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Last update: 2015-03-23

Episode 15.... Plenty of Fish (POF) with Dale Miller

Length: 1s

  On this podcast Karma Chris puts all his dirty laundry out there. The years of pain and heart ache have caught up with him and the guys persuade him to open a Plenty of Fish account ( P.O.F for all the dating players out there.) So how does it turn out you ask? BAD. Very Bad. 

Next we interview MMA fighter and actor Dale Miller who's role in The Hatfield s and Mccoy s has opened mad movie roles for him. Most being released this year.  Dale also gives us some great stories of his fighting days although some are tough to stomach.

 Scott gives us a review on "Dying Light" which was just released on PS4 and Xbox one. You Zombie fans might want to raid the piggy bank for this one.

Finally the guys review the Mega Smash hit "Cards Against Humanity". So sit back and let the Megapods handle this one!!! 



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Ep 14... Nick Pope and everything SCI-FI

Length: 1s

On this weeks exciting new episode - the gang discusses the new trailers released.  Will JJ Abrahms pollute the new Star Wars with his lens flares?  Karma Chris is expecting the worst.  The Megaslobs also touch base on Jurassic shit, we mean park.  Nick Pope stops by and enlightens us with his stories of working for the government in Great Britain and UFO knowledge.  Did you know Nick is an alien himself?  He got his green card last year.  And, Finally Julian gives us some lessons on being pimp - NOT - All of this on this action packed episode of your favorite crew THE MEGAPODS


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Sex Talks and the Evil Dead with Tom Sullivan

Length: 1s

  On this episode the Megapods talk about SEX and lots of it. The Luv Machine discripes all the female mechanics, even the third vagina!!! And if that was not bad enough the rest of the gang joins in, but thank God Karma knows all the tricks to the trade.... You're welcome ladies!!

  Tom Sullivan stops by. His fantastic make-up work in  the Evil Dead series will stop anyone in their tracks. Listen to him discribe the work on the set including his fondness of salami.

  We give Karma another rank movie to review.. This one is truly the pits      "You Got Served" HAHAHAHA . Yeah his reaction is pricless.

Plus a call of the 3rd kind and much more we are leaving out... so come join the FUN!!!!


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Ep 12... Halloweenies with Lesleh Donaldson

Length: 1s

  This special Megapods show focuses on the magic of Halloween. The guys talk about some of their more crappier costumes and talk about the origins of this fantastic holiday. The Megapods keep the spooky vibe with the news segment while Julian blows a gasket over some help from the boys. Next we Interview Horror icon Lesleh Donaldson, you might have seen her in some great movies like "Happy Birthday to Me, Deadly Eyes and Curtains". This is a conversation you don't want to miss! The Luv Machine makes his first apperance on the show and nails every dating question given to him. Finally Scott has his videogame review of "Drive Club". So make sure you tune in this week and have a SAFE and HAPPY Halloween Kiddies!


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Episode 11 Hobbits and Sage

Length: 1s

 It's so good to be Back!!! This week we discuss the Hobbit and Rich Schools Karma Chris in a riddle showdown. Micha talks about the Melonheads on his New segment "The Wizard of Odd". Demon Hunter Jose Prado stops by to talk about raising the dead  and kicking the shit out of demons. Karma gives us another miserable movie review of the flick'Escape from Tomorrow". Finally Julian almost gets his nuts burnt off with our attempt to get rid evil spirits using white sage in this weeks Geek out! Thanks for all your support and don't forget to visit our website the Megapods



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ep 10... Huge Rods with Jose Escamilla

Length: 1s

On this milestone episode, the Megapods are back! Rested from their mini vacation and ready to bullshit about movie remakes and how much most of them SUCK! Micah makes an urgent attempt to pan handle from the Megapod fans before talking about the "Stargate"Remake in the News. Karma talks about how orange and blue are all over the things you are glued to including some of your favorite movies. We hear the latest from King Raam in the Megapod spotlight. Jose Escamilla tell us all about his Rod Phenomenon and all that 'Monster Quest' did wrong! Rich gives another call of the 3rd kind. Scott reviews "Thief" for the Ps4. So sit back and enjoy the Rod!

Jose Escamilla's Rod Page

King Raam

Thief Video Game



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Episode 9.. Holy S#!T she knows a Serial killer!

Length: 1s

On this episode the gang relives their childhood talking about the kickass cartoon and toy "Voltron". Then they cover all of the cutting edge and breaking stories on the news. More info is released on "Superman vs. Batman" and the iPhone blocks yet another awesome app. Rakunk blows us all away with their song “Kalaleu” in the spotlight. We find out what it was like living next door to hell, with an interview of Deanna Vaughn. Deanna lived close by serial killer Larry Dean Bright, she gives us all of the details about this horrific murderer including telling us about Larry’s bizarre fetishes and how he disposed of the bodies. Rich and Micah give you the ins and outs of the horror movie “Contracted” and completely ruin the movie for anyone who hasn’t seen it. Scott reviews the game “Dead Rising 3” which you don’t want to miss! Don't forget to like the Megapods on facebook and to follow them on twitter @theMegapods.


