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Last update: 2009-10-20

Podcast Thirty Four

Length: 35m 9s

The highlights of Jim and Georges Technicoloured Radio Clubhouse broadcast live every sunday night from the cente of Wolverhampton, you can listen live at www.wcrfm.com every sunday night from 10 gmt to midnight for the whole show. On this podcast its the Georges coming of age special, plus miles more nonscense, and how to not shoot yourself in the head. Enjoy the show.!! …


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Podcast Thirty Three

Length: 56m 48s

Broadcast live and direct from the centre of Wolverhampton on 101.8 wcrfm across the Black contry and across the world at www.wcrfm.com every sunday night from 10pm gmt till midnight , this is the highlights podcast of Jim and Georges Technicolour Radio Clubhouse. All the fun, nonscense, banter and flat out sureal wisdom you can deal with, on this weeks show amonst other stuff Jima and george discover they are in fact advertising execs, and that they are Firkin Starvin, Liam Gallagher cant spell and things aint what they used to be, all this and so much more on your quality Midlands Podcast from your favorite broadcasting pair. Find out why Thousands of people enjoy our podcast every week. …


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Podcast Thirty Two

Length: 45m 49s

Welcome one again to the Technicolour Radio Clubhouse highlights Podcast , bought to you by your hosts Jim Smith and George Pitt, broadcast live form the Newhampton Centre in the centre on Wolverhampton. You can listen to the show live online at www.wcrfm.com every Sunday night between 10 and midnight GMT, that way you’ll get all the great music too that makes up the Technicolour Radio Clubhouse, on this podcast highlights include..... Lie dam lies and radio phone in’s the origins of nuisance phone calls, Willy Wonka , Charlie Bucket and the shocking truth behind The chocolate Factory, does Rohl Dahl really hate children? The Big Lebowski? Perhaps the perfect movie, plus loads more banter arguing and nonscense. …


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Podcast Thirty One

Length: 31m 45s

On this weeks show broadcast live and livid from the studios of www.wcrfm.com in the heart of wolverhampton's beautiful city centre Jim and George bring all the best of this weeks Technicolour Radio Clubhouse which goes out live on Sunday night between 10pm gmt and midnight on 101.8fm for those in the area, or across the whole world via the listen live button at www.wcrfm.com . All the banter , all the nonsense, all the irreverent chat , all the laughs and most of the mistakes. The Technicolour Radio Highlights Podcast, the Pride of Wolverhampton , on the show, sickness , food poisoning , and stretch, our stretch you know the one, Hair products ,the damming conclusion and at some point , sooner or later , in the end we are forced to do stories from the papers. Star Wars the clone wars , the review you have been waiting for Jim and George have their say. Keep and eye, sign up as a fan, subscribe to the podcast feel free to comment drop us a line, see you next week. much love Jim and George. …


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Podcast Thirty

Length: 29m 22s

Welcome to the Technicolor Radio Clubhouse with your host Jim Smith and George Pitt, Funny Banter, Cheeky chat news stories and all the nonsense you can shake even the shakiest of sticks at , this is podcast Thirty in our series of highly successful podcasts and perhaps our best. The Warriors retrospective, and other chat . …


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Podcast Twenty Nine

Length: 26m 50s

We’ve been away for a couple of weeks but this instalment of Jim and Georges Technicolour Radio Clubhouse highlights podcast is sure to make up for it , on this weeks show broadcast on www.wcrfm.com every Sunday night from 10pm till midnight gmt ,George is back from his Holidays and has tails of avoiding the rich local culture the interesting people and imposing landmarks of Egypt.The newest game that is sweeping the world, “Ebay CD Buying Chicken”yeah we know , its a terrible name , but a great game. Alwhatan ALWHATAN! SPRESS AND STAR, it will all make sense at in time , perhaps not? Is the Arabic tone of voice the reason that they are in so very many wars? Genies are real the undisputable proof. Middle class orgy at the manor house, perhaps the best headline we have ever heard, perhaps a chance to judge our betters, perhaps an opportunity to vent our frustration at not being invited. Truck Turner perhaps the finest movie of all time.All this and Jim and Georges Kentucky Confessions …


