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Last update: 2012-06-12

Episode 34 <----Click to Listen

2012-06-12 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)

Zombies, human face meat, scariest thing to live through, we all drink wine, mother's boys, lying to get laid, wiener squeezes, gay for bacon, hating bitches, losing our virginity, ZUNE - Silversun Pickups - Busy Bees, leader or dicksucker, duckfaces, can't fall in love on Craigslist, booty juice

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Zune: Silver Sun Pickups


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Episode 33 <----Click to Listen

2012-04-28 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)

Fuck the OG, Minus The Bear, gravel pitting, monologue, Captain Planet, Brian McKnight gives zero fucks, hotel dickbanging More after the jump... Brian McKnight: Zero Fucks Given  
Zune: Minus The Bear - Excuses


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Episode 32 <----Click to Listen

2012-04-22 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)

Welcome back Cam, Spitting: whose cheeseburger is this?, southerners, Scooby Snack rap, PSA: pull up your pants, ZUNE: Action Bronson - Tapas,  Black Wisdom: soften the blow, time to poo

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 PSA: Don't be this Guy

Action Bronson - Tapas


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Show Update

2012-04-13 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)

Due to Larry's Macbook's graphics card blowing up, the show will be on hiatus for a little while. Hopefully we'll get an episode up this weekend. Stay tuned. WE WILL BE BACK IN BUILDING.

-Larry & Neil …


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Episode 31 <----Click to Listen

2012-03-29 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)


Neil's first hangover, Lazy Sunday - We Used To Dream, hoodies up for Trayvon Martin, spitting on your fucking server, we're so excited!, Lazy Sunday - A Song For Benjamin

Check out Lazy Sunday


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Episode 30 <----Click to Listen

2012-03-21 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)

St. Patrick's brownies, Black Irish,  Hoboken hipster hijinx, doesn't everyone jerk off in public?, ZUNE: Chiddy Bang, Teddy Bears & Robots: the great zombie arguement, we solve your problems and chug beer...poorly

Zune: Chiddy Bang - The Opposite of Adults More after the jump...

The Gentleman's Rant: Hipsters Kony 2012 Founder Jason Russell Meltdown


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Episode 29 <----Click to Listen

2012-03-15 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)

Welcome home Randy, Steak & Blowjob Day, there's no way that Randy is fucking this girl on my bed, ZUNE: Ellie Goulding - Lights, Dominican prostitutes and liquid Viagra, Log by BLAMMO!, snootchie snatching, a lot of fucks being thrown around

Ellie Goulding - Lights


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Episode 28 <----Click to Listen

2012-03-08 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)

Introducing Cam, front lawning, ass butter, Cam's birthday, choke me sex, 112, boo loving playlists, spitting on hosts, Craigslist: platonic gold digging, boats and ramikins, Zune: Jens Lekman

Jens Lekman - An Argument with Myself


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Episode 27 <----Click to Listen

2012-02-29 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)

http://ehub24.webhostinghub.com/~yourne10/Episodes/newblackfriendsep26.mp3jacking off again, Misfits: Rape as a super power, Oscar shorts, twin date nights, Zune: Bloc Party, Spittin: breastfeeding in restaurants, Craiglists Shenanigans: ambiguous group sex

Bloc Party - Where is Home
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Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts

Misfits Season 1 Trailer - Series Available on Hulu …


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Episode 26 <----Click to Listen

2012-02-22 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)

white on white on white violence, ass and titties, CRAIGSLIST SHENANIGANS: love is a relay race, ZUNE: Sleigh Bells, full penetration, DICKPUNCH: political discourse is like a bad facebook relationship

More after the Jump

 Sleigh Bells - Demons 
Sleigh Bells - Infinity Guitars


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Episode 25 <----Click to Listen

2012-02-15 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)

Happy plan B day, crack did what crack does, kidnapping niggas in Africa, roses smell like poo-poo, words cheaters, fuck blue eyed turtles



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Episode 24 <----Click to Listen

2012-02-08 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)

Black history icons, old lady dancing, Nostalgia: JUMP, nobody robbed you Whitney, Ex-slave to former Master: you gon' pay what you owe, Zune: Mr. Ghetto is the lion king, Maps & Atlases, fucking comma animals, Spitting in Your Fucking Food: Fuck you and your birthday

More after the jump. 