Show Links


Like Us on Facebook

Dead Rising 3


Larry Dean Bright



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Episode 8.. Looking for Nessy with Steve Feltham

Length: 1s

 On this weeks episode the guys talk about Darkhorse comic's "Hellboy".Micah takes it to the next level by coming to the studio looking like a Flasher. In the news Rich pays his respects for the loss of a great artist H.R Giger. Scott sheds light on the new "FarCry 4" and Micah talks about some weirdo in China who bit a zoo animal to death. The Megapod spotlight has Reggae funksters DPR. We then interview Steve Feltham who has been on the Discovery channel as well as the BBC about his life long search for the Loch Nesss Monster. Steve tells us what he has found so far on his search. Mike Wolfer gets a real kickstater plug and Rich Reviews George A Romero's "Empire of the Dead" comic. We wrap things up with the Geek out and the Megapods mess with a Ghost Box. If you listen with headphones you might hear a few odd things (really). Another action packed episode of the Megapods for your listening pleasure.



Steve Feltham fan page


the spot light DPR

Empire of the Dead

H.R Giger


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Episode 7...Night of the Living Wolfer and other Zombies

Length: 1s

    On this episode Rich makes a major Boo Boo and has to resort to Plan B. The gang discusses 'The Walking Dead' and the statements made by Robert Kirkman on comic  issue #126. Micah blows open some interesting news on lake Loch ness , Scott shines light on the freshly released video of the new "Call of Duty" and Rich informs us on Fox's upcoming series "Gotham". Then onto "NIght of the Living Dead" comic book illustrator Mike Wolfer. Mike currently is kickstarting his very own comic series called 'The Curse of RagDoll". Any comic book fan will love this interview. Metroid Metal is in the spotlight playing Metroid's music the way it was ment to be heard. Karma gives us a lesson on the "Wilhelm Scream" and trust me when I say that Scream is everywhere! Scott give a tasty review on the Ps4's 'Spider-Man2' and finally Micah closes the show with yet another zombie flick, Netflix's hidden gem "Zombie Ass...Toilet of the Dead"..... Sooooo Many Zombies!!! Soooo little time!!!  Soooo sit back and enjoy the show!


Mike Wolfer Avatar Press

The Curse of RAGDOLL

Metroid Metal

The Wilhelm Scream

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 video Game

Zombie Ass Toilet of the Dead


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Episode 6...Catching the Signal with Jeffrey Grover

Length: 1s

   On this episode Rich comes up with an exciting new catch phrase that does not go over well with the rest of the guys who listen with horror. The Megapods talk about this weekends release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Godzilla and the X-men along with some other Superhero and Sci-Fi movies. The Spotlight this week features M.C Frontalot with his epic song "I'll Form the Head". The News has all the Star Wars Episode VII dirt peppered with other video game and cryptid tidbits. The Gang Interviews Jeffrey Grover one of the stars of this summers hopeful, sleeper sci-fi smash "The Signal" and he fills us in on the average day of a Hollywood actor. Rich gives us a second installment of calls of the 3rd kind which gets a little sexy and Scott rocks Metal gear solid ground Zeroes in his PlayStation, Nintendo and X-box review. Don't miss all the latest in celebrity gossip, unexplained phenomena, interviews, movie news and geeky mayhem only on The Megapods!

cell phone vibration syndrome

Jeffrey Grovers Fan Page

The Signal trailer

M.C Frontalot

Metal Gear Solid ground zeroes



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Episode 5...Melissa Hovey and a Lactating Bigfoot

Length: 1s

  Today on the Megapods we start the show by trying Taco Bell’s new monstrosity the breakfast taco. We manage to keep it all down long enough for Rich to complain about his run in with some “Magic the Gathering” fanatics. The group talks about all the latest news in sci-fi, movies, art, comics and video games. We spotlight a cool band called Mr. Bill and the Algorithm. Then we stomp our way through the forest of the unknown in an interview with the President of the American Bigfoot Society, Melissa Hovey. Are they any closer to finding out if Sasquatch is real? The Megapods test her expertise in identifying the grunts, growls and moans of bigfoot among other things. Chris gives us a little Movie Karma.Then Rich lets it all hang out in a review of Serenity’s “Leaves on the Wind.”  The show ends with us playing Russian Roulette with jelly beans and we finally lose that breakfast taco which actually tasted better going down than it does coming up. You don’t want to miss this Geek Out! It’s only available right here on the Megapods!

