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Last update: 2015-03-22

#24 Bob Familiar, Lean Engineering

2015-03-22 :: no dogma podcast
Length: 47s

Summary Bob Familiar and I discuss how to bring the principles of lean engineering to the enterprise. Details About Bob and BlueMetal Inc; time at Microsoft; what is lean engineering, origins, just in time, small batches, failing fast, continuous improvement, applicability to software; batching and automation of the software process, continuous delivery, failing fast “common […]…


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#23 Igor Moochnick, Dev Ops in Constant Contact

2015-03-08 :: no dogma podcast
Length: 56s

Summary Igor Moochnick of Constant Contact and I discuss dev ops, deployment pipelines and other architectural concerns. Details What Constant Contact does, Igor’s role; what is dev ops, moving towards dev ops, provisioning servers, changes to dev cycles; from code to production deployment, source control, tracking code/sql and deployment pipelines; human intervention in the process; […]…


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#22 Todd Gardner, Track:js

2015-02-22 :: no dogma podcast
Length: 45s

Summary Todd Gardner tells me about Track:js, a JavaScript error tracking tool and how to get a three month free trial. Details Todd’s background; what is Track:js, client side errors, stack trace; when to use Track:js in the life-cycle of an app, challenges of production JavaScript apps; installing and using Track:js, turning it on and […]…


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#21 Henry Cipolla, Localytics

2015-02-08 :: no dogma podcast
Length: 37s

Summary Henry Cipolla of Localytics and I discuss analytics, its real time uses and how Localytics tools work. Details Henry’s background, what Localytics does; SDK; analytics and app marketing; recording user behavior; how customers use data from Localytics; figuring out what customers do and want; acting on data; competitors; how it works, AWS, real time […]…


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#20 Gus Warren, Disconnect.me

2015-01-25 :: no dogma podcast
Length: 43s

Summary Gus Warren of Disconnect discusses their tools, privacy, tracking and acceptable advertising. Details Gus’ background, what is Disconnect; how ads track us, cookies, fingerprinting; why is the information gathered, tying online behavior to offline identities; privacy matters even if you have nothing to hide, incognito/private browser mode is not enough; what Disconnect does, blocking, […]…


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#19 Michael O Church and state of software engineering

2015-01-11 :: no dogma podcast
Length: 1m 15s

Summary Michael O Church and I discuss whether software engineers have become the manual laborers of the 21st century, open allocation, agile development and how companies could be better. Details Michael’s background; being an engineer vs a manager; poor perception of engineers, value of engineers, makers vs takers, engineers as a commodity; not everyone with […]…


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#18 Jason Haley, Life as a consultant

2014-12-28 :: no dogma podcast
Length: 1m 23s

Summary Jason Haley talks about the good, bad and ugly of life as a software consultant. Details Background, why go independent, working and hustling; getting the first customer; liability and setting up a company, being self employed vs an entrepreneur , get a lawyer and an accountant, networking, business bank account, branding, contractor vs consultant, […]…


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#17 Robert Hurlbut, Software security

2014-12-14 :: no dogma podcast
Length: 55s

Summary Robert Hurlbut and I discuss various aspects of software security Details Background, why security isn’t thought about enough, out of the box security with MVC, XSS, CSRF, model binding and parameter tampering; https everything or just on parts of a site; Microsoft improving security, open source issues, inclusion of open source in hardware security […]…


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#16 Dennis Mortensen, x.ai, AI scheduling

2014-11-30 :: no dogma podcast
Length: 1m 10s

Summary Dennis Mortensen and I discuss x.ai, an AI personal assistant for scheduling meetings. Details Dennis and I discuss his background, traditional analytics products, predictive analytics; x.ai, it “schedules meetings”, how it works, invisible software, people don’t have control panels or sliders, tuning Amy multiple calendars; humanizing Amy, pain does not have a syntax, democratizing […]…


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#15 Linus Olsson, Hemlis project

2014-11-23 :: no dogma podcast
Length: 48s

Summary Linus Olsson of the Hemlis project discusses what Hemlis is, why they are building it and how it works. Details Linus I and discuss his background, what is Hemlis, why build it; open source; need for security and privacy, does encryption make you a target, good encryption vs bad encryption; why trust Hemlis, legal […]…


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