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Last update: 2012-04-25

geek pop has moved!


Please don’t be alarmed by the huge void you find here! Yes, we have deleted all our posts and most of the page content. BUT DON’T WORRY… THE GEEK POP WEBSITE IS NOW AT GEEKPOP.CO.UK The only things left here are the archived festivals. All Geek Pop music and podcasts will be available on the new site. So please update your bookmarks folks! PODCAST LISTENERS! Our dear, dear listeners! We are updating our podcast feed. We have resubmitted the podcast to iTunes and set up a redirect, which should mean that if you are using iTunes, you will be moved to the new feed automatically. However, this may take a few days to kick in. If you are in any doubt, the new feed is THIS ONE. DOES THAT EXPLAIN EVERYTHING? Good. (If not, email crew@geekpop.co.uk and shout at us.) [...]…


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archived content


If you’re looking for old content and tracks from any of the previous festivals, you will find it all at geekpop.co.uk HOWEVER, old festivals are still archived here. Please see the Festival page here. [...]…


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Geek Pop Sessions: Biology by The Woe Betides

2012-03-01 :: Geek Pop

This month, the Geek Pop Sessions presents a re-working of a sci-pop “classic”, if you can call it that. We’ll leave Simon from the rather wonderful Woe Betides to explain all. Also, check out their debut album ‘Never Sleep‘. We couldn’t help noticing that it features songs called ‘This Head, This Heart’ and ‘Bone on Bone’. [...]…


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Geek Pop: February 2012

2012-02-16 :: Geek Pop

How do we do it? It all starts off very philosophical and high-minded, with talk of determinism and Islamic polymaths… and descends directly into sex robots and swearing. Sorry guys. The picture opposite is a design for Al Jazari’s drink-serving automatons, which Hayley mentions before Jim brings the tone down considerably. Listen out for Jim’s Geek [...]…


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Geek Pop Sessions: Underground by Andy Brown

2012-02-02 :: Geek Pop

For several years now, members of the Geek Pop crew have been great admirers of the WeAreAllBadgers.com website. It really is a thing of pure joy and you’ll have to investigate it yourselves to truly appreciate it… but in any case, it’s the inspiration for this month’s Geek Pop Sessions pod. Yes, we’ve hunted [...]…


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Geek Pop: January 2012

2012-01-14 :: Geek Pop

This month, we asked you for the weirdest songs you could think of, and here they are. Somehow, whilst striving for “weird”, everything got a bit sexy and/or rude, so brace yourselves, listeners. Here is our extra-weirdo Spotify list for January and here’s the one with *everything ever* on it. Download links below. Computer in Love - [...]…


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Geek Pop Sessions: My Scientific New Year’s Resolutions by Ardie Collins

2012-01-01 :: Geek Pop

This month’s session cast is our first Twitter-sourced song. It features the talents of Ardie Collins, the man behind the Cooper365 project, in which he wrote, recorded and published a song for every day of 2011. Including this geeky New Year song, that’s a new song every day for 366 days! The theme we gave [...]…


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Geek Pop Podcast - September 2011 (Neutrino Special!)

2011-09-25 :: Geek Pop
Length: 4s

Time for some topical science-based music on the podcast. This is a special show to coincide with the news that neutrinos *might* be able to travel faster than light, and therefore some of Einstein’s theories *might* have been a bit wrong, and therefore time travel *might* be possible… Anyway, thanks to Andrew Pontzen, Geek Pop [...]…


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Geek Pop Podcast - September 2011

2011-09-09 :: Geek Pop
Length: 47s

Everything seems to be wildly out of place this month, what with oranges in ovens, universes in cornflake boxes and POETRY sneaking into our music podcast… Oh and can anyone tell us whether Einstein once turned down the presidency of Israel? WHAT? It seems like we’ve come back from Green Man Festival and completely lost [...]…


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Geek Pop Podcast - July 2011

2011-07-03 :: Geek Pop
Length: 51s

Dudes! It’s another packed show with snowflakes, space elevators, some tough decisions to be made in an extended Geek Poll and a live session from the awesome Bronze Medallists, recorded in their garage. Don’t say we don’t love you. Check out full-length versions of this month’s picks on Spotify or Mixcloud. iTunes links below: 2 Atoms in [...]…


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Geek Pop Podcast - June 2011

2011-06-09 :: Geek Pop
Length: 52s

We’re ba-aack! (Again.) Did you miss us? Well, luckily for you, this is a bumper edition, featuring crocodiles, the moon, radioactive children and none other than the Rapconteur himself, Baba Brinkman. His album The Rap Guide to Evolution has been turned into an awesome video project, and the live show will soon to be taking [...]…


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Geek Pop Podcast - May 2011 (The Fly & Other Shenanigans)

2011-05-05 :: Geek Pop
Length: 18s

Yo! Podcast listeners! If you’ve been listening carefully you’ll know that Geek Pop Podcast host Hayley is getting wed this month. So instead of making a podcast for you lot, she’ll be lazing on a Sardinian beach. This means for the first time since before July 2009, there is no podcast… or at least, no [...]…


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Geek Pop Podcast - April 2011

2011-04-15 :: Geek Pop
Length: 41s

We’re back after all the excitement of the 2011 Geek Pop festival, with silly things like babies in boiling tubes, frog wrestling and Arnie, and sensible things like maths and a whole segment devoted to the great Yuri Gagarin. Plus, Jim says “schmo”. And don’t forget to vote in the GEEK POLL! below. If you’re after [...]…


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A Glorious Dawn (Cosmos Remix) - Symphony of Science

2010-03-12 :: Geek Pop
Length: 3s


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Peltier Cooling - Fourwave Mixing

2010-03-12 :: Geek Pop
Length: 6s


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Geek Pop Playlist - December (xmas spesh!)

2009-12-04 :: Geek Pop
Length: 35s

The December Playlist is our Christmas bonanza! Not only do we have an interview with a legend of geek music from BRITISH SEA POWER (latest album Man of Aran on iTunes here), there’s a Christmas quiz and a purpose made Christmas carol. Happy Christmas one and all! Oh, and most of this month’s songs are [...]…


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Geek Pop Playlist - November

2009-11-04 :: Geek Pop
Length: 40s

The November Playlist has a loose time travel theme - if you ignore half of it, that is… Hayley and Jim get to grips with loneliness, flux capacitors and warp drives. And Jim still isn’t done with his aluminum/aluminIUM rant… Just don’t encourage him. You can find the tracks from this Playlist on Spotify (sorry, [...]…


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Geek Pop Playlist - October

2009-10-10 :: Geek Pop
Length: 29s

This month, our Playlist prompts discussion of a random collection of weird and wonderful things, including spaghettification, strangeness, supernovas… and pagophagia. (Yet again, Hayley is unable to read her own writing and calls it “papophagia”). You can also find this Playlist on Spotify (sorry, no Black Hole on Spotify, apparently). Electron Blue - R.E.M. Quark, Strangeness [...]…


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