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About Swift Communications

Swift Communications was formed in late 1999 with its initial product, Swiftdesk.com. Since then it has moved into hosting bandwidth intensive websites, DSL services, web consulting, and web design. By the middle of 2002, Swift Communications had outgrown 2 of its upstream providers and moved directly into becoming a Tier 2 Internet provider, with 1.4 gbps Capacity. By 2010 our network has grown to over 100 gbps Capacity and continues to grow.

We pride ourselves on our small business availability and big business capability. Our goal is to maintain every customer on a personal basis, because by getting to know our customers we can better serve their individual needs as they arise. Our technicians and customer service agents can be reached 24/7 by phone, E-mail, and instant messaging so you can reach who you need, when you need them.

We provide our customers with constantly expanding and improving services, products, and solutions that are empowered by our ingenuity and originality. Additionally, our partners and affiliates open channels to allow our products and services to be provided in the most swift and reliable matter possible. Despite outgrowing some of our providers, our objective has remained the same: provide a stable and accessible environment for our customers. We do not cut corners on security, nor do we tolerate surprises in systems administration, and you should not either.

We are happy to be able to serve you, and hope that you will tell your friends about us. Word of mouth is our most successful form of advertising!

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