  :12  The Taco Bell breakfast

  5:42 Magic the Gathering Rant

 13: 08 News

 22:38 Spotlight with Mr.Bill & The Algorithm

 25:18 Melissa Hovey

 51:35 Movie karma

 58:18 Serenity Leaves on the Wind

1:02:35 The Geek Out

1:13:28 So Retro 

How to Play Magic the Gathering for Beginners - ASMR Tutorial 

American Bigfoot Society

The Melissa Hovey photo

Mr.Bill &The Algorithm

The Algorithm at work

Serenity Leaves on the Wind







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Episode 4... Going to Pax East without Nintendo

Length: 1s

On today’s episode the Megapods take the show on the road heading up to PAX East. It all sharts out with a funny ride north. We discuss our plan for how we’re gonna one up each other in handing out stickers, when we’re horrifyingly interrupted by a strange odor. Once we arrive we do the Megabag giveaway where contestants get more than they bargain for reaching into the Megapod's dirty sack. Then the interviews come full frontal as we speak to everyone and anyone who’s ever created a video-game. We penetrate the inner-sanctum where geek isn’t a strong enough word to describe the greatness that goes on in the back. Last but not least on the ride home the Megapods rehash the convention and talk about Nintendo’s conspicuous absence. If you love video games, conventions and general shenanigans you don’t want to miss this one!

The Rundown

Intro :28

The John Titor story 7:55

The Megabag game  13:25

Matrix Games             21:39    

9dots studio              26:10

Megapods Vs the Lazer destroyers 30:00

Trials Fusion             33:20

Interview with Brandon Christy       35:05

The Inner Sanctum   46:16

Strike 2 Zero             51:32

Becker College          55:46

Where the Hell was Nintendo?        58:05



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Episode 3... The Dark side of Youtube with Jeff Belanger

Length: 1s

    In this episode the guys discuss their strongest senses which leads to an interesting story about Sushi. In the News Micah talks about the hit movie Captain America the Winter Soldier and all the awesome new trailers for this summer's blockbusters. Scott gives the tech specs on Amazon's streaming box, Fire T.V.   Rich selfishly talks about himself going to Pax East. The Rare Monk let us take a peek of their cover of "Ain't No Sunshine" and it is Awesome! Next is a ghost course with the Travel Channel's Jeff Belanger, writer and researcher of "Ghost Adventures" who schools the Megapod's on what it really takes to be a paranormal investigator.  No supernatural stone is left un-turned including the shockingly accurate depiction of the afterlife in the movie "Ghost" . The Megapods then find themselves immersed in the "Darkside of Youtube." They dive into the strange and absurd for you and discuss the validity of these supposed real life oddities on the celebrity round table "True or Poo." Finally Scott gives you the scoop with his review of the game Infamous Second Son. The winner of the Prometheus Action Figure set is announced so listen for your name. This episode is horrifying and every gory detail is stripped to the bone ABSOLUTELY for adults 18 and older, if you have a heart problem or may be pregnant you might want to avoid this one.


Jeff Belanger's Fan Page

30 Odd minutes

Rare Monk

InFamous Second Son

Kickstarter for Wayward Raven


Senses   00:05

News      07:26

Spotlight  18:07

Jeff Belanger 20:51

True or Poo 44:28

InFamous Second Son 1:00:00

Wayward Raven Kickstarter 1:05:00

Ain't No SunShine  1:08:44



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Episode 2...Fears & Oculus Rifting with Dru Viergever

Length: 1s

     In this episode the Megapods start off by revealing their deepest and darkest fears, all of their inner demons are confronted. Then they cover all of the latest Sci-Fi and movie news including answering the question; will Michael Bay  turn the beloved Ninja Turtles into plastic dogcrap? The Winter Brave rocks the spotlight. After the Spotlight the Megapods delve deep into the mind of the Feral Leader himself Dru Viergever including asking him what it was like to work with industry megastars Bill Paxton, Laurence Fishburne, Christopher Lloyd and George Romero. Scott demands that you respect his Author-iTAh with a review of the new South Park game"The Stick of Truth" . Walmart finds out if Science Fiction Sex Toys are hanging in their sporting goods section on Calls of the Third Kind and the Megapods finish the show virtually harassing their senses with the Oculus Rift.


Dru Viergever fan page

South Park the stick of truth

The Oculus Rift

The Winter Brave

1. Fears 0:12

2. The News 08:30

3. The Spotlight 19:36

4.  Interview with Dru viergever 22:38

5. Calls of the Third Kind 45:46

6. The Stick of Truth Review 53:30

7. The Geek Out 58:41


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Episode 1... Mind Flexing with Jim O'Rear

Length: 1s

The Megapods Talk about Dreams while keeping to there Sci Fi roots. Special Guest Jim O'Rear stops by and the Megapods leave no question unturned. Scott gives a detailed review on the latest Xbox release Titanfall. The Clerk Infects our ears with musical goodness and we all learn a lesson on Blackholes. Oh yeah did I mention the Megapods move stuff with there mind with "the Mind Flex"?  It's all to good to be true so have a listen. The Megapods SciFi,Horror,Comic books,Video games,Paranomal podcast


Jim O'Rear fan page

The Clerk

Show Rundown   

Opening segment  

The News                                     10:13

The spotlight                                 17:29

Interview with Horror Icon Jim O'Rear 20:07

Physics with children                       45:47

Titanfall Review                              49:20

The Geekout w/the Mind flex             53:57

The Clerk War among Galaxies           105:04 



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