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Podcast Twenty Eight

Length: 20m 45s

On this weeks Technicolour Radio Clubhouse highlights podcast , its been brewing for a while but the boys wade in on the Mps expenses row, fat girls in Greggs the lot of em.The Fish Called The Fish, Why is The Fish Called the fish The shocking truth exposed in this edition of the clubhouse. One law for mps another for us, the many ways to enjoy magic mushrooms, the many ways to defend yourself against cows who want to steal your magic mushrooms. How to pick up women , George gives you the tips it took a lifetime of failure and rejection to pick up, have you ever been revered? Fancy it? Monkey magic the stuff you didn’t realise, firstly please don’t contact me telling me that there was no character called Fishy I know it was Sandy, sleep well the script writers have been tortured disciplined and sacked. All this and so much more that i simple cant be bothered to type it, find out why Jim and George and rarely out on the top 100 in there category . …


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Podcast Twenty Seven

Length: 50m 0s

Ok Here we go this is a very special, limited edition, one off does exactly what it says on the tin, may cause drowsiness, instalment of the technicolour radio clubhouse, friend of the show Matt Sacco is our special guest, also in attendance your hero George Pitt and, the worlds favourite half man half woman, half black half white , half gay half straight , funny looking long haired weirdo with a messianic complex ,Jim Smith. This podcast is completely unedited, as broadcast on 101.8wcrfm and online at www.wcrfm.com on Sunday the 21st of June 2009 frankly everyone was on form that night and its too good to cut anything out, so here it is in its entirety. You can tune into Jim and Georges Technicolour Radio Clubhouse every Sunday night at 10pm GMT on 101.8wcrfm or using the Listen Live Feature on the website at www.wcrfm.com Highlights include, Sacco’s football predictions, how did he get on, does anyone care. The Manchesterfordshire uniteds did very well it seems. Everton the shocking facts. George knows nothing about football and goes about proving it. Is Christianaldo Ronaldo really worth 10 Osama Bin Ladens? What would Osama be worth in shirt sales? The Las vegas show room story, make a note its on this one.Mike Hardacre will never forgive us, Sacco sings!! No really what is holistic?What cost a extra Lalla ?The lengths that the Taliban will go to, to hear Deeply dippy.Plus hill billy news , sleep snacknia and much much more. …


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Podcast Twenty Six

Length: 11m 34s

On this edition of Jim and Georges Technicolour Radio Clubhouse best of the week podcast, broadcast every Sunday night on 101.8 wcrfm or live online from 10pm GMT Sunday nights on www.wcrfm.com, we cover the big issues, Topless coffee bars, Skalextric, Swingball and condoms, Olympic connect4 and other rubbish skills, condoms and water bombs. Brutality in the war of meeting people and avoiding conversation, more master criminals for file. All this and so much more on the only podcast guaranteed to improve your quality of life. …


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Podcast Twenty Five

Length: 28m 49s

We’re back again with another Jim and George’s Technicolour Radio Clubhouse best of the week podcast, you may love the podcast, thousands of listener from all across the world do, but did you know you can also listen to the show live, 10pm gmt till midnight every Sunday night, on 101.8fm in Wolverhampton and the surrounding areas or all across the world at www.wcrfm.com and clicking the listen live button. On this podcast, gonna start again, gonna leave...perhaps not, mayors lip hair battle, we all love a moustache, and we want em back, Gordon Brown’s under pressure to quit, we have the answer. Its it possible to find seven corpses? Hello Beijing listeners, with these pronunciations we are spoiling you. Emotional intelligence? If George doesn’t know I don’t want to know. Welcome to the Jim and George Fag show the first but surely not the last episode, credit crunch weddings, weddings for free, weddings at all, who knows what George wants. New rules everyone “you have got to love the snoop De Oh Double Drizzle” it’s the law. All this and so much more nonsense, enough to slow down the internet for months, on this episode of the Technicolour Radio Clubhouse Podcast. …


