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Last update: 2013-03-26

Episode 19

Length: 1h 13m 52s

Previously on Lost: Did you ever wonder how people got ice pre-freezers!? Of course you didn't, but the guys talk about it anyways! Plus, they discuss being deities, Willa Ford, and some more "Girl Meets World" news! Any of you Twitter-ers out there, be sure to look out for the new hash tag (#). It's mad versatile! Pixies. Do. The. Music. Good. Stuff. Electronically messages us at iamaterrorist@hotmail.com …


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Episode 18

Length: 55m 51s

Welcome back Kotter! In addition to discussing walk-out worthy movies, the guys continue their quest to find a good Uma Thurman flick with this weeks e-mails! Also, there is some talk about eating pets! Just like the good lord intended! And whatever happened to Topanga? Maxim. . . Maxim happened to Topanga. Seriously. . . look it up. How many lixies does it take to get to the center of the Pixies?! E-mail us. For realz this time. I'm talkin to you Marlon Rando. iamaterrorist@hotmail.com …


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Episode 17

Length: 1h 13m 7s

Noisy cricket gettin' gettin wicked on ya! In this episode Ryan F. and Matt make a death bet (which is exactly what it sounds like)! This weeks E-mail brings some silly superstitions! Also, the guys discuss sly ways to compliment(?) da ladies! And, let's just say Darwin would be proud of this week's topic hat! Debaser? I just met her! The Pixies. . . E-mail us a gratuitous amounts of furniture! (does anyone even read these?) iamaterrorist@hotmail.com …


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Episode 16

Length: 1h 6m 26s

It's here! The official age of consent episode! The guys receive an investment opportunity from a listener, Kickstarter style! Matt reveals a "magical" work story which spawns a great reality show idea (copyrighted material). Also, in response to this weeks topic hat, I'm getting too old to finish this description. Keep on listenin! The Pixies are fucking crazy! Thanks for being crazy, you crazy-crazies! E-mail information and your money to: iamaterrorist@hotmail.com …


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Episode 15

Length: 1h 7m 51s

We meat again. Yeah, I know what I wrote. This week, the guys receive the answer to their "guess who" E-mail! Then, more E-mails that prove to be a super-powered-cage-fightin' good time! They also touch on some unconventional conventions and list some songs that make them sad to be Americans. . . With some dicks and drugs! Goodbye Jay-Z. You've always and will always be good to us. E-mail us something interesting and win a prize! (prizes may vary. . . or not exist.) iamaterrorist@hotmail.com …


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Episode 14

Length: 56m 35s

The one with some racist undertones. The guys are back to their vulgar ways! So look out homeless folks, STI's and super-powers 'cause we're comin' for ya! Also, movies. Something clever about Jay-Z! Must. . . have. . . E-mails. . . to sustain. . . life. . . iamaterrorist@hotmail.com …


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Episode 13

Length: 1h 10m 9s

Drunk Jeff Goldblum! Two, count them, two E-mails and arguments aplenty! In the future, looking back at the now, how stupid will we all look? As usual, the guys touch on guns and bibles! Brace yourselves. Jay-Z bought me nice whips. E-mail us your stuff, or else. . . iamaterrorist@hotmail.com …


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Episode 12

Length: 1h 27m 54s

The guys kick-off another episode with a listener E-mail (the longest ever!. . . of 3. . .) and reminisce about the internet of yester-year! This week's Topic Hat leaves you wanting more. . . wives! Special thanks to H-to-the-izzo! E-mail us topic ideas, your responses to the topics presented and/or sex pics! Pic4Pic? iamaterrorist@hotmail.com …


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Episode 11

Length: 1h 0m 39s

The guys finally get emails (keep 'em coming!). Who doesn't love Indiana Jones and kid slaves?! Also, have you ever had a "meet-cute?" Like everyone else, they discuss Manti Te'o and more topic hat hijinks! Praise be unto Hova! Email us your thoughts, questions, topics, sex stuff, etc to iamaterrorist@hotmail.com! …


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Spepisode 10

Length: 1h 27m 32s

Our very special 10th episode! It's the 10th episode anniversary of our very 1st episode! Ryan and Ryan have a surprise for Matt which you won't want to miss! We get another listener topic! Most importantly, YBIIY welcomes their first ever guest, Bob Dickman! Don't forget to kiss Electric Six next time you see them! Email us topics, comments and concerns at iamaterrorist@hotmail.com …


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Episode 9

Length: 53m 1s

The guys talk about their dreams. . . of murder. Also, a prediction of the new currency when paper money FINALLY goes out of style. Plus, more wacky body part adventures from Ryan F's job. Listen up, my little Tuesday! Electric Six made this song (just not for us). …


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Episode 8

Length: 48m 40s

The guys are now time-travelers, find out how and also which occupations they'll take up in the past. And in this week's hypothetical topic, get some robot parts on human parts action. And to wrap up the holidays, treat your ears to the world famous "Holiday Rap." Electric Six and Ass. Chocolate, musical gods for the ages. …


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Episode 7

Length: 1h 11m 34s

Matt has found his calling in life. The guys reveal the game of "Guess Who" to the world, talk about commercials, and every day awkward social interactions. (Also, the email given in this episode, IS our existing e-mail. . . For realz.) Electric Six, loves on time! Electric love and my sex crime. …


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Episode 6

Length: 1h 11m 0s

The animal episode. The guys talk about their favorite animals. . . to fight. And food is in there somewhere. Also, the guys get listener calls! If this doesn't get you off, then you're not a true sexual deviant. Music by Electric Six (spiritual successors to The Forget Me Nows!). …


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Episode 5

Length: 1h 12m 53s

Ryan F. gives the guys an ultimatum: which limb would they choose to keep? The guys discuss how children are dirty liars (oh, and share their lies as children. . .). Also, they receive their first topic from a listener! Kennedy makes the good musics. …


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Episode 4

Length: 57m 46s

A new hope. Ryan receives a check for two thousand dollars in the mail, we Brazilian wax nostalgic over cartoons of our childhood, and we talk about fighting middle schoolers. Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy swing batter. er....music. …


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Episode 3

Length: 55m 39s

The guys choose their top 5 guys to invite over to "watch a movie," discuss stage versus film, Star Wars Ep. 7, and the first edition of high school girls' notes to Ryan Mercier. Thanks to Kennedy for "Hillbilly Witchcraft." Kennedy 2016! …


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Episode 2.1

Length: 47m 31s

We discuss freaking people out in 1784 and great live shows. Also, Matt shares the true meanings of famous phrases and Ryan F. recounts an intimate moment with Matt. Intro/Outro song: Kennedy Give him all the moneys! …


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You Bet It's in Yet Ep.1

Length: 44m 6s

Just what you deserve …


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