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Last update: 2009-02-06

we need a website...

Length: 5m 21s

So Heat Rays is now a successful school radio brand on FM, when short term licences become available. And students of all ages in schools can not only take part, but want to take part. A website and domain name was secured just as the last Heat Rays went on air...but there was a problem. No time to create a web page, just play buttons. Mike Kinnaird worked with some 14 year olds to see if they can come up with ideas... …


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jingle bells at last

Length: 6m 42s

A group of students in the UK with a couple of weeks to spare to get ready for an FM radio broadcast at Christmas. With a window of opportunity, a couple of 16 year old students thought they would make some progress with jingles and promotion ideas before everything got to busy. At last they now have some jingles recorded. Mike Kinnaird was there to show them how simply that could be done and offer some other ideas on how to build some attention from the prospective audience... …


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radiojingles and jingle bells

Length: 6m 22s

With a couple of weeks spare, some students in the UK are getting ready for their Christmas FM broadcasts at their school, before it gets too busy. Last time we heard from them, nothing went right; this time at least, they were able to get some jingles recorded with Mike Kinnaird... …


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What an unlucky day...

Length: 6m 14s

With a couple of weeks to play with, a group of students in the UK have time to plan the next Christmas FM broadcast from their school. There are jingles to record, posters to produce - a great deal to do before it all gets to busy. Except...they started work on October the 13th. They should have picked any day but the 13th! In the first of a short series, we hear now, how not everything goes to plan... …


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12 Students, two days part two

Length: 8m 15s

Last time we heard how 12 mid-teens students with no experience of radio were asked to produce live programmes on the school Intranet with just one day of preparation. Mike Kinnaird led the project and gives us a second behind the scenes account of what took place. Did all the students plan programmes or did they make it up as they went along, did all the guests show up - did all the programmes get on air and what did the students think at the end? …


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12 students and two days before broadcast

Length: 6m 33s

Last time we made some jingles. This time the clock is ticking. Twelve students (coinicidentally all girls mid-teens) with no experience and just two days to get them ready to broadcast on their school Intranet. So, programmes to plan, guests to fix, competitions to devise, music to choose and some practice in the school's studio would be good. Will it all come together in time? Or will they have all fallen out long before! Mike led the project so let's hear the first of two reports... …


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Make a short mixed ident or jingle

Length: 6m 36s

I have a new school radio project coming up. I have been asked to work with 12 mid-teens who want to make a short radio programme for the first time, to be broadcast on their school's internal intranet system. Apart from obvious programme planning, we will need to make some idents or jingles. Here's a quick overview of how to do just that...as Mike explains. …


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The American Connection - How it improved Kerry's grades

Length: 4m 29s

Last time we heard a live two-way between students in the US and UK talking about their political systems. It was originally broadcast live as part of a school FM radio project. Two points came from that. Was this purely a piece of entertainment or did the process have an impact on exam grades and confidence as a result, and can we use the experience elsewhere in the curriculum? Kerry has been talking to Mike... …


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Atlantic Crossing - the American Connection

Length: 7m 41s

Still with content for our radio programmes - but this time bringing two sets of people together that are thousands of miles apart. Students in the UK and students in the US - four hours time difference, but they joined together for a really sucessful education and radio project. It was live and it was free! The end result? A bit of fun obviously, but also a real prospect of better grades, as Mike explains... …


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Content is Key

Length: 6m 13s

It's OK having fantastic equipment in your school or college - if you're that lucky. But what about the programme itself? Great equipmwent doesn't make a great programme. It's ideas that count. In future podcasts we'll break this down into parts - interviews, mic technique, idents, news and all points in between. But first,an overview. Content is key, as Mike explains... …


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Length: 7m 28s

Last time we heard from Emily about why she finds school radio on FM so exciting and what was in it for her personally. This time we put all this into context with a quick overview of one of those projects...Heat Rays FM broadcast from Monks' Dyke Technology College in the UK. We hear from some of the guests that took part and the students that pressed the buttons. As Mike explains,the rewards to schools and colleges can be enormous... …


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What's in it for Emily?

Length: 5m 25s

School radio off the canteen speakers and onto the FM transmitter. Sounds great to get your school broadcasting for real on the radio, but does it really work? And what's in it for the student that has never done anything like this before? Emily presented the breakfast show for four live school FM radio stations. From a standing start she found herself talking to politicians, to senior police officers, business leaders and do you know what? They listened, as she explains to Mike... …


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mike kinnaird's podcast

Let's start an FM radio station in your school. Live radio with a real audience. At least let's get started with an internal Intranet service. I'm Mike Kinnaird and as a ex-BBC radio producer of 15 years plus, I've just about got the hang of it! So let me pass on my experiences to you with these podcasts.Using audio across the curriculum is what I'm about. We can take your lessons to a different level, creating highly customizable resources that you can share with colleagues and create jointly with students. Everything from maths to geography, citizenship to history. Audio resources are cheap and fast to turnaround and recording and editing them well is not the secret so many would have you believe. Now add that to School FM Radio - even internal radio, and we have a seriously powerful tool that students respond to immediately. I know because I've tried it again and again -- that's what these podcasts are about. Hints and tips for you to get started and what the advantages, and crucially, the disadvantages are. Enjoy listening and tell me what you'd like us to talk about.

mike kinnaird's podcast

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