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Last update: 2006-01-16

Show #38- 14 Jan 2006

2006-01-16 :: thebostoncast@yahoo.com (Matt)

This is show #38!! Back with more Boston news, sorry about the delay, internet was down. I am back on regular schedrule.



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Show #37- 1.1.06!!!!

2006-01-01 :: thebostoncast@yahoo.com (Matt)

This is the first show of '06!! I will cover BU on this show!! I will also cover all of your other Boston teams such as the Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots, and Celtics. Please visit www.thebostoncastfansite.blogspot.com and bang the boards at our forum at www.tbcforum.blogspot.com
As always, e-mail me your question, comments and ideas and anything else to thebostoncast@yahoo.com
Thanks a lot for listening, and happy 2K6 to all!



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Cast #36- 2005 In Review!!!!

2005-12-31 :: thebostoncast@yahoo.com (Matt)

What A year!!! I have tons of stuff all about 2005! I will cover what happened this year all around sports. I think that you'll love it!!! Happy Holiday, and happy New Year to all!



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Anouncement!!!- No Show Wed. 12-28-05

2005-12-31 :: thebostoncast@yahoo.com (Matt)

Sorry, No show Wednesday- Going on VACATION!!! Listen to this epiode for the whole story, and some other anouncements. Sinup for the Mailing List and post your location at www.thebostoncastfansite.blogspot.com
Also, Keep the feedback in @ thebostoncast@yahoo.com
Thanks a lot, Happy Holidays- And I will talk to you guys on next weeks Sunday podcast which will be on Jan 2 (2006)



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Show #35- 2005 Holiday Spectacular Edition for 12.25.05

2005-12-25 :: thebostoncast@yahoo.com (Matt)

Happy Holidays! I will give away an iPod, T-shirts, and stickers in todays show! Thanks you for sending your feedback to be entered, we had almost 350 entries!!! I will also cover a little bit of news such as clips from Damon's Boston departure press confrence. I will then play a couple of holiday tunes for you guys. E-Mail Me at thebostoncast@yahoo.com , and now you can skype me at thebostoncast . Please visit www.thebostoncastfansite.blogspot.com and the forum www.tbcforum.blogspot.com Have a Hppy Holidays everyone!!



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Listen to the show with a new player!!

2005-12-22 :: thebostoncast@yahoo.com (Matt)

Click the following link to open a player which will allow you to play thebostoncast. It is really awesome, so check it out! This link will also be posted somewhere else on this webpage so you can easily find it when you want to use it.


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tbc Episode #34- 12.21.05

2005-12-22 :: thebostoncast@yahoo.com (Matt)

In todays episdoe: DAMON GOES TO YANKEES!!!! Sad but true. Get your feedback sent to thebostoncast@yahoo.com to be entered in the raffle that will be held on 12/25/05. Please visit www.thebostoncastfansite.blogspot.com


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Show #33- 12.20.05

2005-12-21 :: thebostoncast@yahoo.com (Matt)

This is your last chance to be entered in the holiday raffle!!! Get the e-mails into thebostoncast@yahoo.com to be entered! I will cover tons of news, so tune in!



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tbc Cast #32

2005-12-18 :: thebostoncast@yahoo.com (Matt)

I will cover news such as Bruins losing 3-0 , Celtics losing to Bull's, Red Sox trade rumors, and Patriots shutting down Tampa Bay. I also have a great E-mail rom Scottie concerning many topics that I will cover duing the show. Bang the boards at www.tbcforum.blogspot.com and check out www.thebostoncastfansite.blogspot.com , also E-mail me, thebostoncast@yahoo.com to be entered in the holiday raffle, Thanks for Listening!


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Show #16- 11.6.05

2005-12-17 :: thebostoncast@yahoo.com (Matt)

I'm back with the weekly episode of thebostoncast! Included in this marvelous episode: Bruschi's return, Celtics loss, Bruins leading penguins 3-1 as of 8PM last night. Red sox reach deal with epstein, 3 years @ 1.7 million per year!!!



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Show #17- 11.11.05

2005-12-17 :: thebostoncast@yahoo.com (Matt)

Hey everyone! I'm back with news on all of your favorite Boston Area sports teams and I have updates all about thebostoncast. Patriots lose to Colts on Monday, will face Dolphins in Miami. Red Sox have deals lingering, and the AL Cy Young award is awarded to Bartolo Colon. Bruins 3rd in division and lose to the division leading Senators. Celtics win a close one in Boston over the Grizzley's. Midweek episodes start next week, so watch out!



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tbc Episode #31

2005-12-17 :: thebostoncast@yahoo.com (Matt)

In Today Episode I cover news and I will talk in depth about the Holiday Giveaway that will include an iPod Shuffle, T-Shirts, Stickers, and other cool stuff. Just e-mail me at thebostoncast@yahoo.com with your feedback on the show to be entered. Please visit www.thebostoncastfasnite.blogspot.com Thanks for listening!



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Show #30- 12.14.05

2005-12-14 :: thebostoncast@yahoo.com (Matt)

In Todays Episode: I will give away prizes to one lucky listener coming up on the Christmas day episode. Just e-mail me at thebostoncast@yahoo.com to be entered. I have tons of news on the Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins, and Celtics. Celtics game starts at 7:30 Tonight!!! Patriots play Tampa Bay this upcoming weekend. Bruins will play Tomorrow against the Wild, and I have lots of hot topics having to do with the Red Sox.