Zune: Maps & Atlases

More Mr. Ghetto


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Episode 23 <----Click to Listen

2012-02-01 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)

Drinking games, Midtown kissing, $3 blu-rays,  nut juice ruins dickpunch,  dead dude banging, teddy bears & robots,  piano shits, baby batter and toe nails, Lion King jams, Craigslist Lothario has tinkle town madness

Official Zune: Florence and The Machine - Heartlines
More after the Jump...

Teddy Bears & Robots:
Killer Mike - That's Life 2 
The Last Dragon: SHO'NUFF!
Case - Missing You (Craigslist Background Music)


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Episode 22 <----Click to Listen

2012-01-15 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)

January 18th, Karen's google history, DMX, Growing up in the suburbs, we respect Bruno Mars & Tyler Perry but they still suck, you be you, lotion man's panhandle jingle, basement blunts, winter tv preview

More after the Jump

First World Problems


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"Shit White Girls Say...to Black Girls"

2012-01-04 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)

We found this video on the Youtubes today...fucking hysterical and so socially poignant. We'll be talking about it in detail on next week's episode (which may be a little on the serious side). 
We've talked about some of these things in past episodes: touching black people's hair, interracial relationships, that sort of thing. But this video wraps all that stuff up in a neat little 2 minute package of comedy gold. Give it a watch...or we'll collect fraudulent welfare checks at the expense of your tax dollars.


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Episode 21 <----Click to Listen

2012-01-03 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)

No diapers, bottle popping, Larry is a Christmas thief, Neil's match.com profile, booty hole promises, dude banging, dealbreakers, cuddle problems, earthquakey people jump around, keep your head up Candace!


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Episode 20 <----Click to Listen

2011-12-23 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)

racist haiku's, that shit is not cray, Neil wants to be a horse, year of the dead douche, selling eggs & cup jacking, cPixel.com, Kendrick Lamar has Tupac flavored dreams, first world problems

Brought to you by the guys over at kissingsuzykolber
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Brought you to by the guys over at kissingsuzykolber


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Episode 19 <----Click to Listen

2011-12-17 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)

Yardie food escapade, faithful listeners choose douche, dates with candy, mom & dad shout-outs, Kwanzaa coloring books, scandalous sugar hoes, Fear Factor, booty dignity, million dollar dreams, VHS or Beta

More after the Jump


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Episode 18 <----Click to Listen

2011-12-03 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)

RIP Patrice O'Neal, "Candy Talk" once again: No Mouth Surprises, twinkle twinkle, Dickpunch: Shucky Ducky, Montreal hooker story, Neil gets real hood over Uno's Cheddar Burgers, SUPER LONG SPITTING IN YOUR FUCKING FOOD. World AIDS day, Scrambled eggs

Patrice Lumumba Malcolm Oneal
December 7, 1969 - November 29, 2011  More after the Jump...


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Texts from Bennett is our new Favorite Thing

2011-12-01 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)

I just stumbled upon this site while not working...

"These are text messages I exchange with my 17 year old cousin Bennett. He is a white boy that thinks he's a Crip, works at Amoco, has a girlfriend named Mercedes, and is one of the most unintentionally funny and brilliant souls on the planet."

17? Wannabe Gangster? Girlfriend named after a luxury car brand? Something tells me this is gonna illiterately hysterical. …


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Episode 17 <----Click to Listen

2011-11-29 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)

Passionate about earphones, Larry's birthday, No cursing challenge, Thanksgiving with white people, Fitz & the Tantrums, Neil's no quitter, hip swiveling, Where does Larry live?, Schlitz vs. Steel Reserve, things that Larry has hit with a car, SAVE COMMUNITY, American Idol, toilet water, public urination, dick scales, the raccoon pee debate, imagination


more after the jump...


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Episode 16 <----Click to Listen

2011-11-11 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)

Down goes Frazier, Heavy D-ead, Starbursts vs. Skittles, Dress code = metal detectors, clapping for weed, Gambino is a mastermind, Spitting in your Fucking Food: verbals tips, doo-doo stains and heartbreak, Dick punch: Penn State diddles kids, Neil's apology to the ladies

Note: We recorded this episode on Wednesday November 9th, a few hours before Joe Paterno was fired.

