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Last update: 2012-10-09

EP 23: Free to play (Follow our twitter)

Length: 1h 35m 43s

This week we cover some Wii U news and what we think on it's launch line-up, also the great iphone vs android debate. We also touch on Micro transaction and a little more........I will like to thanks Ben for the now official end music of the podcast and Jhaye for the opening, as well as our guest this week Sherril, Koko, Rai and Kellon. I must also thank my 2 co-host Kitami and Sheldon for being with me this week. Adrian Bro we missed your presence this week, but you are not forgotten my One Piece loving Nakama. To all our fans as supporters we thank you for sticking with us. -Q?- …


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EP 22: spiteful (Kita no like me anymore)

Length: 57m 54s

This week we just have the good old crew and no guest. I have to say without any guest we still have fun just the four of us we still do an epic show together. Covering topics from the Wii U to the fall anime list.........thanks Ben for the now official end music of the Button Smashers podcast (through the forest). Thanks my co-host and friends Kitami, Adrian and Sheldon for there valued company. Thanks to all our fans and supporters we love you guys. -Q?-8) …


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EP 21: Ripoff (it might be gas)

Length: 1h 28m 43s

This may by far be the best time i have had working on the podcast edit.....it's all thanks to the all great content we have this week. thanks to Ben Landis for allowing us to use his music "Through the Forest", thanks to our new guest Mark, Shaun, denzyl........thanks to the second half of the dynamic duo that is Nigel and Natalia, Nigel boy you funny lol. thanks to my team Kita, Adrian and Sheldon......oh and don't forget the ego ......... -Q?- to make sure my bro shellz doesn't sound like a liar at the end of the podcast here are the links; twitter:@Shellz0001, @aozora18, @AdrianDMoses, @lpgardian. …


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the late show (bleach sucks)

Length: 1h 30m 16s

this was last weeks show but because of alot of work packing up on me and my busy schedule it is going up late. thanks to stephan the excitment , shellz wait what, markus this is sparta and off cost i cant forget my wonderful co-host kitami waaaaaaaaaaaat (PB). we had some fun with this on even though it was unorthodox. …


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kitami hosts, Poke-Parents

Length: 1h 40m 39s

this week we get down and dirty with our Pokemon roots. Mass Effect 3, Mario, Steam box and many more. this is also the first week Kitami has acted as main host. (round of applause) Y are u still reading this listen to the podcast. …


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button smashers podcast's Podcast

A Trinidadian gamer podcast. we talk real and true about the facts of a games and gamers as they are from the point of the average gamers in Trinidad and Tobago. our point of views are not those of the collective but only the truth as we see it in our eyes.

button smashers podcast's Podcast

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