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Show #29- 12.12.05

2005-12-13 :: thebostoncast@yahoo.com (Matt)

I have a special episode chock full of info. Patriots win 35-7 over the Bufallo Bills. Bruins lose a close one in overtime 2-1 to the Coyotes. I will update you on Red Sox news; Mark Loretta was picked up 2 days ago. Also, Celtics lose. E-mail me, thebostoncast@yahoo.com , send your feedback.



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tbc #28- 12.11.05

2005-12-11 :: thebostoncast@yahoo.com (Matt)

"The Short Show" Listeners, Check out this episode for a quick update on your teams. Could Roger Clemens be back in Boston? (I say rocket, forgive me :-/ ) Renteria goes to Atlanta in return for Lugo from D-Rays. E-mail feedback to thebostoncast@yahoo.com



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Show #27- 12.7.05

2005-12-09 :: thebostoncast@yahoo.com (Matt)

In Today's Episode: I have news on your teams, can the Bosox keep Damon in Boston? Will the Mets steal Manny? Bruins play tonight, and Celtics coming off loss to Rockets. I also ave an e-mail, and the new theme music.



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tbc Episode #26

2005-12-04 :: thebostoncast@yahoo.com (Matt)

In this Show I will cover Today's Patriots game and todays Celtics game. Bruins news, but no Red Sox news. I will also cover a lot of news about thebostoncast. Visit www.thebostoncastfansite.blogspot.com and e-mail me at thebostoncast@yahoo.com . Check out the new Theme Music! Tell me what you think.
The following link is so that I can claim this podcast as mine in Odeo, so listeners diregard it.
The last link is the link to the show.
My Odeo Channel (odeo/130e49c3b4602ac4)



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Show #25- 12.2.05

2005-12-03 :: thebostoncast@yahoo.com (Matt)

In Todays Episode: I will recap Celtics win against 76ers, and Patriots loss to Cheifs. Patriots in Foxboro Sunday to face Jets. Bruins get a marvelous win in Ottawa, and Red Sox are looking to wheel-and-deal: Manny and Wells want out!? All this and more in this special Friday episode of thebostoncast. Watch out, This episode is the longest one yet, 20 Minutes!!! Check it Out



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tbc Show #24- 11.30.05

2005-11-30 :: thebostoncast@yahoo.com (Matt)

I'll Briefly cover all of you teams tonight. Cletics losing by 4 as of 9:54 PM. Patriots lose to Cheifs, but will face Jets in Foxboro this Sunday. This episode was created @ 10 PM! Im only Half awake so watch out.



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tbc Cast #23- 11.27.05

2005-11-26 :: thebostoncast@yahoo.com (Matt)

I'm back with episode #23. I will cover all of your teams in this episode as well as telling you information on how you can help and be part of a charity raffle that a High Schooler is putting on. I have details in the show and I will have details on my webite as soon as this guy e-mails me the certification documents. Thanks for listening and enjoy this weeks show. Oh, by the way, thebostoncast has a new web page forum. The address is www.tbcforum.blogspot.com . It's neat, so check it out. Keep listening and spread the word about thebostoncast.



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Show #22- 11.23.05

2005-11-24 :: thebostoncast@yahoo.com (Matt)

Happy Thanksgiving!! Can the Sox reel in a new pitcher and third baseman? Bruins news recap, and Celtics face the Bobcats on the 25th of November. Patrots coming off win to face Cheifs. This news and more on thebostoncast for November 23, 2005.



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Cast #19- 11.16.05

2005-11-24 :: thebostoncast@yahoo.com (Matt)

This is the first of many mid-week episodes. I will recap this weeks sports. Red sox looking for Nomar? Or going after Konerko? I have highlights from last weekends Bruins games. Celtics win by 20, and Pats beat Dolphins in Miami



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Cast #21- All Bruins Cast By Request

2005-11-22 :: thebostoncast@yahoo.com (Matt)

Hey everyone, it's Matt from thebostoncast. This episode is just Bruins news. I got a suggestion that I should put more Bruins news on the show, so I thought I'd do a quick special episode to thank all of my loyal Bruin fans. You will start to see more Bruins news on thebostoncast from now on so watch out. I would quickly like to thank Mike from Ottawa for inspiring this episode. Thanks again and keep listening.



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Show #20- 11.20.05

2005-11-20 :: thebostoncast@yahoo.com (Matt)

In todays Sunday Podcast I will cover everything about Boston Sports. MLB enforces new steroid policy, and Red Sox follow up with an offer to Damon. Bruins tie and are now in last place in the Northeast Division while the Pats play in Miami today against the Dolphins. Celtics win 100-93 @ home against the Raptors. Sorry, I have a cold so you might hear a few coughs throughout the show, and be warned, I am losing my voice so I will be very quiet.



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Cast #18- Quick Updates Episode

2005-11-13 :: thebostoncast@yahoo.com (Matt)

This special episode of thebostoncast is just a 4 minute quick show all about some updates for thebostoncast. We now have 400 hits on the website, and 300 iTunes listeners!!! We also have 100+ other subscription service listeners.



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The Boston Cast is your place to get in depth analysis on all Boston sport. This include the Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, and the Bruins!


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