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Episode 15 <----Click to Listen

2011-10-24 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)

being unprepared brings out the realness, jail thai massages, Neil Brian bombs on stage, how to eat pussy, hot plates, Cuff'd, basement friends, surprise porn, Hooplah!, chicken chat …


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Episode 14 <----Click to Listen

2011-10-16 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)


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Former Productive Member of Society


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Episode 13 <----Click to Listen

2011-10-04 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)

Sunday roof raising, Larry's big boy move, Neil's dirty stand-up, Wanted: rookie handjobs, craigslist arm's race, gangbanging on flavored soda, dickmeat dick fucking, Colorado dancing …


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Episode 12 <----Click to Listen

0000-00-00 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)

Goodbye summer, Neil Brian's Birthday, Boo-loving time, Pussy points, 9/11, Campers, Repeaters, College hookering, Asshole-man is a stalker, Eyebrow party snacks, Red Dragon: fast, furious, & broken, Listener Email, Xbox with porn on the side, Fall TV…


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Episode 11 <----Click to Listen

0000-00-00 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)

Poor phone etiquette, sweet tooth vs chocolate, ZUNE, panty throwers, awkward show dancers, high school creepers, $15,000 dick, nsfw, Craigslist Shenanigans, dudes on dudes …


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Episode 10 <----Click to Listen

0000-00-00 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)


Young Shay, Jesus vs drugs, ex-girlfriend tales, seduction, sponsors, diddle, heroin cavity search, vertical smile memories, lotion vs dildos, 'Kids' is the dirtiest movie ever, virginity …


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Episode 9 <----Click to Listen

0000-00-00 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)

God pees in the woods, facebook killed high school reunions, Joywavemusic.com, racist restaurant patrons, control your kids, vampire attack?, Larry thinks rape is good for drama, window jacking splatter attack!

We'll post the photoshop contes…


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Episode 8 <----Click to Listen

0000-00-00 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)

Black wedding crasher, rubber hunting, old man's old-ass condoms, personal space, Brooklyn pilgrimage, Death Cab for Cutie, 5 hour bunny sex, bar fight!, stay young go dancing

More after the jump

Neil's Pictures from the Death …


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Episode 7 <----Click to Listen

0000-00-00 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)

Drive-by ass shaking, Do not sing in Neil's ear, Childish Gambino/Donald Glover, high teachers, white face, Nostalgia: being a Mallrat, 4Loko, Arcades, Neil's drive-by training, embarrassing teen phases, 16 year old Neil dating, Harry Potter, cosplay, Dar…


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Episode 6 <----Click to Listen

0000-00-00 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)

Pre-showing with Four Loko, drunk/dumb texting, squirters are REAL, Wu-Tang and crack ain't nothing to fuck with...RIP Amy Winehouse, champagne demands, bear attacks, crackhead defenses, kill mom and dad then it's partytime

The Only Good Ro…


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Episode 5 <----Click to Listen

0000-00-00 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)

Thai food poisoning, bunny dinner dates, blue balls is real, double dickpunch: malicious dick violence, Matt & Kim, Larry is dancing all over the place, Skip-it is whack, big booty bitches

Videos from this episode after the jump!


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Episode 4 <----Click to Listen

0000-00-00 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)

4th of July, Neil hates heights and carnies are scary!, What's on your Zune: Wallpaper - Stupidfacedd (White Boy Wasted), Dickpunch Of The Week, Homage to Afternoon Cartoons

Wall Paper Stupidfacedd


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Episode 3 <----Click to Listen

0000-00-00 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)

Did she just call me a nigger?, drunk karaoke fights, Dickpunch Of The Week, YYY's, Go Go Power Rangers!, Somebody's fucking my lady


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Episode 2 <----Click to Listen

0000-00-00 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)

Studio setup, Larry's bus adventure, spanish traps, apartment woes, What's on your Zune: Music tribute, THINK BIG, Dickpunch Of The Week, Laz…


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Episode 1 <----Click to Listen

0000-00-00 :: yournewblackfriends@gmail.com (Your New Black Friends)

The inaugural Episode of Your New Black Friends Radio with Larry Lager & Neil Brian

Finally on the AIR, seat dancing the theme music, beer dicks, Four Loko is fucked up, Summer TV Preview: Louie & Breaking Bad, What's on your Zune: D…


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