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Podcast Twenty Four

Length: 26m 2s

On this weeks episode of the technicolour radio clubhouse, dam it!! We have made what can only be described as a discovery that will shake the very foundations of the internet; we are too orangey for crows we are, indeed just for me and my dog.Jim and George also suppose that Women are they the reason for everything , the centre of the world , the very point, the reason the meaning. In the name of the King, Burt Reynolds, Jason Statham and that bloke from Scooby Do make one of the most ridiculous films of all time, did no one notice? Jim and George notice, discussed in the Technicolour Radio Clubhouse. How should Elbows seminal hit Grounds for Divorce end?? Jim and George Know and they will tell you, subscribe you dam fools subscribe NOW!!Council Bans the flag AGAIN!! Heard it all before , never the less here it is again, health and safety officials OUTRADGE!! Blakies seven turns out not to be as funny a joke as I thought it would be, but the A-team stuff was mint, some of the finest bits from Wolverhampton’s funniest broadcasting pair. How best to handle the, “ I think he has forgotten my name” situation.Who Knows? Robbie Williams and Vainty, Jim and George discuss this and so much more on this episode of The Technicolour Radio Cluchouse highlights podcast, enjoy and drop us a line listener. Its my solemn promise that George will say Buttocks in this podcast. …


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Podcast Twenty Three

Length: 24m 29s

On this weeks podcast Jim and George Bring you the best of the technicolour radio clubhouse, hear us sing, we sing , me and George filpin’ singin’ . What can only be described as an earth shattering announcement, he is tamed, it's over folks. When rap was good, before the big sell out , when the earth was flat, rap Stanley Unwin style. The worst weekend for the non football fan, from the points of view to the power point presentations, but you’ve got to love football you’ve just got to!!!The cost of a serious relationship? Repetitive strain injury to the thumb that’s the cost. The torture of text, texting culture and text race. This is the episode that in the future will be referred to as ,GILFGATE!!Plus quite a bit more on, the best of the technicolour radio clubhouse best of the week , listen to the show live every Sunday night from 10 till midnight across the black contry on 101.8fm of across the whole wide world, by clicking the listen live button at www.wcrfm.com. …


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Podcast Twenty Two

Length: 36m 9s

On this episode of the Technicolor radio clubhouse, Jim and George tackle the today’s biggest and most important issues . Who is depressed? How did Blakey not notice ?Who is Fat Jesus? Pigs are like superheroes to us or something said ultra religious nutcase but can you name him?Wepons grade profanity anyone? What’s the difference between a pandemic and an epidemic? What’s the point , were all gonna die!!!What could you do with a medical team of 68 doctors and nurses ?Triplets..??Sorry Stretch , we’re so so so sorry. Is there ever a good reason for burning down your own house? What was Jackie Kennedy reaching for?TV adverts again, is there no end to it? Tattoos your sure to regret. All this and again the constant frustrations surrounding Georges busted tele.Tune into Jim and George’s Technicolour Radio Clubhouse , now on Sunday nights between 10 and midnight on 101.8fm or via the World wide Web at www.wcrfm.com and the follow the Listen live link. Until next time you stay classy. …


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Podcast Twenty One

Length: 20m 19s

We’re back again with a new podcast, live and direct from the centre of Wolverhampton on 101.8FM all over the black country and across the whole wide world on www.wcrfm.com via the listen live feature , on Wolverhampton’s revolutionary WCRFM , on this podcast , to be honest we sort of got stuck on one subject, that subject being, the cult movie classic Vanishing Point, every effort was made to get off the subject but to be honest we just couldn’t manage it, you know like how you can’t stop tonguing that ulcer in your mouth its not that your enjoying it in fact it hurts but you just cant stop, sort of like that. George does also speculate on how deep a parachutist could rebate himself into the ground, if he really really gave it his best shot, and that’s worth listening out for but other than that its jsu vanishing point. Hope you enjoy it, Jim and George …


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Podcast Twenty

Length: 26m 51s

On this the bonus offering from Jim and Georges Technicolour Radio clubhouse, broadcast live and libel from the heart of Wolverhampton’s beautiful city centre, sorry suspense and secrets, is George shallow? Is Jim for real? Who is the fish? What’s the big secret? And what’s wrong with the pyramids? These questions and many many more, of no consequence will be answered in the romping stomping masterpiece that is Podcast Twenty. Jim and Georges Technicolour radio clubhouse highlight podcast, Tell you friends misses!! …


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jimandgeorge's Podcast

Another quality download of the best of the weeks shows from Jim and Georges Technicolour Radio Clubhouse, a show broadcast on monday and Thursday mornings between 10 and 1 on WCRFM in wolverhampton. Youcan listen to the whole show live at www.wcrfm.com. Featuring the most irreverant banter, the sillest chat, the most outrageous views, the maddest games and the coolest chat. Find out why thousands of people across the world download our show.

jimandgeorge's Podcast

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