, but he likes fish sticks / Why are certain bad words worse than others? / Interview with a cool band Yornisha from Japan / It’s The XtremeBitz Summer of the Stars! / We ask Krystal some probing questions / and mo[...]…


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117: XtremeBitz xtraCast Interview Series – Lionize

Length: 21m 37s

We talk to upcoming 2011 Warped Tour performers, Lionize.  Reggae, rock, soul, sweet-shit rock, mixed into one sonic deleviery…that is Lionize. A truly unique sound for  Warped Tour audiences. Listen to Eddie and Jason talk about this style of[...]…


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116: XtremeBitz Podcast – 04.06.11

Length: 1h 10m 6s

We start the show by playing a big joke on Jason / porn star Dane Cross calls in to comment on the news that porn star real names were leaked / Megan prank calls her parents / We try to figure out how and why we pissed off the band Title Fight / And[...]…


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115: XtremeBitz xtraCast Interview Series – Water and Bodies

Length: 21m 10s

A live, un-edited interview with Water and Bodies (while they bar it up).  We quickly discover that this band can smell the fact that we do our interviews live, raw, and uncut… they adapt and deliver beyond any other interview. It’s grea[...]…


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114: XtremeBitz Podcast – 03.30.11

Length: 1h 24m 23s

Eddie and Jason try to cast old people in their brand new music video…by calling old folks homes / Eddie tries to find out what his shoe size is / A great money making scheme that you can use to make thousands of dollars / Charlie Sheen was su[...]…


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113: XtremeBitz xtraCast Interview Series – Adult Film Star, Dane Cross

Length: 19m 33s

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an adult film star? How about a male adult film star? What a stressful job. You’ve seen him in Bubble Butt Buddies, Cougar 101, Milf Seeker 16, We Swallow 28, Goo Girls 40, and more!  Eddie, Ja[...]…


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112: XtremeBitz Podcast – 03.20.11

Length: 49m 52s

We discuss network news anchor preferences / Newswoman Megan cuts the F out of her fingers / Our views (like you care) of the Japanese tsunami / We talk good TV spin-offs / We have fun with our reporter stationed in Boulder, Colorado as he tells us [...]…


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111: XtremeBitz xtraPodcast Interview Series – George Watsky

Length: 20m 19s

An XtremeBitz xtraPodcast with talented lyricist, rapper, performer, and YouTube viral video sensation, George Watsky. About George: Touring while finishing his college education on a condensed schedule, George has performed at conferences and unive[...]…


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110: XtremeBitz Podcast – 02.16.11

Length: 1h 16m 16s

Is the studio bum a man or woman? / Interview with the band Title Flight (which doesn’t go so good) / We act as idobi Radio Board of Directors as someone pitches a partnership with the radio station / Some live prank calls / And more! Share [...]…


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110: XtremeBitz Podcast – 01.24.11

Length: 1h 3m 45s

Is Eddie a hipster? / Chris gives us a love-life update / We check in with a few XtremeBitz staples: Sam Goldberg (our lawyer), Krystal with the entertainment report / drunk dials, and more! Share this podcast on social networks…


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109: XtremeBitz Podcast – 01.17.11

Length: 1h 29m 13s

We wrap up the Zodiac sign debate, discuss the dating life of Chris, we recap Jason quitting on last week’s episode, we take a lot of calls and try to train the audience how to properly call in, the Hollywood Insider, Krystal, what would you d[...]…


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108: XtremeBitz Podcast – 01.12.11

Length: 1h 18m 24s

Our first show of 2011!! Zac VS. Gunz from The Gunz Show, Exit to a Sexy Rosie O’Donnell, Ted Williams, Jason quits, “I Make My Own Lemonade…”, and more! Share this podcast on social networks…


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107: XtremeBitz Podcast – 11.07.10

Length: 1h 17m 30s

Comedian Kyle Novak in-studio filling in for Chris (sorry), he promises to quit stand-up comedy if we don’t like his stand-up set (at the end of the show), we take a few phone calls, Eddie curses listeners with “orbitals“, Kyle end[...]…


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